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Kagura Douchuuki (now available) $
« on: October 23, 2015, 01:47:33 AM » $18.99 Win

Kagura Douchuuki is a roguelike RPG where you control shrine maidens (miko) and battle against monsters.
Dungeons are randomly generated, so the map layout, enemies, and items will be completely different with each play-through!

Every time your character enters the dungeon, their level will be reset back to level 1*.
You must venture further into the depths of the dungeon to gain more useful and powerful items needed to complete your quest!

Beautiful and charming characters, five different maps, and a final, ultimate dungeon awaits players in the wonderful tale of Kagura Douchuuki!

* In easy mode, the character's level will not be reset.

Vaguely Fushigi Dungeon'ish from the looks of it, so perhaps probably decent, while also now assuming the mantle of Most Incredible Trailer V/A any Roguelike has yet seen.   :D

Also apparently the non-Ero version, so there's that as well.
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