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Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« on: August 09, 2018, 06:22:52 PM »
The following will likely be a long post, so for those looking for the download link, here it is:

I expected this release to be out by late Spring of 2016, but a combo of injury and overwhelming workload prevented that.  Better late than never!  There's a lot more to come, but I'm not dumb enough to specify when again.  The next update will be released in X Units of Time, where X is equal to the whim of the universe.

Also, please be aware that while this is labeled ver. 0.76.65, ver. 0.00.01 was a fully playable and complete game (essentially, at that point, just a graphical overhaul of the original game).  Ver. 1.00.00 will be achieved when I've incorporated every feature I initially envisioned for the game, 8 years ago.

For those new to Caverns of Xaskazien II, it's a Windows based roguelike, and here's the specs:
Game Features:
- A rich, graphical game, with loads of animation and dynamic, coloured per pixel lighting.
- An exclusive orchestral soundtrack created for the game by professional film scorer, Dave Coleman.
- A full sound environment with close to 1000 unique sound effects, volume keyed to the source’s distance from your character.
- An intuitive keyboard and mouse interface.
- An easy to understand UI that ensures all information any player could want on any topic is only a mouse hover away.
- 300 visually distinct monsters, each with a dozen+ variants (including named boss types), and robust AI that differs by monster intelligence level.  Summoning and Charm methods allow you to raise your own monstrous army to fight for you, too.
- Merchants and NPCs to deal with, as well, each of which can run afoul of the monsters, just like you.
- More than a hundred unique booby traps for the unwary, most of which may be set by players to ensnare monsters, too.
- 125 base weapons and 75 base armour pieces, each with thousands of possible enchantment combinations and legendary variants.
- Hundreds of unique magic items, mundane items, potions, scrolls, staves, wands, rods, food items, etc.
- More than 200 unique spells.
- Play as either sex in any combination of 38 Classes and 13 Races, and customize your character as you see fit through the upgrading of both Attributes and Skills.
- A new Religion system in which you vie for the affections of dozens of gods and goddesses, and where you can devote yourself exclusively to one of 13 different religions.
- Procedurally generated dungeons utilizing multiple methods of generation to create caves, structured areas, labyrinths and even forests, supplemented by occasional pre-generated dungeons called Legendary Lands.
- Hundreds of unique environmental features to interact with and use to your tactical advantage (or detriment).
- Both random and scheduled special Events to mix up gameplay.
- A comprehensive user's manual in the docs folder.
- All for the low, low price of free :)

Some very hastily assembled screenshots:

Title Screen

Assembling a new character in seconds...

A woodsy wandering on Level 1...

Everyone likes to sleep near rivers of acid...

What's new in 076.65 since the last update (ver. 0.68.65) has to be parsed out into the following comments, since the forums won't let me post anything that long (see below):

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Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2018, 06:23:32 PM »
What's new in 0.76.65 since the last update (ver. 0.68.65):

Major Improvements:

- New Spells: Finger Candles, Blinding Flash (for monsters, too), Blur (for monsters, too), Scare, Wither (for monsters, too), Control Undead, Control Diabolic, Colour Spray (for monsters, too).
- New Magic Items: Bottle Imp, Boots of Speed, Magic Satchel, Bag of Holding, Bottomless Backpack, Malachite Ward, Lucky Coin, Phylactery of Faithfulness.
- New Mundane Items: Satchel, Lamp Oil, Blinding Light Trap Kit, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Mango, Dragon Fruit, Fig, Pear, Cherries, Plum, Parsnip, Coconut, Cabbage, Leeks, Cooked/Uncooked Goose, Hsing-sing Toxin, Gold Pan.
- New Potions: Sleeping Draught.
- New Map Tiles: Iron Wall, Glyph of Ruination, Frigid Water, Rope Ladder, Rusted Door, Stone Door, Fragile Web, Web, Spider Filled Web, Secret Compartment, Stalactites, Cave Columns.
- New Booby Trap: Sand Trap.
- New Armour Enchantments: Imposing/Intimidating/Fearsome.
- New Weapon Enchantments: of Anxiety/of Fear/of Terror.
- New Jewellery Enchantments: Priest’s/Bishop’s/Saint’s, Believer’s/Cultist’s/Zealot’s.
- New Events: Still Winds, Sinking Feeling, Bad Hair Day, Nothing Comes To Hand, Third Eye Blind, Mundania, Rock Block, Keeping It Real, Silent Graves, Guttering Flames, The Force Is Not With You, Infernal Strike, Devotion, Festering Wounds.

- Added in monster morale and the possibility for monsters to flee, as well as conditions to make this more or less likely.  Made Imps, Wyverns and Kobolds Cowardly.

