Author Topic: Slash plays Roguelikes #2 - Caves (Roguelike)  (Read 4993 times)


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Slash plays Roguelikes #2 - Caves (Roguelike)
« on: January 24, 2016, 04:35:45 PM »

Caves (Roguelike) is an Android game developed (apparently) by Russian studio 36devs.

There is not a lot of context around the game, but you’ll find yourself exploring a system of caverns. When you are creating a new character you assign your stat points to Strength, Agility and Luck, and your equipment is then randomly chosen (You always start with a melee and ranged weapon, but those may vary between knifes and pistols).

Mining is an important feature of the game, you can mine almost all of the level except some unbreakable walls, there you may find treasure or just create pathways to avoid unnecessary conflict.

The game is a bit too hard and may need some balance; you can easily find yourself in hard to survive situations just against your first enemies (Say an armoured skeleton able to deflect all of your attacks, backed by two skeleton archers tearing you from the distance and a goblin stabbing you quicker than you can react).

Survival is hard since health crystals are expensive and potions require quaff-identification in order to know their effects, most of the times you’ll find yourself giving up and just mining gold and crystals, since there’s persistent advancement thru the games and after dying you can then use these to buy equipment for your next character.

Your best bet may be staying off open areas and dig thru instead, hoping to find a good treasure (armour, weapons, useful potions) while fighting weak skeletons buried in the mud. You can also use some sort of special power allowing you to double your speed and escape dire situations which is very handy.

“Caves” is a classic roguelike with a great mobile UI, it is currently a bit unbalanced and too luck-based, although some strategies may help you get around it. The game seems to be still in development so be sure to check the updated. It’s also free (supported by ads), get it now!


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Re: Slash plays Roguelikes #2 - Caves (Roguelike)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2016, 01:35:20 AM »
I started checking this one out a couple weeks before the post here. It has some pretty interesting mechanics. Though a lot of what's going on is pretty cryptic. There have been frequent updates lately though and it seems to be shaping up rather nicely.