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DeathState: Abyssal Edition (now at v2.0!) $
« on: October 21, 2015, 01:19:11 PM »  $14.99 Win/Mac

Deathstate is a roguelike, bullet hell, single stick shooter set in a bizarre world of dimensional exploration for pc and mac. You play as a number of unique characters trying to discover the fate of Professor Elinberg who opened a portal to the void. Great and terrible mysteries and even greater treasures await if you are bold or foolhardy enough to go beyond the beyond.

The Bizarre World of Deathstate
In Deathstate, you are a traveller of the outer realms. You have discovered the secrets of deep astral projection by entering into a fully death-like meditative state. While in your Deathstate, you can go beyond the beyond to realms previously only imagined by those enlightened or mad enough to dwell upon them. Tread lightly though, for these far planes of demi-existence that you choose to explore are extremely hostile to mortal souls.
Explore a Unique Take on Classic 16-bit World
Deathstate features a unique combination of retro 16-bit visuals and advanced Unity shader effects. Worlds full of painstakingly pixeled environments, enemies, and bosses will warp and shift before your eyes as your mind becomes subjected to the chaotic influence of the warp.

Battle Hordes of Enemies in Twitch Gameplay
The dimensions within Deathstate are teeming with nightmarish beings. Being a procedural bullet-hell, it’s up to player knowledge and skill to survive emergent dangers in gameplay.

Unlock Multiple Player Characters with Unique Abilities
Over repeat runs, players will unlock new characters with unique abilities. Like you, these companions are locked in uncovering the secrets of the Deathstate. New player characters will enable players to customize their starting build, increasing their chances of surviving the horrors that lie beyond.

Discover Mystic Tomes, Ritual Blades, Relics, and Organs
The treasure you discover in Deathstate pushes the limits on cool and bizarre game loot. You will discover arcane grimoires, mystic weaponry, burial masks, and gem encrusted idols. Most prized are organs dropped by Elite enemies and Bosses. Through these organs supernatural powers become yours, allowing you to push your character beyond the limits of mortal power!
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Re: DeathState (now at v1.03) $
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2015, 12:46:47 AM »

Major Features:

    Unlock a spooky new playable character: Pumpkin Man! Meet him by striking fear into the hearts of your foes.
    Discover 3 nightmarish new items, each with a new and unique effect!
    Most major gamepads should now be supported via the new Gamepad Keybinding Menu!
    Scanline overlay effects can now be disabled in the Graphics Options menu. Select "Simple Graphics" to remove them.
    New visual effects for Buffs and Debuffs on characters.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:

    Lasers can now properly trigger proc effects (this bug was most noticeable when playing as the Eye)
    Rebalanced the Seeker's DoT ability to be more competitive with Scar's explosion ability.
    Changed the Cosmic Horror's ability to be more in-line with his Fire Theme.
    Teleporting as the Starcreep looks trippier now!
    The Final Boss has been working out -- his health has been increased on "normal" difficulty.
    Slimes in World 2 and 3 are now more dangerous on "normal" difficulty.
    Gibberer's screen distortion range reduced slightly.
    Several enemies and bosses have gained extra behaviors in Desecration 1+ difficulties.
    Fixed a bug that sometimes cause stacked buffs to never expire.
    Fixed a bug that caused bestiary entries to show as new when they weren't.
    Fixed a bug preventing tracking of fastest win time.
    Fixed broken Mandira's Diadem relic effect.
    Fixed bug preventing All Players Unlocked achievement from firing
    Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the player to take fractional damage and make their health meter unreliable.
    Switched an unlock criteria that required Health+ Potions to count Health Potions as well.

    Tweaked the unlock criteria for Desecration Altars
    Tweaked the unlock criteria for the Scientist player
    Tweaked the unlock criteria for the Embalmer player
    Added messaging to Desecration Altars describing their function
    Added messaging when switching players to describe their differences
    Added some new information to the Statistics book, including total time in game
    Fixed issue that was preventing the Desecration Boss from appearing in the Bestiary
    Fixed issue causing the game to lock up while leaving the Bestiary, Item and Unlock screens when using the Xbox 360 controller
    Made some slight tweaks to Xbox 360 controller support to help deal with the player sliding unintentionally
    Desecration Boss now drops items
    Removed exploit affecting the Starcreep player

    Added a mysterious new foe to the Fortress of Koth. He will only appear under extreme circumstances.
    Added some new hint dialogue to put you on the right path
    Minor buff to "Slimy Skull" item, in order to offset its relative rarity

    Fixed missing "Hold Fire" button mapping for Xbox 360 controller on PC
    Fixed incorrect icons for Pink Slimes in the Bestiary
    Fixed issues preventing two achievements from firing - you should now be able to earn "Don't Forget Your Hat" and "Impenetrable Spirit" as intended
    Removed an exploit for the boss of the Maze of Ix
    Rebalanced desecration difficulty scaling in several places
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: DeathState: Abyssal Edition (now at v2.0!) $
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2016, 02:09:05 PM »
Abyssal Edition v2.0  8)

An ominous Deathstate update has arrived just in time to End the Year!