*New Religion System:*
- Allowed selection of player Religion.
- Introduced individualized Divine Attitudes for all the deities, gave them things of which they approve and disapprove, and made it possible for the player’s standing with each god to fluctuate based on his or her actions.
- Tied chance of successfully praying at Shrines and Altars to Divine Attitudes.
- Tied reaction of an appearing god or goddess to a percentage roll based on their Divine Attitude, rather than a completely random outcome.
- Made certain actions inherently Good or Evil, and tied this to the attitudes of certain gods.
- Made the casting of a few certain spells anger Good or Evil gods (while not being inherently good or evil as an action).
- Created Faith system, and allowed the player casting of Miracles, based on chosen Religion.
- Fully implemented the miracles for Allumas (Alluman Ritual, Ambuscade, Caprice, Destiny, Fate, Gambling with the Goddess, Fortune Smiles, Instant Karma, Luck in Battle, Second Chance, Shower of Gold and Unpredictable Outcome).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Baloraasin (Act of Destruction, Baloraasin’s Rage, Create Ghoul, Create Vampire, Defile, Desecrate, Glyph of Ruination, Ruin, Soul Hunt, Stunning Blow, Tool of Destruction, Unholy Strength).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Dorallas (Aspect of Badger, Aspect of Eagle, Aspect of Hare, Divine Knowledge, Dorallan Influence, Dorallas’ Light, Entangling Vines, Identify, Plant Growth, Recharge, Speak with Animals, Summon Serpent).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Feighmorias (Angel’s Grace, Bless Armour, Blessing of Feighmorias, Exorcism, Hear No Evil, Marginal Protection, Protection of Feighmorias, Purity, Resist Fire, Transcend, Ward Off Evil, Warmth).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Fivriaskus (Ascend, Bolster, Crystallize, Fair Fight, Fivriaskan Judgement, Nullify Spells, Peace Ballad, Reform, Retribution, Stone Meld, Stone Sight, Stone Skin).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Hornas (Arms of Hornas, Attack, Ballad of Violence, Battle Harden, Battle Rage, Flesh of My Enemies, Hone Weapon, Hornan Hammer, Punish Weakling, Sharpen, Striking, Summon Orcish Champion).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Lastaviark (Bane of Hornas, Battle Plan, Body and Soul, Call Forth Champion, Holy Quest, Lastaviark’s Blessing, Lastaviark’s Hero, Perseverance, Polish, Prepare, Rally, Shelter).
- Fully Implemented the miracles for Maleviak (Acid Spray, Bestow Curse, Cause Blindness, Conjure Trap, Immolate, Insect Plague, Maximum Toxicity, Nausea, Pestilence, Sadism, Scourge, Wracking Pains).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Pantos (Commune, Destroy Mind, Detect Spirituality, Dismissal, Mad God’s Whim, Other Worlds, Pantosian Curse, Pantosian Map, Perpetual Knowledge, Reverse Status, Self Actualization, Unbalance).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Talltioward (Apathy, Envy, False Pride, Glamour, Gluttony, Greed, Hell Gate, Hubris, Lust, Shackle, Surrender Will, Temptations of Talltioward).
- Fully implemented the miracles for Vestonis (Boon of Vestonis, Call Yorick’s Trunk, Conviction, Create Shrine, Gain, Prayer, Reclamation, Reincarnation, Release, Vestonian Gift, Vestonian Protection, Vestonis’ Forge).
- Fully implemented all miracles for Tsen Tsun Vie (Coagulation, Energize, Mend Abrasion, Purify, Reveal Curse, Revile the Mutant, Remove Disease, Resurrection, Revitalize, Summer Rain, Total Renewal, Welcoming Waters).

Minor Improvements:

