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Re: View Styles
« Reply #15 on: February 06, 2015, 04:22:42 PM »
The vertical dimension is what constrains your player's FoV.  Modeling the player character's FoV gives you an odd number of required rows and the exact same number of required columns.  Centering the player on the display with 80x24 and a max FoV of 11 leaves one line at the bottom (or top) and 28 columns on each side (+1 extra column).  It may not be traditional, but the player doesn't actually need any larger map view. 

For better appearance, you could restrict the FoV to a maximum of 10 cells, giving you a border separating the map from the text.  Also since the FoV is circular, you have triangular areas at the four corners where you could display some form of information.  It is a bit harder to code since you need to scroll and it will require more bandwidth over remote connections.  Really though I don't believe either is a barrier today. 

Excellent ideas!  And definitely true.  I hadn't thought about a square view!  Yep, definitely non-traditional, but doable :)

Restricting it to 10 cells is ok too, but like you said the scrolling would be an issue.  Not necessarily for the code's sake, but for the player's sake.  Not able able to automatically see everything that your player can see is an issue of usability and ease of view.

Great ideas, thanks Omnivore :)