Author Topic: There Is Only Power (now at v1.1)  (Read 2858 times)


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There Is Only Power (now at v1.1)
« on: January 04, 2015, 01:15:43 PM »  Win/Mac

There is Only Power is a strategy / roguelike. Build a small army, learn spells and find artifacts to enslave a kingdom before its citizens overthrow you. The world, your spell list, the artifacts and opportunities for recruitment are randomly set up each game to give you a unique challenge.

There’s a new build of There Is Only Power available now. I’ve setup an page for it because some people seemed to have trouble downloading from indiedb. The two big features in v1.1 are tutorials and highscore boards.

The tutorials are intended to be optional side battles that specifically address questions I often get asked about the combat system. My goal is for new players to still just jump right into the game and figure it out as they play, so I’m trying to the make the UI as capable of delivering that experience in game as possible. But mechanics of the game itself make it difficult to understand how certain abilities work. Since all abilities fire in a turn quickly one after the other, it can be hard to see why some of them work the way they do. The tutorial combats are simple puzzles that focus on those problem areas so players can play them repeatedly until they feel comfortable with what’s happening in them.

Next up are highscore boards. I’ve added local and global highscore boards to the game. The global highscore board will only store one result per name (your best result), but the local ones will store all your top ten scores. For the daily challenge, the global highscore board resets every day with the new challenge. My goal is for tutorials to provide something that makes the game a bit easier to get into for new players, and the highscore boards give experienced players an easier way to compete.

There are also a ton of bug fixes as well as gameplay tweaks to the archetypes, some events, and the general pacing of the game in an attempt to make everything gel a bit better. For a complete list of changes, look below

    Fixed bug where coven sometimes gave Ogre instead of Golem
    Fixed game breaking when player gathers most of the artifacts
    Fixed growth breaking damage on sorcerer spells!
    Fixed growth description (said 1 block, gave 2)
    Fixed bash damage on card to show up correctly
    Psychomage can no longer receive a second Fire Whip.
    Illusionist health reduced from 10 to 5
    Channel Fear (illusionist spell) now gives 2 shadow and 1 random mana (instead of 1 shadow and 2 random mana)
    Traitor apprentice no longer deals one damage before the encounter
    Changed Archmage spell “Summon Air Elemental” to “Summon Fire Spirit”
    Decreased notoriety increase points (from 300, 330, 640 to 200, 250, 300).
    Slightly decreased number of raid party spawns per notoriety level
    Army tab characters now update when their strength changes.
    You now need to click through the loading screen, allowing reading of the loading quotes.
    There are 6 tutorial battles to teach the basics of the game.
    Added screen explaining what the daily challenge is before it begins.
    Added display in character select screen telling what story threads are in the upcoming game.
    Description popup is now locked on the screen (won’t appear off screen)
    Atshen no longer heal if killed by a counter while attacking. Increased their base health to 7.
    Fixed bug on Sorcerer’s Guild where you could grab infinite artifacts
    Fixed a bug where clicking twice on an event action caused that action to occur twice.
    Added a big dead-zone to the spell selection screen so you cant click thorugh it and move on accident.
    When you enter an event space with a wandering enemy, after you kill the enemy the event will start (rather than starting a turn later.)
    Notoriety can no longer be gained after insane difficulty
    Added text to the “select target” stage of battles to make that point more clear.
    Fixed: Magic Dart + Curse now rewards mana if the attack kills.
    Fixed step spell to say 1 water mana rather than 2, since that’s the real cost.
    Added score multiplier based on difficulty so normal difficulty should outscore easy difficulty.
    Added winscore bonus so winning games should end up ahead of non-winning games.
    Increased score value of enemies, gold, spell and artifacts significantly (making notoriety reflect score less).

Definitely an interesting hybrid project!   8)
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