- Added clarifications to queries of Incense and Incense of Meditation.
- Made it so that you won’t be affected by Slide Traps and Spike Bottomed Slide Traps if you’re Flying.
- Made Mine Cart speeds no longer tied solely to level, but influenced by level, so it’s possible, though unlikely, to encounter Fast Moving Mine Carts on early dungeon   levels, and possible, though unlikely, to encounter Slow Moving Mine Carts on deep dungeon levels.  Also, mine carts change speeds each time they emerge now, so waiting for the next mine cart might or might not provide an easier opportunity.
- Made Mine Cart speed actually influence the frequency with which the mine cart moves on the map.
- Made auto-walk cancel as soon as any Event is enacted.
- Added sound effect and text pop up in the Situation Panel explaining what’s happened when you first discover that a Damsel is a Succubus or an Object is a Mimic.
- Made Spreading Water and Spreading Lava no longer spread through any kind of    Walls.
- Made failed use of a Large Pentagram summon a Greater Demon rather than a Devil (to keep it in line with the failures for small and mid-sized Pentagrams).
- Player can now scroll through side screen lists (Inventory, Spells, etc.) to look at them, even after death.
- Standardized the queries of Wands/Staves/Rods and Scrolls to match other items (by including “Type:”).
- Standardized the appearance of good and bad effect icons along the bottom and left side of the screen, such that their placement is based on the order of their coming into effect.  They also now visibly reorganize when one expires.  In addition to making such icons easier to locate and keeping things neat, this also lifts a design challenge that previously existed; namely, the limitation of how many temporary effects could be added to the game based on screen real estate.
- Differentiated spells by type, with 12 “types”:  Aeromantic, Aquamantic, Charm,    Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Geomantic, Illusion, Necromantic, Pyromantic, Sorcery and Summoning.
- Changed the way Piety Skill works to take advantage of new Divine Attitude system.
- Changed the Unique Abilities of Clerics to take advantage of new Faith system.
- Lowered cost of Detect Secret Doors spell from 25 Spell Points to 5 Spell Points, to make it more useful.
- Drastically increased the length of time mundane light sources will burn, to make them more useful.
- Made use of Infernal Lamp scroll the damage caused and textually output it if your Text Prompts aren’t set to Expert.   Also changed the damage it causes to Magic, to make Magic Resistance slightly more useful.
- Lowered maximum monster sight range for most monsters from infinite distance to 12 squares, to allow Stealth and items that increase Stealth to have greater effect.  Also modified Stealth and these items to adjust to this new sight range.
- Lowered maximum monster hearing range for most monsters from 6 to 14 squares to 1 to 12 squares, for the same reason, and also to make Animal intelligence monsters more unpredictable.  Modified Stealth and Stealth improving items to take this into account, too.
- Made sure it was possible, if uncommon, to find lower level weapons and armour at every depth, to help ensure characters forbidden from using heavier types are not stuck with Improvised versions if they lose what they have.
- Added a warning that pops up immediately on entering a new map if a Lightning Strike Event has been generated, to give you time to clear out if you want, and eliminate the cheapness of the frequently accompanying death.
- Incorporated character Religion into the high score list.
- Made Secret Detection Skill also able to detect Cave-Ins (and the new Secret Compartments) to make it more useful.
- Varied starting gear and Skills for Clerics based on their Religion.
- Raised Warrior Unique Ability to +15% combat EXP instead of +10% to make it more useful.  Raised the effect of a Divine Writ of Battle to correspond.
- Added notation in query of each terrain feature with which History Skill can assist, reminding you of the % chance you have to avoid the negative effects.
- Added Mosaics to the list of terrains that History can help protect you from, to make the Skill more useful.
- Added notation to query of Rallaishan Shrine, relaying the damage you’ll take if you fail, so you don’t have to calculate.
- Made Haunts, Night Evils, Apparitions, Yetis, Air Elementals, Bogeymen, Death Spectres and Mort Prophets all deal Cold damage instead of Physical, to lend more usefulness to Cold Resistance.
- Made Spectral Cats, Vengeful Dead, Pookas, Gwyllions, Glaistigs, Blue Beasts and Amphipteres all deal Electrical damage instead of Physical, to lend more usefulness to Electrical Resistance.
- Made Shamblers deal Acid damage instead of Physical, to lend more usefulness to Acid Resistance.
- Gave Disease Resistance Skill a 5%/10%/15% chance of removing each Disease you have each time you enter a new level, to make the skill more useful.
- Allowed Thieves, Bandits, Outlaws and other such stealing monsters to snatch Silver from the Dungeon in addition to Gold and Gems.
- Increased odds of “creating” a map via Geography Skill from 10%/20%/30% to 15%/30%/45%, to make it more useful and to keep it in line with other skills that activate on entering a new map.
- Allowed Enter key or Keypad Enter key to serve as a “y” key press for purposes of answering yes or no questions in game, to allow players to use only the numpad if they wish.
- Added toggleable option in the options menu to reveal key bindings on buttons (like those that link to the various Tabs, and the yes/no/ok buttons).
- Made it possible for variable ATT ratings on monsters to display a more accurate range during queries, if that range has been modified, and to display appropriately red or green if that range is lower or higher than normal.
- Tripled the duration of a Floating Disc spell to make it more useful.
- Lowered spell point cost of Cause Disease spell from 70 to 60 to make it more useful.
- Made Wheels of Fortune 6.5 times more common, but made Gambling Skill much less powerful to preserve Gambling skill as a useful Skill while preventing it from being game breaking.
- Made Psychic Fear ineffective against monsters of Automaton intelligence, to make the spell a little less powerful, and to add an element of tactics into its use.
- Based your chance of successfully praying at Altars on the average of your relationship with all gods and goddesses in the game (instead of a flat 90%) to justify the choice of Agnostic as a religious option, and to make Piety skill slightly more valuable.
