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Pathos: Nethack Codex now: Google Play, Apple iTunes Windows Store/Desktop v6.6!

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Pathos is now available on three platforms:

Google Play:
Apple iTunes:
Windows Store:

Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Since I last posted there have been a number of improvements:

- auto-pickup for gold
- teleport control now allows you to teleport to a square you haven't been to before.
- character button is green on the launch screen if there is a save file.
- journal messages for karma changes
- better feedback when targeting squares.
- zoom in and out using: pinch-and-zoom or mouse wheel or plus&minus keys
- you can hide the green menu buttons by pressing Escape key until everything is hidden.
- wand zap now bounces in corridors.
- icon is horizontal flipped as an attacking animation.
- puddings will multiply when hit with iron.
- gremlins will multiply in water traps.
- blue jelly and brown mold are healed by cold and will multiply.
- golems are affected by fire, shock and water.
- shops have a buy all and sell all button
- containers have a remove all and place all button
- all musical instruments can be played with effect
- zoos start with sleeping monsters
- noise will wake sleeping monsters
- stealth allows you to be more quiet
- lurkers, trappers and piercers will hide

v4.6 with at least this much since the start---lots of project progress on top of the rest.

--- Quote ---Major changes since the last public release:

    Absurd tileset updated with new and distinct male/female class tiles.
    Pirate class
    Doppelganger impersonation
    Big worms
    Tins and tinning kits
    Workbench improvements
    Hall of Fame is now a 30 day sliding window
    Inventory filter buttons
    [Alpha] Studio for designing quests / level editor Enjoy!

    Bard and gunslinger classes
    hatching eggs
    workbenches for scrapping and crafting
    new punishments - psychosis and thirst
    new zoos - science lab and college of wizardry
    new and improved classic and absurd tiles
    abolition of firearms setting.

PS. iOS will be live in a few days. Windows Store release coming soon. Windows Desktop is already live.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Major changes since the last public release:

    Monsters use, throw and equip items (watch out for that gnome with a wand of death!)
    Minetown dungeon branch
    Shaman and Jester classes
    Dread staff and thunder staff
    Master Key artifact
    Item storm spell
    Distinct tiles for locked/empty/broken chests
    Autosave when idle
    Candidate fixes for Android and iOS stability
    Brazilian Portuguese translations
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Major changes since the last public release:

    New branch: Lich Tower
    New class: convict (extreme challenge class with no skills, no equipment, shackled with ball & chain and no hope for survival).
    New monsters: dracolich, disintegrator, orc berserker
    New artifacts: Dragonbane, Cleaver, Eyes of Ra,
    New item: scroll of tranquillity
    Help index with text search
    Manual quick save button
    Rebalanced item essence for crafting
    Optimised saving time when transitioning between levels
    Turkish and Ukrainian translations!
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Major changes since the last public release:

    13 custom character slots.
    new race: changeling (start with polymorph and polymorph control).
    new shrines: sacred grove (druid) and mystic coven (witch).
    new spell: bind undead.
    new zoo: tavern.
    magic marker can be used to rename items.
    karma is now capped instead of unbounded.
    kicking chests has a chance to break glass items.
    missile tiles are rotated to face the actual direction.
    improved knowledge panel for key statistics.
    tap anywhere for convenient pathing.
    VI-key support.
--- End quote ---


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