Explore an endless abyss in the brand new Endless Mode, bursting with new unlocks and surprises. Boggle at new and improved special effects and sounds, improved animations for every character, and polish to every corner of the UI. Recoil in horror from Deathstate 2.0: Abyssal Edition!

Major Changes

    New Endless Mode!
    Tons of new animations for every character.
    Totally updated sounds.
    Many upgraded visual effects.
    9 new organs to find and unlock.
    Overhauled UI: Redesigned HUD, Cutscene Viewer, per-Player statistics
    screens, and more!
    A Comet Passes the planes...

Minor Changes

    Fixed a number of issues with strange collision in levels.
    Deathstate now pauses when it loses focus.
    Added individual music and sound volume controls.
    Added high-contrast bullet mode to help color blind players.
    Addressed black-screen issues on some Macs.
    Tweaked player hit box position to be more intuitive, and enabled hit box display by default.
    Decoupled dodge distance from player speed to lessen the punishing effect of movement-slowing items.
    Added another way to dodge - which defaults to the Spacebar. Pressing this while moving will cause you to dodge in the direction your player is moving.
    Redesigned the Traveling screen to show more worlds.
    Steam-lined the Unlock screen.
    Desecration warning is now shown only if you haven't Desecrated yet.
    Added messaging describing what happens when unlocking a Demonic Forge.
    Made shotgun always shoot one "fairly accurate" bullet so you get less insane whiffs.
    Fixed embalmer being able to avoid self-harm from curse using various tricks.
    Fixed various boss behavior oddities when you knockback/slow/root them.
    Fixed drinking potions after death. The dead cannot drink.

Also, several other updates since last time which all told put this on a much finer trajectory~

Major Features:

    Magic system revamped.
    Redesigned many Relics to be more interesting and effective.
    Greatly improved Laser and Mortar weapons.
    Overall balance tweaks with the goal of increasing the number of viable builds at higher difficulty levels.
    Added 2 new unique enemies and several new items. 
    Added a new beneficial potion.
    Magic Globe pickups will now drop from enemies.

Minor Features:

    Fixed text blurriness caused by filters. Text should always be crisp now.
    Corners should be a bit less sticky when moving your character.
    Standing over an organ or item now displays its name.
    Reduced the intensity of some screen overlay effects.
    Added Large health globes that drop rarely.
    Merchants appear more frequently.
    Several inhabitants of the final world have new Desecration abilities. Watch out!
    Insanity Emissaries are now more... interesting.
    Added new possible map layouts to most worlds.

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:

    Nerfed Reverse Damage effects. They now stop healing after X heals, and only heal 1 tick per impact instead of being full damage mirror.
    Most "Slow Fire" effects (including the Aggravating Brain) now cause your bullets to pierce 3 enemies.
    Lasers have better stacking with many organs and weapons.
    Fixed various rendering bugs with lasers.
    All weapons now benefit The Eye character, even lasers.
    Reduced the Eye's base damage stat because lasers are much more powerful now (the Eye's actual damage output was not reduced).
    The Embalmer can make good use of mortar weapons now.
    The Eye and The Embalmer have new activated abilities.
    Ice weapon slow and freeze effects occur more often.
    Bubble damage is now improved by Ice Boost stat.
    Forges and Altars now continue to appear even after their unlocks are earned. They will drop random weapons and organs respectively.
    Fixed circumstances that could cause Forges or Altars to not appear or become exceptionally rare.
    Improved the damage scaling on Entropy DoTs.
    Made confusion heart particles on the player more apparent.
    Gambling Merchants now have a cap on how much they can charge.
    Nerfed Otylosh the Fleshbeast and Amon Morax the Demon on Desecration 2+
    Slightly increased the world time limit on Maze of Ix, Carcassus and Grave of Time.
    Slightly increased the world time limit on Desecration 1 and above.
    Slightly REDUCED the world time limit on the final world.
    Slightly nerfed several enemies in the Temple of Qit on Desecration 0 to make the difficulty more in-line with the Fortress of Torment for new players.
    Yellowed Eel Guts have new stats.
    You can now dismiss messages more quickly (such as item stat popups).
    You must now press a specific key to skip cutscenes, instead of Any Key. Maybe you won’t accidentally skip half of the cutscenes anymore!
    Fixed a bug that caused the player to sometimes dodge right instead of the intended dodge direction.
    Fixed a bug that caused the confusion debuff to apply even if you dodge through a succubus heart bullet.
    Fixed a bug where Insanity progress unlocks did not always unlock. This should work retroactively.
    Fixed a bug where Prince Ziggur would not unlock in the bestiary. This is not retroactive.
    Fixed a display bug that caused the player to flicker between poses sometimes when firing.
    Fixed some issues with music sometimes stopping/starting/changing unpredictably after bosses die.
    Fixed the level music volume increasing after desecrating.
    Fixed an issue where lazy Grimoires would take too long to pick new targets when the player has a slowed fire rate.
    Fixed "best win speed" stat sometimes resetting.
    Once you’ve played insanity or desecrated a few times, the “warning” messages will cease to appear. You know what you’ve done!
    You can no longer pick up items while dying. Because you're dying.
    Added Zeralith to the credits for seriously exceptional Community QA work.
    Tentatively fixed Xbox One controller issues.
    Many other bug fixes based on Community bug reports. Thank you!

