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« on: March 16, 2015, 09:31:20 AM »

My 8th 7drl, by me Numeron!

Download here.

The object of this game is to create an Artificial Intelligence, and set it to duel against the AIs of other players for a position on the global leader board.

The AI creation grid works like a flow diagram. Each turn, your AI will assess what to do by starting at the GO tile on the grid, and then evaluating the tiles in an order based on their configuration. Logic tiles (appearing in blue) will direct the logical flow of the diagram. For example, an IF tile will evaluate its condition and will direct the flow in one direction when true, or a different direction when false. Once an Action Tile (appearing in orange) is reached, the AI will tell the creature to take that action, and the turn will be over. There are a lot of possibilities for configurations inside the tiles, and you can maintain variables between turns to keep track of any state you want.

The screenshot at the top is an example of a simple AI that essentially wanders the map randomly until it finds something to kill, then does so. There is a lot more to implement though because there are three classes each with a different skill, and a few items as well so your AI will eventually need to balance its priorities.


As with every year, I took a week off work and was able to put 13-14 hours of my time a day into this, and used the same backing engine as last year. This means the scope is just crazy and I'm actually a little surprised it all got in.I was also really pleased with the LibGDX user interface library, and I have much better understanding of it now, though I had to make a few hacks to get things working correctly. I was able to do almost all of the UI basics in a single day, which left me a lot of time to work on the guts. Unfortunately the UI doesn't scale well below 1024x768 but I don't think that will be a problem for anyone.

I'm really nervous about the multiplayer functionality - hopefully enough people play that they can interact and not sit in an empty chat room, and hopefully the server doesn't have a stroke in the night! I can't get through the firewall at work to either the game nor the hosting company so I won't be able to baby sit it as much as Id like. It can also take a while and some real planning to build anything complex, so I hope everyone has a bit of patience!Hopefully I see you all in game!
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