- Added denoted “Chance to set:” to all queries of Trap Kits, to save you the trouble of figuring it out.
- Made it so that, while spell casting monsters of Standard Intelligence get bumped to Genius, other monsters do not - this allows spell casting Golems to maintain their Automaton Intelligence, and spell casting animals and insects to still act appropriately.  Also, took out Intelligence bump for generic monster Champions/Heroes/Legends.
- Added queryable notification in Events Tab reminding you that you’ve received the warning for lingering on a level too long, once it’s happened.
- Added behind the scenes timer into character creation to make sure you don’t accidentally skip over options by holding the mouse button down a fraction of a second too long.
- Added clarification in Situation Panel when you land blows as a result of a Second Chance effect or Lucky weapon effect.  (“You magically hit” vs. “You hit”).
- Added word “Trapped” to title of queried squares where the player knows for certain a Booby Trap is present.
- Renamed Orcish Legend from “Oblar One Eye” to “Grumak Throatcutter”, because he was named long before the Shrines were introduced to the game, and shared his name with the Orcish god.
- Made monster health regeneration (for Trolls or Trows, etc.) scroll the appropriate healing numbers over the monster.
- Added descriptors of outcomes to queries of many squares with multiple outcomes, if they were lacking.
- Changed Warlord Unique Ability from a 10% chance to charm any monster on first encountering to a +10% chance for monsters to fail morale tests.
- Added ability for Grues to extinguish all nearby light sources (with new associated graphics).
- Made it possible for player or any non-flying monster to trample Luminescent Mushrooms.
- Made Detect Secret Door Spell also allow you to pass through Secret Doors and open Secret Compartments without resorting to an Intelligence test, to make it more useful.
- Gave Hobgoblin Chosen, Orcish Elite Warriors and Trollish Chosen the Fearless ability (to ensure there were others besides Automatons with it).
- Made it so if your “Hovering Cursor Reveals Dropped Items” option is set to “Yes”, hovering your cursor also lists any corpses in the square.  It will now also list any broken vehicles there.
- Made small cross symbols appear in any squares with dead monsters, if you’re viewing the full Map.
- Varied graphics for Rubble to keep things visually interesting.
- Tweaked the finding of Gold, Gems and Silver such that in hoards (where you find twice as much or more treasure than usual), it is now possible to find odd numbered quantities, instead of only even.
- Tweaked monster AI so that monsters who are already nauseous are less likely to be hesitant to expose themselves to something that can make them more nauseous.  (This will hopefully help mitigate situations where nauseous monsters freeze up if in areas surrounded by stench generators and therefore keep getting re-nauseous).
- Added new graphic for Examined Tapestries to visually differentiate.
- Tweaked a few spellcaster names (“Gwyllion Priest” became “Gwyllion Priestess”, since they’re female, and some redundant names dropped the opening portion of the name to fix them – so no more “Lich Lich Lord”, “Vampiric Vampire King”, or “Draconic Dragon King”.
- Renamed the old Rings and Amulets “of the Priest/Bishop/Saint” to “of the Shaman/Physician/Healer” since this more accurately reflects the property of the jewellery now that Religion proper has been introduced.
- Brought the pleasing of Vestonis, Allumas and Grogorian in line with all other gods, by specifying how you pleased them in the Situation Panel text output, if it was through the use of incense, prayer beads, etc.
- Allowed Detect Secret Doors spell to affect Secret Compartments as well, to make it more useful.  Also, magic objects that cause Secret Doors to glow, also cause Secret Compartments to glow.
- Increased penalties to hearing range for monsters with sub-animal intelligence and enforced wandering on monsters of amoebic intelligence.
- Added details to “Type” in query of all mundane and magic items.
- Standardized queries of Potions, Scrolls, Rings and Amulets to be like the query of other Objects by adding “Size” to all (even though, at present, it’s always 1) and by adding “Type” to Potions (even though, at present, it’s always “Potion”).
- Added calculated value to query of any Object, to better let player assess what to keep and what to drop.
- Made Shackles 6 times more difficult for monsters to escape from, to keep them more restrictive than Great Webs and to make the Shackle miracle worthwhile.
- Now display % chance for a monster to break its Shackles if you query it.
- Lowered spell point cost of Destroy Undead spell from 50 to 45 to make it slightly more worthwhile.
- Changed Faithlessness Event to drain your Faith instead of causing Healing spells to heal ½ the usual amount.
- Made it possible for Gemmed Walls, Gold Veined Walls and Silver Veined Walls to be created adjacent to walls of the same type, potentially allowing veins to run deeper into the earth, and only revealing the further mining options if you first mine the outer wall.
- Improved the text output of the Open Locks spell to tell you how many locks were unlocked (or that none were) to make it less confusing.
- Revamped the way all Golems work to make them less confusing.  They can now be hit as usual, but have 100% Physical Resistance.  Also revamped Golembane type weapons to adjust to this new system.
- Added check when you enter a square with a sleeping monster to see if you want to attack or not.
- Made Items that can be Active/Inactive list in gray when Inactive, and blue while Active (instead of just always blue).
- Lowered sale value of fishing lines and other hunting equipment slightly.
- Gave all monsters of Animal intelligence or lower at least a 33% chance of moving in a random direction each turn, to make them less predictable.  This chance increases, the stupider they are.
- Made water confined monsters (like Fish, etc.) die instantly if they find themselves on dry land.
- Made it possible to instantly randomize Race, Class, Sex or Religion during character creation, without committing, so you can immediately adjust if not satisfied (though the old way of randomization remains, as well, if you prefer).
- Lowered damage caused by Infernal Lamp from 10% of your Max Health to 5%, to make it more useful.
- Increased duration of Detect Secret Doors spell from 120 turns to 360 turns to make it more useful.

