Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 6.06 released  (Read 3423 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 6.06 released
« on: September 21, 2009, 12:29:10 PM »
"Well this would be a somewhat smaller update, but I could fit in some suggestions made by Antagonist (many thanks for that! smile) and therefore it is a little bigger. We got a new race (the Halfling) and a new class (the Elementalist) as well as the ability to let a shopkeeper identify your items and a few more tweaks.

Some of these tweaks (read the knockback overhaul) might completely alter the flow of the game and I'm unable to test everything as extensive as I would've liked so please let me know what you think! (we can always switch it back ;)).
Patch R 6.06 notes:

-Call of the Forest can now be correctly made permanent.

-Added the Elementalist class (or classes).

-Spell info now also shows the sphere/element a spell belongs to.

-Added many new shrines (incl. Elemental, Canaan, Dreaming and others).

-Maevalin can now cast Poison Darts.

-Fixed a small error in the Healing Water dynamic spell info.

-Changed unidentified item text to something in correct English (I hope).

-Added extra line between items in character dump.

-Character dump generated on character's death now contains all items identified.

-There is now also a shrine which identifies all unidentified equipment.

-Increased chances of finding an item to unidentified.

-You can now pay a shopkeeper to identify an item for you.

-Anarchy and Charm have a small chance to let you forget identification when cast on a player.

-Added the Halfling race.

-Dark Gift now deals its damage as an additional strike and only that second strike counts as death damage.

-Dark Gift no longer prohibits a change of items.

-Incantations can now be obtained beyond the regenerative storage. This should make incantation powerups more useful.

-Gnomes can buy spell powerups one spell level cheaper (thus making their advantage of having a bonus spell level more useful).

-Knockback is now modified by a factor depending on the damage of bothindividuals. This means weaker mages will be thrown around more while though grizzly mages stand their ground.

-Summoned creatures and allies will now spread out more while following their master.

-Decreased Cold Breath damage but increased its typical incantations.

-On higher levels dispel magic will, after dispelling something, haunt the caster's of the spell it just dispelled and stop him from casting enchantment spells on himself for a short while. An higher level dispel can also dispel multiple enchantments on the same target.

-Manipulate Device particles no longer persist between levels."

Yet another rather hefty update all things considered.  Really make me wonder how massive they will become once it finally enters the realm of R 7.xx...
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