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Lord of the Dark Castle (now at v1.071) $
« on: August 18, 2015, 12:45:59 PM » $9.99 Win/Mac/Linux

Lord of the Dark Castle is a casual turn-based retro style roguelike dungeon crawler with elements of strategy. Move/attack in Your turn, and the Monsters move/attack in their turn. Each level is randomized and will introduce new monsters as the Hero reaches deeper down into the dungeon. The game is played in Hardcore Mode, meaning no Save Game - death is permanent!
Creator's Visions and Goals with the Game

    -In this game, the monsters are alive: they loot items, use EXACTLY the same armor, weapons and spells as the Hero. Monsters that have gold even go into the shops and buy gear before your Hero gets the chance!
        -Casual, Fast & Easy to get started. Give it a go, and see if you get a good start with Fat Loot!
        -This is STRATEGIC dungeon crawler - NOT a no-brain-dungeon-brawler! Casual does NOT mean easy! Normal mode is pretty difficult, and you may have to try many times before you win the game.
        -Hand painted 2D art in high resolution, using Dark Gothic style.
        -Big replay value! Every new game is a new experience. Level randomness, monster spawns and different skill choices makes up for lots of variety.
        -No Skill Dependencies - Experiment freely! Each skill provides an important strategic advantage on its own.
        -Every hit counts! Making a move that ends next to a monster will let the monster hit first! Don't let that happen.
        -All monsters have unique strengths. An "ordinary thief" may even be worse than a dragon! (Yes... you will see...*evil*)
    -In this game monsters are alive. Fewer, harder, more intelligent mobs to provide an interesting challenge.

    On Win64 systems (e.g. Win7, Win8), the game supports 25 integrated Steam Profile Achievements and Stats.

Changes since the Early Access days(v.053) are pretty lengthy in full (first and second post with a .pdf ), a partial summary of more recent stuff:
Some new features in the Final Release:

    New level: 'Crypt'. The game now has 8 levels!
    Several new creatures: Assassin, Giant, Gargoyle, Fallen Angel, etc
    Define Keys: players can now define their own keyboard shortcuts.
    Steam Profile integrated Achievements (currently limited to Win64 operating systems)
    Steam Trading Cards will now drop (supported for all operating systems).

The word 'Final Release' is not the LAST relaase, but rather a transition from Early Access to Full Functionality Release. The game will be supported for a long while, and bug fixes will still be made if needed, and new functionality may still be added in future patches. However, the game is now stable after several months of Early Access testing, and many Community requested features have been added. So if you have waited for this game to become fully released, now is the time to check it out!
Have fun! :-)

    Brand new UI layout with much bigger DungeonView game play screen!
    World Map scrolling: moving mouse over world map will autoscroll the Dungeon View
    Possibility to switch fonts and configure font size
    Possibility to choose between optimized graphics vs game play screen size
    New Skill: Backpacker -> +6 extra backpack slots!
    Stacking of items in Backpack: all Cure-potions are now stackable and Magic Scrolls are stackable per category.

Here's hoping for a bright future on this one.   8)
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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