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--- Quote ---Cthangband

Cthangband is a free Rogue-like game for Windows XP, Vista or 7. It should also work fine on Linux or other Unix-like systems using Wine, and the source code is provided for those who wish to port it to their system of choice.
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Cthangband is a variant of the classic game Angband.

In Cthangband, you play the role of an adventurer descending into the depths to find fame and fortune, and to eventually (should you become powerful enough) kill all the guardians guarding the various dungeons found within the game. The game is similar to "Action RPGs" such as those in the Diablo and Torchlight series, except it replaces action with strategy and tactical play. Instead of being a real-time clicking frenzy with you dying because you failed to press the "Potion" button quickly enough, the game is turn based and you must plan and strategise your moves or die because you didn't manage your resources well enough.

Cthangband does not have flashy graphics or animation. Instead it uses ASCII characters in different colours to represent the player and their surroundings (see the screenshots below). While this may seem positively stone-age to the younger players, it does have its advantages. Firstly, it means that a large amount can be displayed on screen at once. Secondly, our brains are good at recognising letters quickly - so we can see what is what without having to peer at barely distinguishable graphics. And thirdly, it means there can be much more content. While modern Action RPGs may have anything up to a hundred different types of monster (Diablo 2 has about 60, for example) and must palette-swap them for more variety, Cthangband can have over 550 different monster types with unique abilities without needing to have loads of animation data, graphics, and sound effects for each of them. Similarly, it has 30 races and 15 classes for a total of 450 combinations; and over 200 spells without needing to have lots of graphical data and animations for any of those.

Cthangband differs from most Angband variants by having multiple dungeons spread through a randomly generated wilderness, and by using the alternate magic system first used in the Zangband variant.

For those of you who want to port Cthangband to your own system, the source code can be found here: Cthangband Source

Note: Cthangband is a very old game, having been first written over 18 years ago. As a consequence of this, it doesn't always play as nicely as it could with the latest versions of Windows. For example, it needs to have read+write access to files in its local folder in order to run. Unfortunately, by default Windows refuses programs write access to the C:\Program Files folder and its subfolders. Therefore when installing Cthangband you should either install it in a folder in a different location or modify the shortcut's properties to always run in Administrator mode.
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--- Quote ---Yes, it's been a while since the last release - fifteen years to be precise - but here is Cthangband 5.0.0!

Windows Console Version (this is an installer).
Source Code (this is a zip file).

If anyone maintains libraries of Angband variants, feel free to upload these and re-host them there. For my part, I've not yet put up a page on my website for Cthangband 5.0.0 yet. But the above links will remain valid when I do.

The change log for this is quite large, since it reverts back to the class/level based mechanics of Cthangband 3.1.2. However, it does re-implement many of the other features of Cthangband 4.x as well as a couple of features taken from both Hellband and Yeekband and a whole host of new features as well.

Here's the changelog:

