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Dungeon of the Endless (now at Beta v0.8.5) $
« on: December 12, 2013, 01:45:39 PM »  g

Dungeon of the Endless is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out... so what could go wrong... open the door!


Acquiring Dungeon of the Endless in "Early Access" will help us make the game the best it can get. Come and discuss with the dev team the upcoming art and game design elements via our GAMES2GETHER platform! If you want to support even more the development of the game, go for the Founder Pack! The more supporters we have during the Early Access, the better we'll be able to make the game for release! what could go wrong... open the door!

Variable pricing:

Pixel Pack for $9.74
  The game as is and forthcoming versions, soundtrack when available, "community badge"

Founder Pack for $14.99  Same as above plus Founder badge, various heavy discounts related to their other game Endless Space, misc ingame ships/heroes.


Playable content

    Form a team of heroes, equip them, and train them - 7 heroes are available
    Build defences in your dungeon - Ten modules (attack, defence, production) are available at the moment
    Random generation - Each dungeon is different and you have to manage your environment to survive
    46 items available
    7 monsters with different behaviours
    Carry your crystal to the exit
    Save & Quit system

Missing content (Beta and release)

    Active and passive skills for your heroes
    Technology Tree that will allow you to upgrade your modules with science
    Meta progression and different game starts (heroes, ship, modules, skills etc.)
    30 heroes include the sevens of the Alpha
    New monsters
    New environments (Endless laboratory, different biomes etc.)
    New modules
    New items
    Develop background and stories of each heroes
    Tactical view
    And much more to come!

Known issues

    -When you reload a save, some of your powered rooms might be unpowered when you continue your game

Game balancing is still work in progress, so let us know what you think!

Definitely seems a bit different, but promising still.   8)
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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.1.0) $
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2013, 11:05:45 PM »
As far as I can tell, its a bit of a hybrid , you have "heroes" you can do RPG stuff with (although I've yet to be able to find any additional equipment for them) - theres a resource gathering economy based on rooms switch on with power from your original Crystal. Then theres a process of using a combo of heroes and defensive structures (which also cost resources) to guard  the rooms, and rake in more power to extend your room grab. There seems to be one off enemies, and waves of enemies. Once you explore with your heroes, enough to find the exit in a level, you have to uproot your Crystal and escort it to the exit - meanwhile endless waves of enemies try to stop you. It seems to be a bit brutal at the minute. Interesting concept. But there are only two turret types at the moment (or so I've found in the limited amount of play I've given the Alpha). Interesting though.


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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.1.1) $
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2013, 02:02:26 PM »

-Fixed the crystal texture
-Fixed Sara’s animations
-Fixed a bug making it impossible to launch the game from the main menu if the Steam username contains special characters
-Changed the codec used for Amplitude’s logo movie
-Fixed game stats: kill count, door opened, level/total time
-Changed score computation: 10 points per opened door + 1 point per killed mob
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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.1.1) $
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2013, 01:02:24 PM »
Absolutely and unreservedly in love with this game, even in its Early Access state.

Its a roguelike, tower defense, RPG hybrid that just works effortlessly in combining all elements into a tense strategy game that has procedurally generated dungeons and heroes with unique abilities that encourages you to become attached to them, and then be desperate when the permadeath hits.

You have to carry your crashed shuttles power crystal through a maze of sci fi dungeon rooms. You only have the two heroes that crash landed. You open each airlocked door, with anticipation of what is beyond. As you deliberately carve a path through the maze to find the exit, you have to gather resources, industrial (to build things), biological (to heal and level up heroes), dust (dropped from the entrails of your enemy) to power up rooms with light and make the defences within functional. Dust is also the currency with which you can buy equipment/weapons from wandering merchants. So theres a balance between powering up a path, and getting new kit.

This intricate balance, means you have to be really careful which doors you open up, because from opened but darkened rooms come the snapping horde! In waves. Ultimately to see your heroes destroyed, but also to break the crystal and make the rooms dark again.

You command heroes, and tell them where to go, what to open. They auto-attack enemies in a room. You also build resource crystals on powered up rooms with appropriate crystal slots. Building a crystal costs industrial resources and gets increasingly more expensive. So first room has an industrial crystal, second room has a biocrystal, and so on. So that each open of a door, you net the resources pumped out by these structures. But with each open of the next door, comes the clawing enemy. They will destroy all crystals pumps if left to it. It's your job to place heroes, and defensive structures (turrets, mines, healing posts, extra damage posts) to prevent your demise.

As you carve this path through, you can turn power off to cul-de-sac in order to scrape together dust to buy kit, or to re-route power to another more resource lucrative track. But beware, darkened exposed rooms become sources of the creeping enemy. So make sure you have a heavily defended choke-point/killzone.