Magic Revamp Details:

    MP no longer regenerates passively, it only regenerates when you deal damage. The regeneration rate scales with damage dealt.
    * Cooldowns on most abilities and relics greatly reduced. As long as you have the MP, you can usually use them again within seconds. This makes high-MP builds much more interesting.
    The MP Regen stat is much more effective.
    All organs granting Max MP and MP Regen stats were improved.
    Organs that previously reduced Max MP now reduce MP Regen instead. It's no longer possible for your abilities to become unusable.

Major Features:

    Improved Controller Support
    Steam Cloud Support
    Steam Trading Cards
    Deathstate Soundtrack is now available for sale

​Minor Features:

    Added "What's New" section detailing recent changes to Deathstate
    Added an optional visual indicator for the player hitbox
    Modified the health pickup to make it clearer that it restores half of one health
    Fixed movement-locking bug when using Tempest's Frozen Tome
    Modified Unlock screen so that the unlock criteria remains visible after the criteria has been met
    As part of improving controller support, tweaked player movement to be more responsive

​Tweaks and Bug Fixes:

    Tweaked some too-loud sound effect levels
    Certain buffs now change the size of player bullets
    Fixed issue where killing certain bosses would not light up the correct indicator on the save select screen
    Fixed a case where the final boss was dropping organs
    Fixed laser firing from the wrong spot on the player
    Fixed certain Brain Organs going in the Chest slot
    Expanded Insight has been expanded

Planes of Terror

​Major Features:

    Explore 3 new worlds!
    Die to 5 ghastly new bosses.
    Battle over 20 new enemies.
    Discover a wintery suite of Ice-themed weapons and items.

​Minor Features:

    Enemy bullets now always render above player bullets.
    Ingest strange new organs that change your firing patterns.
    New visual effects have been added for various attacks, impacts, debuffs and deaths.
    New options for Mouse Controlled movement.
    3 new music tracks.
    Dozens of new sound effects.

​Tweaks and Bug Fixes

    Greatly increased the frequency of beneficial effects from the Scientist Random Potion ability. It should be much more rewarding to use now.
    Changed the effect of the Darksteel Plate relic to make it more unique.
    Firing pattern modifications now stack, creating a wider variety of player attack types.
    Both variants of Fetal organs have been buffed.
    The Slimy Skull has been buffed.
    Auto-pickup Options settings now saves between sessions properly.
    Fixed a bug that sometimes caused pursuing enemies to "shake" in place.
    Made several performance improvements.
    Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Plague from spreading properly.
    Fixed a bug that causes Elites on World 1 to have too much health.

Increasing Insanity

​Major Features:

    Challenge the Insanity Portal, the craziest and hardest mode in the game.
    Face 2 hideous new bosses!
    Discover 8 new items and organs, all with unique effects.
    Watch new endings for every character!

​Minor Features:

    You now hit a key to pick up organs and items instead of auto-collecting them. If you'd prefer the original behavior, you can enable it in the options menu under "auto-pickup."
    New rare unique enemies are now lurking throughout the planes.
    Lots of new particle effects art for buffs and debuffs have been added.
    Several new firing patterns for both the player and enemies.
    Some player weapons have been changed to use these new firing patterns. Their DPS should remain about the same.
    Added more new enemy behaviors for Desecration difficulties.

​Tweaks and Bug Fixes

    "Get Every Item" achievement is now "Get 140 Items." Some of the new items are REALLY hard to unlock.
    Grundy's Lesser Tome of the Eye (Fireball Grimoire) is pretty powerful, so we put it behind an unlock.
    Elite chests can now spawn a maximum of 3 elites.
    Elite enemies now scale based on depth, so they won't be such push-overs at higher layers.
    Made World 4 maps larger.
    The camera now tracks bosses more actively.
    Slightly increased the movement penalty on the Yellowed Fatty Spleen.
    Further increased Seeker's Entropy damage.
    Nerfed the maximum possible damage output possible from a single Scar explosion.
    Greatly increased the Brawler's PUNCH damage. Don't stop punching!
    Made the Player laser beam visually smaller to reduce how much it obscures enemy bullets.
    Fixed a bug causing various item and weapon effects not to apply to The Eye character correctly.
    Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause you to get stuck in Introspective or Expanded Sight modes.
    Fixed a bug that was causing Desecration Altars to appear on Worlds 2 or 3 even if you didn't trigger Desecration on World 1.
    Fixed a bug that could cause the final boss to not progress phases under very particular circumstances.
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training