- Bug Fixes in next reply

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Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2018, 06:23:43 PM »
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed error that could misidentify whether your Saved game was loadable (which possibly only occurred on Windows 10 systems).
- Fixed typo in query of Incense of Meditation.
- Fixed error causing graphic for Wide, Open Bottomless Pit to both load and display incorrectly.
- Fixed error in query of Nagas not mentioning that they cannot enter any doors.
- Fixed error adding out of place text to end of text output on eating Brain Enhancing Mushrooms.
- Fixed spacing error in query of Repair skill during character creation.
- Fixed error causing Bells to prompt you with an opportunity to ring them a second time, if your first ringing summons a monster.
- Fixed errors where, if you rang a Gong and it had no effect, the text explaining that there was no effect would be accompanied by a “Yes” or “No” prompt.
- Fixed errors that could occasionally let you auto-walk into Open Snake Pits, Known Snake Pit Traps or Poison Gas Clouds if you had any Poison resistance at all.
- Fixed error that could very rarely place a Booby Trap on the map that wasn’t actually anything - no name for the trap, no associated graphic, and no effect.
- Fixed error causing player to find Incense of Meditation every time he was supposed to find a Bone Flute.
- Fixed text placement error in query of a known Trapped Chest.
- Fixed error causing Physical Resistance Trainers to take your money but not train you.
- Fixed errors that would give you the victory screen twice if Xaskazien died while crossing Caltrops or from drowning in Rapids.
- Fixed errors where if Xaskazien died as a result of drowning in Water, sinking in Quicksand or falling in an Acid Filled Pit, you wouldn’t win unless you had created the tile.
- Fixed error displaying wrong graphic in Situation Panel when you kill a monster with a Flame Strike spell.
- Fixed error sometimes displaying wrong graphic in Situation Panel when you cast Creature Copy.
- Fixed error where, if a monster was killed in Acid created by a player Summoned or Charmed Kreeper, the player wouldn’t be awarded the EXP.
- Fixed a few typos in the query of certain Shrines.
- Fixed error not scrolling “Dexterity” when you lose Dexterity as a result of a failed prayer at a Fehratian Shrine.
- Fixed “a” vs. “an” grammatical error in the finding of spell books.  (No longer will you have “found a Absorb Life Energy Spell Book.”).
- Fixed error during Frigid Temperatures where the created Ice Walls were not being properly assigned a thickness, and so appeared as simple Ice.
- Fixed errors that could occasionally include gibberish or strange symbols in Situation Panel when outputting text about Dorallas’ anger.
- Fixed erroneous info in load screen tip about keyboard shortcuts to cycle through tabs.
- Fixed text output telling you the “Locker is empty” when you open an empty “Cupboard.”
- Fixed error not listing Inscribe Ward spell among Dragon Slayer’s Starting Gear when you query Starting Gear during character creation.
- Fixed error sometimes not displaying proper graphic in Situation Panel when you cast a spell.
- Fixed error causing Nausea graphic to not appear in Situation Panel when you are made Nauseous by a Stench Cloud.
- Fixed error scrambling textual output if you fall in a Snake Pit Trap with your text output set to anything but Expert.
- Fixed error where “red square” wasn’t being placed beneath image of dead monster in    the Situation Panel when you successfully assassinate a monster.
- Fixed error not fading out image of Rotting Corpse on the full Map display, once it’s been looted.
- Fixed errors where drinking Asterian Moonshine would sometimes output the same response multiple times in the Situation Panel.
- Fixed text overwrite in one Weapon Merchant introduction.
- Fixed typo, “You have recieved a map.”
- Fixed erroneous explanation where, upon Tavern Tales revealing your map, you were told “The Crystal Ball reveals the area.”
- Fixed error in query of Animate Dead spell referencing it as a scroll instead of a spell.
- Fixed error displaying wrong graphic when outputting textual explanation that a Create Armament spell failed because there are too many Objects in your square.
- Fixed slightly erroneous info in query of Desks.
- Altered the way the Bean Nighe Event works, so that it hopefully DOES work now.
- Fixed error that would often freeze the game if you tried to use a Rift Egg.
- Fixed multiple errors where if you lost or removed an amulet/ring of Packing/the Pack Rat/the Pack Mule, you’d end up with more Inventory slots than you should have.
- Fixed typo in query of Death spell.
- Fixed error not mitigating damage you take while Frozen based on your Cold Resistance.
- Fixed typo in query of Mystic Pan Balance.
- Fixed typo in text output of Fuming Event.
- Fixed spacing error in text output of Purge Event.
- Fixed error turning Garbage Mound to Empty Space if you find a Potion in one.
- Fixed error telling you you’d “found” a potion instead of “brewed” a potion if you create one at an Apothecary Table.
- Fixed error momentarily displaying incorrect lighting after you’ve been teleported as a result of a Spatial Distortion Event.
- Fixed garbled text output after a Sandstorm Event.
- Fixed error displaying random graphic in Situation Panel when you recharge a Wand/Staff/Rod with an Energy Crystal.
- Fixed erroneous info in query of Armour Smithing skill.
- Fixed rare error that could display the wrong graphic in the Situation Panel with the accompanying text output for Descend spell usage, if something (like Lycanthropy or Amour Smithing, for example) came into play as a result of the descent before the text for the spell appeared.
- Fixed error making Acid Immune monsters reluctant to enter certain types of Acid squares.
- Fixed error randomizing Xaskazien’s intelligence - now he’s always a Genius.
- Fixed multiple errors putting up the wrong graphics in the Situation Panel to accompany text after reading any cursed scroll.
- Fixed errors not causing Fiery or Flaming weapons to graphically flicker orange lighting around your character, the way they should.