If damage to your defensive structures occurs some heroes have the ability to repair. Also, in combat you can spend bio crystals to heal heroes on the fly. However, this is also used to level up heroes (making them tougher) and also to buy new heroes you might meet stranded on the way. Always keep some bio spare to pickup new party members - you can have a max of four. Some are melee, some are ranged, some are healers, some are speedy, some are slow high hit points etc.

Lastly, once you have the exit in sight, use your resources and heroes to plot out a well protected lit path to the exit, then one of your heroes (I suggest a fast one) must uproot the original crystal and carry it to the exit, whilst under many waves of enemy clamouring to take your life and your crystal.

Absolutely thrilling stuff. Pixel art. Lovely lighting and effects. Only three levels of dungeon at present in the current early access, but its being crafted regularly with community feedback/votes etc. I've put many hours into it, and quite a bit of it isn't active yet (like crafting blueprints). It is a very playable game at the current state, and I can't wait to see what other complexities and excitement it has to offer during development.

Well worth the effort, I picked it up on the off chance for £7, but after playing my socks off, had to badger Steam into changing my purchase into the Founders edition for the extra fruits available later on. Only £12 for that.

I will be playing the fook out of this game for a long time coming methinks.


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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.1.14) $
« Reply #4 on: January 22, 2014, 06:50:24 PM »

Hi everyone,

We're back with awesome news: an update for Dungeon of the Endless (yay, we're as excited as you) and a new GAMES2GETHER vote.

Release summary

    -Hero active and passive skills
    -Added a 4th level in the dungeon
    -Capped max hero level to 6
    -Balanced difficulty to match the addition of new skills
    -Improved GUI and controls
    -Improved performance issues

Hero active and passive skills

    Each hero gets up to 2 active and 2 passive skills (+ repairing and operating skills) when s/he levels up (predefined for each). Later on as new levels unlock, new skills will be available.
    You can trigger an active skill with the icons below the hero portraits or use ‘E’, ‘R’, ‘T’ keys
    The number displayed on the icon is the number of doors you have to open before using it again
    More information about the skills principle and objectives here:
    This is a first version of the skill system, the effects need to be tweaked and we started with relatively “simple” skills (stats modifiers) but we are planning on adding more complex ones.

Changes on game variables and difficulty

    Added a global variable that dynamically measures the difficulty of a level and modifies the events to balance it and slightly reduces inequalities between games [Community]
    Capped the hero’s max level to 6 and modified the skills distribution [Community]
    Slightly increased the recruitment cost
    Slightly decreased Opbot’s wit and wit items effect [Community]
    Added a 4th level in the dungeon [Community]
    Increased power of mobs to slightly reduce their number [Community]
    Reduced Dust loot and number of module slots in the 3rd and 4th levels
    Slightly increased mobs speed
    Reduced the delay of the first waves during the Crystal phase [Community]
    Removed module targeting mobs during the Crystal phase waves in the last levels
    Tweaked item loot table
    Slightly improved the level design diversity

Improved GUI and Controls

    Added new shortcuts: inventory = I, hero panel = U, close last opened panel = ESC [Community]
    Improved Heroes HUD (still WIP)
    Added right click on the hero portrait to open hero panel [Community]
    Added the display of the DPS value in the hero stats panel [Community]
    Prevented manual heal during auto heal phase [Community]
    Added a “select all” shortcut on the key placed before the numbers in the top left corner, first step for multi-selection [Community]
    Added a simple loading progress screen
    Added some tooltips [Community]
    Added a targeting priority to the Crystal focusing mob [Community]

Remark: until we develop a dedicated interface, you can modify, at your own risk, the shortcuts in Registry.xml (Documents > Dungeon of the Endless > Users > Username). Use this list: to add / remove keys (you can write several keycodes with spaces between them). If you want to retrieve the default values, remove the file and launch the game.

Improved performance and fixed bugs

    Fixed operating module bonus depending on equipped items [Community]
    Fixed some UI bugs (refreshed module cost, animations during pause, etc.)
    Improved dungeon generator on low end computers
    Improved performance in the last levels


Quick Patch

    Fixed several performance issues
    Fixed the unbreakable Crystal bug: players could still continue their game despite the Dust count brought down to 0
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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.1.21) $
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2014, 01:21:18 PM »
v0.1.21  Saves will break, start fresh

Fixed the exit bug related to the game save


    Added 1 new level, reaching a total of 5:
        Special stage: the level 5 has no major slot. The player has to stock resources in the previous levels to win the game; the initial Industry & Food production bonus is set to 3

