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FIQHack (now at v4.3.0)
« on: December 08, 2017, 01:19:36 PM »

Today on December 7th, alongside Fourk, and exactly two years after the release of NetHack 3.6.0, I am happy to announce a release of FIQHack.

FIQHack is a NetHack variant aimed at polishing the base game, adding quality of life features, and improving monster AI, behaviour and symmetry with players. It also has various other changes such as buffing weaker items, making the later parts of the game tougher and reducing reliance on spoilers by attempting to provide more information in-game. The variant is based off NetHack4 and thus comes with the NetHack4 interface. (Effort has been made, however, to provide options for those who prefer the "classic" NH3 interface.)
Play online (Recommended)

Playing online allows you to share your score with other people, discuss the game and encounter each other's death piles, perhaps with a tough challenge awaiting.

US server (Vermont): or ssh

EU server (London): ssh

EU server (Germany): or ssh

You can chat with other online players at the #hardfought freenode IRC channel. You can also participate in the #nethack-variants channel on RLdiscord at


Linux/Mac: See for how to compile it.

Major changes
    Object searching: use Ctrl+F to search for objects you've seen
    Autoswap: automatically swap a melee and a ranged weapon as you whack/fire projectiles
    Spell maintenance: recast self-buffing spells automatically spending energy
    Monster lookup: Upon farlooking monsters, click on them with : to get information about their attacks, resistances, AC, etc
    Object lookup: Inspecting items for more information gives actual useful details
    Energy regenerates much faster, making it easier to cast spells early
    Monsters will use far more items and will do so far more intelligently
    Improved monster/player symmetry in general, monsters can now do several things only players could (e.g. getting intrinsics from corpses, wishing), and vice versa (players can be slowed/cancelled)
    Dragons are twice as fast and twice as smart as before
    Innate resistances are now typically partial, reducing damage by 50% or effects by up to 67%. To get complete immunity, wear items that grant the resistance, including magical properties that now spawn on mundane gear!

Full changelog:

Bug reports
You can report bugs with the game at

Contact me
You can either reach me in #hardfought or #nethack4 on Freenode's IRC, or by @FIQ on RLdiscord. You can also send mail to fredde1994 (at

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