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Dig Deep
« on: April 26, 2015, 09:15:50 AM »

Have a play and see what you all think!

I wrote this for GitHub's Game Off competition. They gave me a sweet $200 game shop voucher for the effort!

The challenge was to fork an existing game and modify it within a month. This was based on the 7DRL "Lyon's Den" by Lion, which is using ROT.js.

From Lion's original, I made quite a few game play changes, added music and sound-effects. (Music might not be to everyone's liking, it is to mine, there are mute / pause buttons though, and it will remember your setting).

A key feature of the game was added - digging. Inspired by my old favourite, Moria (and Angband). You can dig through any wall. Loose rubble is easier to dig through. Digging makes a lot of noise and attracts enemies. Certain enemies can float through rubble (such as Vampires and Catfolk).

The goal is to go as deep as you can and collect as much gold as you can. There is no ending, but your high score is recorded (browser cookie).

Game is geared to be on the hard side intentionally, you probably won't last very long. Because there is no end and not too much game play variety (items, interesting characters, etc.) I thought it would be best to focus on quick energetic bursts and to try to beat your own previous high score.