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Desktop Dungeons (now with an Enhanced Edition Update) $
« on: April 20, 2015, 12:02:48 AM »  $14.99 Win/Mac/Linux

About Desktop Dungeons

(Also coming to iOS and Android. See FAQ below)

    The perfect coffee-break game
    Fight your way through fantasy dungeons in as little as 10 minutes.
    Tightly refined difficulty
    Never take a boss kill for granted again! Over time, discover how hundreds of subtle tricks can improve your odds.
    Prize-winning awesomeness (13th Annual IGF Awards)
    Classic roguelike play re-imagined as a unique single-screen puzzle hybrid … thing. An early adopter of the “roguelike-like” ideal.
    6 hours of gameplay? Try 6 billion
    Randomly generated dungeons are different every time you play. Build your Kingdom to unlock hordes of new classes, races and challenges.
    Play for FREE, right now!
    The alpha will be free forever, my lord. If you like it, purchase the full game.

Desktop Dungeons is a quick-play, roguelike-like puzzle game that gives you 10-20 minutes of dungeon-crawling action per serving. Casual players can enjoy endless coffee-break gaming sessions in infinitely random dungeons, while hardcore enthusiasts can unearth the game’s subtleties and tackle challenges of unrealistic viciousness. Down all paths lies frequent death, easy accessibility and the urge to play just one more dungeon.

Right, that aside, the Enhanced Edition Super Update!   8)

The Desktop Dungeons: Enhanced Edition has arrived.

Now with new content and quests, new classes (that's 21 total now if you've been keeping count) and a new way to play: For the first time ever, compete against your friends (or the world at large) in the seeded Daily Dungeon.

-Secretly despise friends for already beating you on the Daily Dungeon leaderboards.
-Unlock a terrifying new building for your Kingdom.
-Discover the Rat Monarch and Chemist classes... and their reasons for visiting the Kingdom.
-Click through new quests and ignore exposition as it streams past you.
-Gleefully and accurately sling spells from the player-requested drag-to-cast and radial menus.
-Pages and pages of optimizations and bug fixes that are awesome but don't sound cool when we put them in lists like this one.
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