- Fixed error telling you you’d “found” a spell book instead of “received” one if you    gained one by answering a Riddle.
- Fixed error that could allow Meat Lockers to start out Jammed in Buggane Redoubts.
- Fixed errors not taking into account player Cold Resistance or Physical Resistance when outputting damage range monsters could inflict during monster queries.
- Fixed typo in query of Staff of Creature Summoning, calling it a wand.
- Fixed error outputting a line of gibberish when you drink a Potion of Speed.
- Fixed outdated info in query of Light icon.
- Fixed error increasing your Spell Points immediately if you learn Thaumaturgy Skill via    a Tome, and increasing them to the wrong level, at that.
- Fixed error where dropping a sack of any kind could result in you dropping extra items, if you possessed a larger sack that was outside your base carrying capacity in the inventory list.
- Fixed error sometimes displaying wrong graphic in Situation Panel when a Pearl of Power gains you Experience.
- Fixed error that could allow a Corpse Form spell to be present on a monster that didn’t cast it if you start a new level and a monster on the previous level had cast it.
- Fixed error sometimes listing wrong Event title in Event list or when querying a specific Event.
- Fixed error preventing Wells of Blood from glowing when seen at a distance.
- Fixed error accompanying Situation Panel output for a Sandstorm with the graphic for the tile you’re standing in, as opposed to the Event icon.
- Fixed errors preventing most higher level Blade Traps and Spear Traps from ever showing up in game.
- Fixed multiple errors outputting incorrect text when you drink from a Cauldron.
- Fixed error providing no information if you queried a Cause Disease spell in your spell book.
- Fixed error preventing Charmed or Summoned Fir Darrigs from laying Friendly Spell Drain Traps.
- Fixed error incorrectly stating monster’s chance of hitting while querying it, if that monster is Dizzy.
- Fixed error mislabeling Legendary Breastplates, Legendary Shields and Legendary Helmets in the Situation Panel when informing you that they’ve broken or when you try to sell them.
- Fixed error not scrolling information about Attribute gains/losses when you drink a Potion of Mutation.
- Fixed error not fading out image of Golden Safes on the full Map display after you’ve opened them.
- Fixed errors sometimes reporting, during Events where a god or goddess appears, that they were either pleased or angry with you when they were, in fact, the opposite.
- Fixed errors that would tell you your Psychic Fear spell was going to last for 120 turns instead of 240 if you were successful praying at a Pantosian Shrine as a direct result of using Incense or Prayer Beads.
- Fixed typo in query of Smoky Fissure.
- Fixed error not accounting for Smoke Inhalation damage in the Anecdotal Stats “Most Map Damage Taken” and “Total Map Damage Taken”.
- Fixed typo in text output when you heal a single point of damage from eating Healing Mushrooms.
- Fixed missing info in query of Acid Rain Event that Acid will not form on Wall squares as a result of this Event.
- Fixed slightly confused text output if you drink from a Restoration Broth Cauldron while diseased.
- Fixed erroneous Situation Panel text output when prompting you to interact with a Bee Hive.
- Fixed minor error sometimes referring to a Levitation Scroll as a “Levitation Scroll” and other times as a “Scroll of Levitation”.
- Fixed typos in query of Acid Splash Trap Kit.
- Fixed typo in query of Blink Wand, calling it a Staff.
- Fixed error that could mess up animation on more modern computers.
- Fixed errors that would allow wall or floor mounted light sources to continue providing light and flickering even if the square that contained them was converted to a different type of terrain, thus destroying the light source.
- Fixed error telling player that a monster’s odds to hit were 20 greater than they should be while querying that monster, if a Graystone Monolith exists on the map.
- Fixed error outputting incorrect text if you eat Nutritious Food at a Banquet, but gain no benefit because you’re uninjured.
- Fixed errors not scrolling how much Dexterity or Intelligence the player lost as a result of angering Fivriaskus.
- Fixed error not lowering Spell Points along with Intelligence if Fivriaskus lowers it.
- Fixed error not properly loading “freezesound.wav”.
- Fixed error causing wares offered by Armour Merchants to Smith class characters to start with 200% Condition instead of 150%.
- Fixed error not outputting how much you healed in the Situation Panel when you drink from a Healing Fountain.
- Fixed error causing monsters summoned by Bells to sometimes appear with the wrong Health values.
- Fixed rare screen edge text overwrite in query of very long titled Events.
- Fixed error not outputting text in Situation Panel explaining effects of Paralyzing Gas when it Paralyzed you, no matter what your Text Prompts settings were.
- Fixed error notifying you you’d levelled up from eating Cooked Boar, before telling you how much Experience you’d gained.  This was also resulting in the wrong graphic being displayed with the text output about how much Experience you’d gained.
- Fixed error accompanying the Situation Panel text output as a result of clicking on a Trinket with an absent graphic.
- Fixed error improperly loading Chimera graphics, causing the monster to sometimes appear as a different monster during individual frames of animation, and to slow down the screen refresh slightly.
- Fixed error allowing Spider Cats to pass through doors.
- Fixed text overwrite in query of Catoblepas.
- Fixed outdated info in query of Talltiowardan Shrines referencing “Ability Points” instead of “Attribute Points.”
- Fixed outdated wording in query of Pools stating you could find “3 caches of Gold or Gems” vs. “a large cache of Gold or Gems”, which is now more accurate.
- Added addendum to query of Gold squares that Scavenging Skill can increase the value.
- Fixed faulty text output on angering Pantos.
- Fixed typo in query of Pentagram.
- Fixed some erroneous info in query of various squares (like rope bridges) about the likelihood of monsters breaking the square.  Also, added the specific likelihood of monsters doing so to the query of Crumbling Floors.
