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bcrawl (now at v1.17.1)
« on: December 13, 2018, 01:57:34 PM »

bcrawl is a fork of X-Crawl, which is a fork of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Changes from Vanilla Crawl

    Traps are not placed in the first 3 floors of the Dungeon.
    Dungeon is shortened to 12 floors.
    Vaults does not require any runes to enter.
    Vaults is shortened to 3 floors.
    Lair Branches (Swamp, Spider, Snake, Shoals) are shortened to 3 floors.
    Crypt is shortened to 2 floors.
    Orc is shortened to 1 floor.


    Venom Mage, Arcane Marksman, and Warper are completely reworked.
    Reaver is a melee background that starts the game worshipping Vehumet.
    Archaeologists start with a crate and a dusty tome. The tome reveals itself to be a random skill manual at XL 3, and when the manual is finished, the crate unlocks and gives the player a related artifact.
    Necromancers start with Bolt of Draining.
    'Assassin' has been renamed to 'Rogue'.
    v1.1: Skalds have a reworked Ozocubu's Armour instead of Shroud of Golubria.


    All items are automatically identified if the player has a rune.
    v1.1.1: Like in mainline DCSS, all traps are revealed, but there are no trap effects from exploration.
    v1.3: To replace traps, when taking stairs there's a 4% chance of being teleported onto the lower floor.

Balance Changes

    The Paralyse spell duration is reduced to 2-4 turns.
    Long Blades now give +SH instead of a chance to riposte.

New Items

    The 'Ring of Insulation' gives rElec.
    Iron Dragons may drop 'Iron Dragon Scales' on death.
    The unrandarts the scimitar of Flaming Death and the dagger of Chilly Death have returned.
    The 'Fists of Thunder' unrandart gives electric-branded unarmed attacks.
    Scarf of Stasis

Changed Items

    Missiles are always lost when fired, and have a proportionately higher spawn rate.
    Morningstars and Eveningstars are 2-handed for small species.
    Potions of mutation are more common.
    Centaur and Naga bardings have been merged.
    Staves of Earth have a +3 AC bonus.
    v1.1: Players can use a Wand of Polymorph on themselves repeatedly.

Removed Items

    Amulets of Harm
    Needles of Sleeping
    Scrolls of Random Uselessness

New Species

    Fairy has great magic aptitudes, -1 MP costs on all spells, bonus defenses, and can't wear armour.
    Sand Dwarf is small, slow, and has no spellcasting penalty in armour.
    Oni can't learn spells from books, instead gaining random spells every 2 XL. All Oni spells only use the Spellcasting skill.
    Duskwalker gains the Nightstalker mutation, has draining melee attacks, and has half the stealth penalty from armour.
    Halflings have been merged into Kobolds.
    Deep Elves and Tengu have been merged into Avariel, winged elves with good aptitudes for magic.
    Hill Orcs now use Fighting as their skill for all weapons.

Species Changes

    Humans have +1 to most aptitudes.
    Mummies have Clarity, so they can't be confused.
    Formicids can wield giant clubs, but can't use a shield with them.
    Ogres have a +2 Maces & Flails aptitude.
    Vine Stalkers start with Regeneration 1.
    Demigod's XP modifier is -1.
    Felids and Octopodes can wear scarves.

New Spells

    Summon Scorpions summons one group of 1-4 scorpions.
    Shackle prevents enemy movement.
    False Image is a summon that blocks while you shoot through it.
    Blink Other blinks enemies.
    Piercing Shot adds the penetration brand to a ranged weapon.

Spell Changes

    At high spell power, transformations now last forever.
    Inner Flame doesn't check magic resistance.
    Corona has a higher accuracy bonus.
    Yara's Violent Unravelling is level 4.
    Summon Lightning Spire is level 5.
    Poisonous Vapours lasts longer at high power.
    Poison Arrow is more common and less resistible.
    Bolt of Cold and Throw Frost have +1 range.
    Lightning Bolt has better accuracy.
    v1.1: Ozocubu's Armour now works with any armour and freezes melee attackers, but only lasts a few turns and gives a smaller AC bonus.
    v1.3.1: Lee's Rapid Deconstruction can break rock and stone walls, but not metal walls.

Removed Spells

    Summon Guardian Golem
    Gell's Gravitas
    Excruciating Wounds


    Ashenzari now curses items for free, but uncursing items loses a large amount of piety.
    Qazlal's Upheaval has a much lower piety cost.
    Makhleb's Major Destruction is now more powerful.
    Lugonu appears in the Temple.
    Yredelemnul allows Statue Form and worship from Gargoyles.
    v1.1: Wu Jian is reworked: abilities require less piety, Serpent's Lash only costs drain (scaling down with piety), Whirlwind does full dmg but only pins with Serpent's Lash, and Heavenly Storm starts out weaker but costs much less piety.
    v1.2: Fedhas is reworked: piety is gained by killing natural and undead monsters, and abilities cost piety instead of rations.
    v1.3: Sif Muna has faster piety gain.


