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Re: City of the Damned
« Reply #60 on: November 05, 2018, 02:27:44 PM »
Released version 1.3.4

- Added a new primordial playable character - Skinchanger. The Skinchanger can shift between three archetypes: a melee warrior, a ranged shooter and a quick flyer. Some additional mutations can be received to improve on the strengths of each archetype.
- Fixed Resurrection not spending Power points after usage.
- Rearranged the Satanists' lair to reduce the chance of 'traffic jams'.
- When angels conceal their divinity in abandoned and corrupted districts, they now look like soldiers.
- Angels can now bless humans without revealing themselves. Also, angels will not reveal themselves unless they are about to attack an enemy in melee.
- Fixed the bug where demonic sigils could spawn on sludgeshrooms and die on their own.
- For the Celestial retrieval mission, some demons will start inside the corrupted shrine to protect the relic.
- NPCs with Sense good and Sense evil will make use of these abilities to no wander randomly but to places where they feel that the enemy is.
- Added a district with a lake to the map layouts.
- Added a district with a lake and a river to the map layouts.
- Added a seaport district with a river to the map layouts.
- Added some performance optimizations.
- Chrome angels are now armed with holy fists and can no longer sever body parts.