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The Drop (now at v1.32)
« on: September 04, 2015, 12:13:49 PM »

-The Drop is a unique take on the dungeon crawler and follow-up to 2009's The Reconstruction.
-No typical HP & MP monotony. Instead, player and enemy alike have Body, Mind, and Soul ratings which serve as both health and magical power. Knocking any of these to zero means defeat, so spelunkers beware!
-Create your own player character. Choose a race, appearance, starting weapon, elemental alignment, perks, and a background. Or, choose from an array of pre-made characters, including a few familiar faces.
-Randomized dungeons. Hundreds of items, dozens of monsters and spells, and all sorts of weirdness lurks around every corner!
-Use magic and items to manipulate the environment to your advantage. Freeze water to trap foes in place. Set fire to grass to create a smokescreen. Evaporate spilled poison to create a toxic cloud. Electrify puddles of water. Many interactions await!
-Exploit your enemies' fears and emotions. Lull, befriend, or terrorize enemies by using the proper item or spell!
-Experiment with items to discover their properties with interactions like eating, applying, and throwing. A plant that makes you sick when eaten may have healing properties when applied to your wounds instead. Collect them all!
-Use stealth and line-of-sight to your advantage. Sneak up on enemies to attack from behind, or avoid them entirely. But be careful - enemies you can't see can do the same to you!
-Customizable BGM playlist. Add or remove songs from the dungeon's soundtrack, or even import your own music!
-Hardcore mode awaits! A true roguelike experience with permanent death and limited saving available. Do you feel lucky?

Seemingly something that slipped by in the last year or so?   8) That or a cursory search and time travel back to about the time of the last update in these parts failed me.
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