    Ijyb always has a Polymorph wand, and gets a sling and branded dagger.
    The monster spell 'Twisted Resurrection' has been removed. Deep Elf Death mages now get the spell 'Haunt'.
    Hornets don't Paralyse anymore.
    Naga Mages and Nagarajas have the 'Dimensional Anchor' spell that stops the player from Teleporting.
    Death Drakes may spawn in Swamp.
    The new 'Orb Demon' enemy appears in Zot.
    New monster spell: Freezing Blast, a cold equivalent to fireball that Frost Giants and Wizards can cast.
    Xtahua's breath now applies fire vulnerability.
    Xtahua now drops the +8 fire dragon scales of Xtahua {rF+++ rC- MR+} when he drops a corpse.
    v1.3.1: Harold has Bolt of Fire, Blink, a branded trident, and a shield.
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Re: bcrawl (now at v1.12!)
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2019, 01:00:37 PM »

Also now has a first upcoming tournament and such with more servers:

merge DCSS bug fixes
    fix Zot 5 message spam
    Uskayaw's Line Pass ability no longer costs piety
    Zin's Vitalisation gives a much bigger attribute bonus, but costs more piety
    Lugonu's self-banishment costs about 1/2 as much piety
    Barachi hop target radius is reduced to 1
    Lesser Beckoning has +1 range
    Reapers can seal doors
    Juggernauts are much more dangerous
    falchions and long swords are buffed
    Lightning Rod damage scales more with Evocations
    Bloodbane and the storm bow are reworked

    Wanderers no longer crash and get more spells.
    Bai Suzhen is buffed.

Conjurer rework

    Shadow dragon armour has (10->11) base AC, and storm dragon armour has (15->13) encumbrance.
    Kikubaaqudgha prevents miscasts from any spell including Necromancy, not just from pure Necromancy spells, and gives full protection at 3* piety.
    Orb Guardians get a magical gaze, with Lesser Beckoning, Sleep, and Lightning Bolt.
    Spriggans can't train Conjurations, but have some better aptitudes.

fix Refrigeration damage formula (it does much more damage now)

    Sloth Apostles worship Cheibriados and start with a shield.
    Transmuters start with a potion of lignification.
    Skalds start with a scroll of fear.

    Scorpio unrand
    butterfly sword unrand

    merge seeded runs
    add serpentine sling unrand

    Felid adjustments
    changes to Nemelex's Storm and Degeneration cards

Felids gain half XP for seeing enemies, and no experience for killing them. They have -30% HP instead of -40%, and +0 XP instead of -1 XP.
higher Fedhas piety costs

stairs/traps blink instead of teleport when in Zot
monks get an amulet of guardian spirit

Deflect Missiles is reworked to not require recasting.

Infusion scales better

    Djinni species
    Hell branch rework

Starting skills are relative to +0 apt, not Human apts.

    Killer Klown rework
    transparent doors are merged

Demigod rework

No more centaurs, water moccasins, or killer bees on D:2.

Some uniques can now drop books.

Adventure mode

    Vampire rework
    more shops

wands of random effects are reworked
skeletons resist electricity

Artificer is merged into Rogue
Sphinxes have Mark
Ghouls have +4 Necro

    Dithmenos rework
    new Nagaraja spell set
    Orc Priests cast 50% more often, but take 50% longer to cast

    no nets for gnolls
    distortion hits don't banish
    Psyche is more dangerous

Troll and Deep Dwarf rework
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Re: bcrawl (now at v1.12.3!)
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2019, 11:18:53 PM »

Vine Stalker is reworked, evolving into a Mana Stalker, Twilight Stalker, or Jungle Stalker at level 8. Dusk Walker is merged into Twilight Stalker.
    The Majin-Bo is reworked.
    Spellbinder miscasts are no longer blamed on the player, so they won't anger allies.

merges DCSS changes

bcrawl will not merge:

    gammafunk's Sif Muna rework (Divine Exegesis)
    ebering's throwing rework (boomerangs, darts)
    ebering's 2-state vampires
    cursed holy weapons

    Time Stop (L8 Charms/Translocations) lets you instantly cast spells below L5.
    Mana Rupture (L7 Conjurations/Hexes) creates an explosion that does damage proportional to the target's magic resistance.
    Icicle Burst (L7 Conjurations/Ice) shoots several weak icicles. It's similar to the Scattershot wand, but it shoots icicles (40% cold), it has lower accuracy, and it's less affected by monster AC.
    Taking stairs while on D:1 or D:2 can't teleport players.
    Staves of energy are removed. A staff of power can be used to channel mana, and enhancer staves remove spell hunger for their spell school.
    Boots of stealth and rings of stealth give 2x the stealth bonus.
    Great maces have a different brand set, including the speed brand.
    Summon Hydra is level 6, and has a summon cap of 1.
    Throw Icicle has longer range at high spell power.
    Freeze has a higher power cap. (25 -> 50)
    Shock has a higher power cap. (25 -> 35)
    Summon Ice Beast has a lower summon cap. (3 -> 2)
    Static Discharge is just Air, instead of Air/Conjurations.
    Wizards start with a plain staff.
    Venom mages start with a potion of berserk rage and a potion of degeneration. (This lets slow species kill oozes on D1.)
    Archaeologists start with a whip instead of +1 gloves.
    Golden eyes sometimes teleport away.
    The royal jelly is giant. (Giant creatures can't be netted.)
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Re: bcrawl (now at v1.14.2!)
« Reply #3 on: September 20, 2019, 09:22:55 PM »

