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Don't Go Out The Airlock! [7DRL 2016 SUCCESS]
« on: March 18, 2016, 08:19:40 PM »
My 7DRL is called Don't Go Out The Airlock!
You can download it at

Your escape pod was rescued from outer space. To show your gratitude you upgrade the engines of your rescuers' spaceship. Unfortunately, you don't know how to do that so everything starts exploding! You must get to the escape pod before getting sucked out of a hull breach or burned alive by fire!

Developer thoughts
I wanted to play with environment physics and movement challenges. Since I only had 7 days I wanted to focus on two systems, airflow movement and fire. It was important for the air pressure to be clear to the player so it could be responded to tactically.

I'm pretty happy with how the game turned out. The PCG sometimes renders a ship that's trivial to escape, or absurdly difficult to do so at the beginning of the game. More balancing of this would take more time.

Watching people play I have discovered there are a lot of tricks, movement techniques, small strategies and the such to handle the environment. Some people get into it and make it through several levels, other get frustrated and quit (1 player never discovered the Action buttons and had no idea what to do when encountering positive air pressure behind a door). All in all I learned a lot, gained some experience with fire and air physics and look forward to next year's 7DRL!

Oh, procedurally generating spaceships is super fun!
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