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« on: March 13, 2018, 11:40:47 PM »

Here's a fairly simple roguelike I produced for this year's 7DRL. RDDL (pronounced as "riddle") has the goal of finding the key to exit each room, and finding the panel to the next level, with the aim of going through as many levels as possible before running out of health.

Built with SFML and my own game framework, Vigilante.

How to Play
Game controls use all 8 directions with keyboard or numpad. Centre button will select, skip a move or go through an exit.

@ = You
E = Enemy
T = Treasure
K = Key
D = Door
# = Exit

You lose health every two steps for the first four levels, then every step after that.
Treasure can help you gain health, strength or defense.
Enemies can also regain health after you defeat them.


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