Flaming Arrows (L2 Charms/Fire) adds bonus damage to ranged attacks.
    Regeneration ends when at max HP.
    Spellforged Servitors created by players have one spell, which is the spell from its list of possible spells that the player has the highest spell power for.
    Monsters stepping on visible alarm traps will mark the player.
    Thrown stones have a lower base delay (1.1 -> 1) and min delay (0.7 -> 0.5).

    Merges some bug fixes.
    Infestation is now a level 6 Hexes/Poison/Transmutation spell that creates Hornets or Spark Wasps depending on spell power.
    Freezing Cloud is now Ice/Air.
    Potions of flight give a Swiftness effect in addition to flight.

    Blowguns use Fighting skill instead of Throwing skill.
    Hepliaklqana's Transference ability costs much less piety, but doesn't gain the effect of draining enemies.
    Hepliaklqana's Knight ancestor's first level gets a war axe of flaming instead of a flail.
    Hepliaklqana's Idealise ability is replaced by Incarnate, which gives +20% max HP, healing and/or mana, and increases some skills to at least your Invocations skill. Knights give HP, Fighting, Armour, Shields, and Axes; Battlemages give HP, MP, Conjurations, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, and Staves; Hexers give MP, Spellcasting, Hexes, Charms, and Evocations.

    Monsters can use iceblast wands, but low-HD monsters won't use strong wands.
    Fedhas no longer gives piety for kills by oklobs or mushrooms.

    The Lair entrance is on D:7-9 instead of D:7-10.
    Kobolds have some better aptitudes, better stat gain, and the Talons 1 mutation.
    Lugonu's Banish ability costs less (3-4 -> 2-3) piety.
    Ogres and Trolls can worship Beogh, but can only convert at an altar.
    TSO gives ammo gifts.
    Gozag shop costs don't increase with number. Instead, shop and potion costs increase with time taken.

    Lugonu gives armour and ammo gifts.
    Trog no longer gifts ammo.
    Jory and Frederick have reworked spell sets.

Great swords have higher (15 -> 16) base damage.
The Sword of Power has an enchantment level of (your strength - 10).
Jory has Summon Undead instead of Crystal Spear.

    Djinni get Wild Magic, Berserkitis, Blurry Vision, and Blink mutations. After their berserk rages end, they never pass out and get a few turns of Brilliance.
    Nemelex card changes: Pain casts Torment instead of summoning a Flayed Ghost, and Clouds creates a cloud under each enemy instead of clouds around enemies.

    new playable species: Skeletons have -20% HP, but have good aptitudes, guardian spirit, and heal when casting spells. They also gain reduced encumbrance from armour and health regeneration from kills.
    Each time you enter the Abyss increases the depth of your next entry.
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Re: bcrawl (now at v1.17.1)
« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2019, 11:24:06 AM »

Instead of adjusting player attributes automatically, Jiyva gives players an ability that swaps 2 attribute values.
    The Staff of Battle is a lajatang that makes a spectral weapon.
    merges some fixes from DCSS

    Jiyva is reworked: a Jiyva altar always appears near the entrance to Slime; Jiyva gives piety for killing monsters; Slimify creates friendly slimes and can act on multiple enemies, but only has a chance (based on damage done vs enemy HP) to work, and loses duration when it works; jellies do not randomly spawn; off-level items are not eaten; jellies eating items does not give piety or restore player HP or MP or satiation; Jiyva grants bonus AC for having mutations, equal to max(mutation_count - natural_AC, mutation_count/2).
    Black Draconians have a better Fighting aptitude. (+1 -> +3)

Pain has a higher power cap. (25 -> 50)
Death Channel is now Charms/Necromancy.

Iron trolls drop iron troll leather armour. (8 AC, 16 encumbrance, rF+ rC+ Regen)
Vampiric Draining has lower base damage but scales more with spell power; above 19 power it will now be better. Also, it can now do more damage than the missing HP of the player, and has a 10% chance of draining 1 strength.
Ghouls start with a chunk instead of a ration.
The Robe of Folly is reworked.
several monsters are reworked

Giant clubs and giant spiked clubs now cleave.
Guaranteed damage reduction now affects player damage from spells with non-elemental damage.

    Steam Barrier (L6 Charms/Fire) creates steam clouds around the player, gives rF+ and rC-, reduces player spell power (-1 enhancer level), and gives an AC bonus proportional to its remaining duration.
    Demigods can walk through plants at lower (** -> *) piety.
    Liches and ancient liches have reworked spell sets.
    Fire Elementalists start with 40 stones.
    Ice Elementalists start with 1 charge of Iceblast.
    Conjurers start with a potion of magic.
    Air Elementalists start with a potion of flight.
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