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Beta Access available now!
Cogmind is a science fiction-themed traditional roguelike in which you play a robot that builds itself from components found or salvaged from other robots.

Various destructive scenes... (hundreds of particle effects with accompanying audio)
Some inventory management with ASCII art and... destruction and repair :)

* While exploring the world you find (or take) power sources, propulsion units, utilities, and weapons, and attach them to yourself to create a slow tank bristling with weapons, or a fast-moving flyer zipping past enemies before they even have time to react, or a stealthy sword-wielding assassin bot, or whatever else you can come up with from the salvage you find. The game can quickly change as you lose components and your loadout changes.
* Action is turn-based but you don't have "action points" per se; instead, every action takes a certain amount of time, and robots that can perform actions more quickly can continue to due so until another robot is ready to act.
* Combat is optional if you can avoid it, and there is no grinding for XP since the game rewards you for simply reaching new areas.
* While not fighting/sneaking, you can find/construct allies, hack machines, manipulate your enemies, and explore the story through terminals spread throughout the complex.

* Power Sources: Engines, power cores, and reactors supply the power necessary to run other systems.
* Propulsion: Treads, legs, wheels, and hover/flight units enable a robot to move more quickly (multiple types can be attached, though only a single category can be active at a time).
* Utilities: Special devices, processors, storage units, and protective gear that provide a wide range of benefits.
* Weapons: Guns, cannons, launchers, and a variety of melee weapons.

* Energy: Generated by the core and power sources; necessary for moving, firing energy-based weapons, and sustaining the operation of some utility systems.
* Matter: Salvaged from robot remains; used to fuse components, and consumed by ballistic weapons and launchers as ammunition.
Notable Features

* Dynamic character development without XP/grinding
* Animated interface
* Thousands of ASCII particle and sound effects
* Nine different animated endings to uncover
* Full mouse and keyboard support for all commands
* Drag-drop support for mouse
* Fully destructible terrain
* ASCII art
General Feature List
Many of these are a given for anyone familiar with roguelikes, but I'll list them here for completeness.

* Resource management
* Inventory and equipment system
* Item identification system (for a subset of powerful items)
* Fog of war
* Several damage types each with unique properties/effects
* Simple yet dynamic combat system
* Multiple AI behaviors
* Numerous items, special abilities, and enemies
* Permadeath
* Autosave/load on exit/startup
* Large randomly generated maps
* Turn-based action
* Single player
* All units use the same ruleset as the player
* Score output to an external file, with detailed statistics
More Information

* Website
* Steam
* FAQ and Roadmap
* Dev Blog
* Forums
* Wiki
* Indie DB
* Reddit
* YouTube
* Discord
* Twitter
* Patreon

Fantastic.   8)

This looks fantastic!  I'll certainly be wanting to get a copy as soon as the budget clears for it.

Your wallpaper links are broken, though.

Congratulations on getting the alpha out. 30$ is a lot but then it looks like a true high-level roguelike and your track record speaks for itself. So hopefully will join in sooner then later (though similarly priced Rimworld is first in cue).

I recall reading somewhere the game world is governed by an AI overseeing things not only on local, player`s level. This sounds very interesting - is this correct? A feature planned or already in?


--- Quote from: Nikolai on May 21, 2015, 11:46:33 AM ---This looks fantastic!  I'll certainly be wanting to get a copy as soon as the budget clears for it.

--- End quote ---

Same here. $30 is a lot to throw around so I have to wait until after payday.


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