- Fixed typos in Situation Panel text output of interaction with Altars.
- Fixed slight text spacing errors in queries of Banquets and Magic Archways.
- Fixed outdated info in query of Explored Garbage Heaps, neglecting to mention that they count as Stench Clouds themselves and can make you Nauseous.
- Fixed gibberish text output accompanying Magical Catastrophe.
- Fixed error not notifying you in Situation Panel of effect (or lack thereof) if you drink from a Healing Broth Cauldron while uninjured.
- Fixed error in query of Heavy Doors overstating the difficulty of monsters opening them by a factor of 10.
- Fixed text overwrite in interaction with Mirrors.
- Fix outdated info in query of Friendly Web Trap squares.
- Fixed outdated effect on player accidentally triggering a Web Trap he’s trying to set.
- Fixed outdated method of finding treasure in Sarcophagi (finding 2 piles of gold or gems instead of simply twice as much in a single pile).
- Fixed error not outputting any text in Situation Panel if you pleased Hornas through the use of Prayer Beads.
- Fixed loophole allowing player to ride out Confusion effects without moving by continually equipping and unequipping something.
- Fixed errors not printing special abilities of Orcish Blacksword Warmasters or Orcish Elite Warriors when you query them.
- Fixed errors improperly saving the intelligence of some individual monsters.
- Fixed error not properly timing scrolling of word “Flying” when you’re flying, making it scroll by too fast on more modern computers.
- Fixed typo in text output of Gale Force Wind Event.
- Fixed error not displaying Known Cave Ins on the full Map display.
- Fixed error not classifying power level of Magic Mead Pitcher.
- Fixed error displaying no text if you queried the Goblin Banditry Event.
- Fixed error always setting the sale price for Potions of Mutation at 5 gold pieces, even if you haven’t identified it (tipping your hand to what it is if you try to sell it).
- Fixed error preventing players from pocket picking Trainers.
- Fixed typo in query of Vampirism Scroll.
- Fixed error listing Poison Cloud Scroll as a Mid Power scroll when queried - it should be High.
- Fixed error giving wrong explanation as to why Book of Legends wasn’t working if you tried to read it in a Legendary Land.
- Fixed error displaying wrong graphic with the message that accompanies a Servitor making you Monster Attractant.
- Added fix that will, at the start of any new level, repair the rare error where the scrolling text sometimes gets out of synch.  (I don’t yet know what causes the problem in the first place).
- Fixed error pasting wrong graphic during query of Floating Disc spell.
- Fixed text overwrite (and provided clarification) in query of Known Kobold Pit Traps.
- Fixed errors not re-concealing detected Cave-ins, Secret Doors or Buried Objects in the event of map erasure.
- Fixed typo in text output when you steal a Skill Tome.
- Fixed multiple errors dealing with the use of Holy Water, allowing it to affect dead monsters in your square, more than one monster in your square and Charmed monsters in your square.
- Fixed error where, when using Prayer Beads and receiving Gems after successfully praying at an Alluman Shrine, you would be informed that Grogorian had granted you Gems, rather than Allumas.
- Fixed error giving monster Champions/Heroes/Legends in Legendary Lands half the attribute bonus they were supposed to receive.
- Fixed error during queries not taking into account a monster’s Physical Resistance when telling you how much bonus strength damage you might do.
- Fixed errors not providing Situation Panel text output to inform you a Spell has been erased (and which spell) if it’s erased as a result of Forgetfulness or a Glyph of Spell Erasure.
- Fixed pluralization error with Well of Blood where you could take “1 points of damage”.
- Fixed error not properly displaying damage range when querying a Stone/Onyx/Obsidian Weapon.
- Fixed error that could calculate the wrong price when trying to sell unidentified Scrolls to a Smuggler.
- Fixed error not displaying proper graphic in Situation Panel when reading a Cursed Scroll of Weakness.
- Fixed typo in intro text for Rustling Jungle.
- Fixed missing info in query of Pick Axe that mentions it’s also effective when mining Fractured Walls.
- Fixed error showing some unique monster markers (the swirling icon) even when the player character is Blind.
- Fixed error not displaying “dropped item” graphic in your square, if you are Blind.
- Fixed typos omitting % signs from Situation Panel output when using a Wheel of Fortune.
- Fixed error displaying wrong graphic in Situation Panel when relaying the damage done by a Spike Bottomed Slide Trap.
- Fixed error allowing Confused monsters to move every turn, even if they were too slow to do so.
- Fixed multiple rare errors where textual output in combat could preface a unique    monster’s name with the word, “the”.
- Fixed errors where finding any kind of Healing Potion in an Apothecary Cabinet, other than a Tiny Healing Potion, would output confused text in the Situation Panel.
- Fixed error that sometimes left squares highlighted if you cast a spell that required you to select a square, then aborted the casting.
- Fixed error outputting wrong graphic in Situation Panel when informing you that something jumped out of a Shadowy Alcove.
- Fixed error messing up lighting and possibly sound output of an Extinguish spell.
- Fixed error preventing Ancient Runes from identifying Cursed Scrolls.
- Fixed typo in text output when you successfully use Ancient Runes.
- Fixed error that could allow Regeneration to bring you back to life, if you were less than 6 Health points below 0.
- Fixed scrambled text output that could occur if you angered Pantos but resisted becoming Insane.
- Fixed error that would sometimes, when a Magic Purge spell coincidentally failed, falsely report that the reason it failed is that the target wasn’t a spell caster.
- Fixed error scrambling text output if you ate Diseased Mushrooms when you already had Redstain Fugue.
- Fixed error allowing illusionary monsters to be queried, even if they’re out of sight, as long as ESP is functioning.