Cthangband 5.0.0

    Many other minor code changes
    Cleaned up commands (fewer need control pressed), and added a command list
    Removed 'pouch' slots.
    Mystics (now renamed "Martial Artists") now have a choice of three realms of magic. They can be "Ascetics" who use corporeal magic to improve their body, "Street Fighters" who zap people with projected chi or "Ninja" who use planar magic to move around and summon allies.
    Added Crafter class, who has no spells but who can use mana to prevent items from losing charges or being consumed when they are used.
    Added Chosen One class, who has passive magical abilities but no active ones.
    Fixed Thief (Rogue with Folk Magic) spell stats.
    Fixed symbol identification for shop doorways.
    Increasing in level now restores all stats.
    Added warpstone crystals.
    The screen is now refreshed after the options page is viewed - so the effects of any changed options are immediately visible.
    Cleaned up character history tables.
    Fixed display problem with bolts/balls.
    'help.hlp' is now system specific ('help-dos.txt', 'help-win.txt' etc.) so that it can point to a different set of files for the different interfaces and systems.
    The random character generator now picks a class first, then a race to fit, rather than picking a race first and then a class to fit.
    The random name generator has been expanded to now provide 'angelic' names for Imps and to provide 'yeekish' names for Yeeks.
    Swapped the order of effects in the 'Major Displacement' mindcrafter power.
    Corporeal realm now gets 'Wraithform' instead of 'Polymorph Self'.
    The alchemist shop can now research an item, which identifies it fully.
    The 'Identify All' shop function has been moved to the pawnbrokers.
    Spectres now glow in the dark.
    Imps now get fire immunity at level 20.
    All Half-Trolls now get slow digestion, not just warriors.
    Druids now have a smaller upkeep cost for pets.
    Included character's birthday in character display.
    The 'mini-map' is now centred and bordered showing the size of the level.
    A new spoiler (mon-stats) can be generated, which lists the frequency of each of the RFX_XXXX flags by monster level.
    DEAD.TXT and NEWS.TXT files replaced with internal functions to enable full colour splash and death screens.
    Some clean-up of folder structure implemented - 'pref' files are now located in the 'pref' folder (not the 'user' folder) and spoilers now have the suffix '.txt' and are output to the 'info' folder.
    Monster recall (and spoiler) now gives attack speed if at least one attack is known.
    Added a 'Destroy All' command ('K') to destroy all worthless items in your pack and equipment list (equipped cursed items are not destroyed by this).
    If the 'auto-destroy' option is on, worthless items are stomped on rather than picked up.
    Removed most hard-coded 'Special Monster' hacks.
    The slime molds are revolting!
    Added Orbs, as described in RAK's history of Moria
    Character dump now dumps last 10 messages (so you can see how stupidly you died).
    Stats over 18 are no longer displayed as percentages.
    'Dungeons' may now be towers (tiny levels heading upwards) as well as caves (larger levels heading downwards).
    5 new dungeons added.
    Dungeons now have a 'bias' towards a certain type of creature.
    Dungeons (but not towers) display offset depth, rather than true depth.
    Startup options have their own option page, to reduce the number of questions the player is asked when creating a new character.
    Paths are now lit like floors.
    Problem with 'missing' options fixed.
    Wizard Mode moved to 'Cheat Options' page.
    Windows Console version added.
    Player breath weapons (from dragon plate or mutations) and 'wands of dragon breath' now use cone shaped attacks.
    Bug in 'unified commands' fixed so that objects on the floor no longer get prompted for twice.
    Corrected 'time of day' algorithm and added time display.
    Added Eric Bock's code to combine similar messages in message recall.
    Monster breaths are now cone shaped, rather than ball shaped (from Zangband)
    Added Zangband's view centring code.
    Reorganised and cleaned up 'options'.
    Added (and modified) ???'s point based stat generation code.
    Reverted source code to 3.1.2 base, losing all 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 changes
--- End quote ---

This has to be in at least the top 5 as far as projects making a comeback after so many years...

Well, according to a much-disussed couplet

--- Quote ---That is not dead which can eteRnaL lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.
--- End quote ---

Not to mention the fact that I was actually reading about this fork few weeks ago and thinking it sounds interesting and what a shame it`s "dead". Ha!

Now with proper site and hopes from the dev that somebody with a Roguebasin account AND nice reckonings might throw it up proper:

Maybe somebody with oook account could ask why does it not work on XP? First I was getting  "not a Win32 application" now this version throws up "error executing program".

Though somebody post similar question  there already and was ignored so perhaps it`d be a waste of time.


--- Quote ---Yes, that's right. It's 20 years since I first released Cthangband onto an unsuspecting world.

Well, now it's back in yet another new edition.

This is the first fully .NET version of Cthangband (written in C#), and as such it will run on any Microsoft OS from Vista onwards. I don't think Mono or similar alternates can handle WPF, so unfortunately it's Windows only.

The installer is here: Cthangband 6.0.

If you're missing the .NET Framework 4.5.2 (you shouldn't be unless you're using an older Windows edition) you can download that from Microsoft here: .NET Framework 4.5.2.

Here's the change log:

Cthangband 6.0.0 (July 2018 - 20th Anniversary)
- Documentation now moved to a separate file
- “Lite” changed to “Light” throughout source code and user interface.
- Spectres now have Feather Fall.
- The sewers under Ulthar now have a bias towards animals.
- Word of Recall now takes you back to your house, if you have one (if you don’t then you will be returned to the last town visited, as normal).
- You can now only own a single house at a time, but on buying a new one any items stored in your old one will be moved into it for you.
- Added “worthless items” section to journal, so you can designate any unwanted item type as being worthless (meaning it will be stomped on rather than picked up), not just those with zero value.
- Character view screen re-arranged, and redundant pages removed.
- You can no longer accidentally drop below the last level of a dungeon through a trap door.
- Barbarian replaced with Tcho-Tcho.
- Trap doors in towers now correctly take you to the previous (i.e. “lower”) level rather than the next level.
- Increasing in level no longer restores all your ability scores.
- Chaos Features changed back to Mutations.
- Chaos-Mage and Chaos Warrior are now Cultist and Fanatic.
- Digging items (spades, picks) now have their own equipment slot once more.
- Broo replaced with Miri Nigri.
- Chaos Patrons replaced with Cthuloid entities.
- Entire program re-written from the ground up in C#!
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