Author Topic: De Pertineret Conversationem Roguelikes  (Read 2955 times)


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De Pertineret Conversationem Roguelikes
« on: May 29, 2014, 04:19:32 PM »


MAY 29, 2014

To Our Venerable Kindred the Developers, Players and Roguelike enthusiasts within the Temple of the Roguelike, and to all of Good Will.

Relevant Discussion on Roguelike matters - the reason why the Temple of the Roguelike was founded - should be the focus of our conversation within the forums.

1. That the participants in the forums are human beings and that with human nature comes the urge of sharing personally formed opinions on controversial matters is a fact we recognize.

2. And that, as an inevitable counterpart, this behavior might harm other persons with opposing opinion on the same subjects - is something we cannot prevent.

3. But, as much as we can't disregard human nature because it's the very same source that brings life into the discussions, we should never forget the reason this place was formed.

4. And we acknowledge this undeniable facet of the human nature has the potential of acting against this very fundamental reason.

5. And this reason is to allow roguelike enthusiasts around the world to share information about the roguelike games, their design and development, to generate healthy discussion around it and thus keep the roguelike genre alive and relevant, and in continuous evolution.   

6. And so, dear brothers and sisters, with the hopeful wish that this noble goal can persist, we urge you all to focus conversation in the Temple on roguelike matters, for that's the reason that unites us together regardless of our mundane opinions on other subjects.

Let's talk about roguelikes
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