Phew!  Ok, till next time.



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Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2018, 12:16:37 PM »
What a great thing to wake up to---cheers to you for your outstanding perseverance in walking the long, yet clearly bountiful and boon bearing, road.   8)   Don't forget to update here as well~
« Last Edit: August 10, 2018, 12:23:18 PM by getter77 »
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Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2018, 04:32:46 PM »
Also, even now more than a couple years back---probably give serious thought to throwing up an page for another good way to keep things available online as well as get more eyes on it.
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Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« Reply #5 on: August 10, 2018, 05:12:29 PM »
I'll be honest: more eyes scares me.  Kind of dipping my toe into friendly waters here, and if all goes well, I'll consider  (I did look it up yesterday and then fell back to the more comfortable territory of dropbox).


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Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« Reply #6 on: August 11, 2018, 12:00:29 PM »
That's totally fair---heh, I suppose dropbox has become a mark of distinction almost nowadays with it being a more rarely seen solution vs the prevalence of back in the day.   ;)
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Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« Reply #7 on: August 11, 2018, 02:04:00 PM »
You (coupled with the fact that dropbox ran out of supplied bandwidth yesterday) convinced me.  There's a new download link on here: 

If someone could confirm that that works, that'd be just swell :)

Also, the downloadable version there is SLIGHLTLY improved.

Updates to Ver. 0.76.66:

Fixed very rare bug allowing Fireplaces to be placed in inaccessible corners of Bedrooms and Banquet Halls.


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Re: Caverns of Xaskazien II - Ver. 76.65 released
« Reply #8 on: August 11, 2018, 11:48:54 PM »
Itch download/page seems to be working---good stuff for posterity and beyond~   8)
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