    Added the Laboratory environment at level 3, 4 & 5
    Added a new layout for the starting rooms above level 1
    Improved the level design with more branches around the Crystal at level 4 & 5
    Improved the exit spawn: now generated at the beginning of the level so it doesn’t spawn next to the first room
    Added 2 new mobs: Hydra and zombie Chimera (special behaviours to be added on the Hydra)
    Added 1 new hero: Golgy, the spider-woman, with 3 exclusive new skills and a particularity: she doesn’t have weapons but 2 device slots
    Added 8 new objects, some with passive skills, like repairing (repairing skill has been added to already existing items). The tooltip of these items with skills is WIP
    Fixed some passive skills effects (e.g. Iron Fist and Placebo)
    Improved performance, especially on the GUI
    Improved the hero GUI panel (better feedback on hit, still WIP)


    Some mobs now spawn on specific levels
    Reduced the difficulty at level 1 (no more Crystal Eaters or Golems): we want to keep this level less difficult to let the player grasp the game
    Slightly reduced difficulty at level 4 (in prevision of level 5):
    Reduced waves number
    Slightly increased hero and merchant spawns, Dust and major slots
    Slightly increased mobs Dust loot
    Slightly increased the power of mobs but reduced their number
    Improved War Mask skill (Hikensha): the attack power bonus is applied even in the powered rooms
    Increased Dust at start to 24 (previously set to 20)
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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.2.0) $
« Reply #6 on: February 19, 2014, 06:25:49 PM »

Hey guys,

Here it is at last... As we mentioned earlier this week, we are introducing a new resource in Dungeon of the Endless: Science, which you will be able to play once your game has updated (you may need to restart Steam)!

We have been amazed by the amount of submissions in our latest forums competition for hero items. With about 180+ ideas, we have decided to allow the community to vote for their favourites, which now leads us to tonight's GAMES2GETHER vote on hero items!




    Changed version annotation system
    Changed location of the diagnostics.html files: .../Public/Documents/Dungeon of the Endless/Temporary Files
    Changed keys configuration for specific keyboards
    Added a shortcut: you can now select a module in the build menu with F1, F2, F3, F4 or Z, X, C ,V
    Changed a shortcut: you can select multiple heroes with “Q” on QWERTY/QWERTZU (“A” on AZERTY keyboard)


    Added 3 new items with special skills
        Hipster Scarf
        Ahhrrrmani Suit

    Added an area of effect FX for the “Claymoar” module
    Improved notifications:
        New item discovery
        New module unlocked

    Improved module tooltips
    New score calculation: it is now based on the number of doors open, FIS gathered, killed mobs, Dust lost, heroes lost and FIS left at the end; we decided not to take the time factor into account and continue to display it as a second value


    Modified several VFXs and SFXs on skills and the Sewer environment
    Added VFX on superior levels modules
    Added VFX when you level up modules
    Added VFX when you suppressed modules


    Added a new resource: Science
    Implemented Endless Artefacts: you can now find artefacts in rooms that allow you to research new modules, in exchange of Science; this artefact needs to be defended during the research (3 turns). See Dev Blog for details:
    Added levels on modules: you can now level up your modules with Endless Artefacts ; 4 levels per modules, for both major and minor modules
    Added 3 new modules:
        Science Creator I (major module)
        Tactical HUD (major module)
        Tear Gas (minor module)


    Increased the overall difficulty of the game
    Reduced the difficulty on level 1
    Reduced price and power of non-common items
    Reduced spawn probability of some powerful items
    Tweaked effects of support / debuff modules
    Reduced power of some modules, as resource production of major modules (but can be increased with level up)
    Increased hero levelling up cost (especially for the last levels)
    Increased power of some passive skills
    Increased merchant HP / defence
    Reduced the amount of minor slots in the last levels
    Increased the amount of major slots
    Reduced disparity between mobs speed (increased difficulty)
    Increased Dust loot in rooms
    Changed the defence computation: new formula of damage = attack power * (1 - (defence / defence + 100)) with new defence values for heroes, mobs, items, modules and skill (prevents invincibility)

We are currently working on the difficulty levels.


    Fixed the effect of some passive skills:

        Knee Deep in Blood

    Fixed several bugs:
        Chest stuck in doorway after a hero’s death
        Blocked hero in a specific room
        Rocks appearing in the background

    Fixed an exploit: free Dust from the Merchant

Your previous save will not be compatible with the current version, so make sure you start a new game! :) Thank you.
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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.4.5 "Select Hero") $
« Reply #7 on: March 30, 2014, 12:21:44 PM »
v0.4.5 and more

Hi everyone,

We've missed you. :) We recently got back from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco where we got to show Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend to our fellow developers and the press. It was really nice to hear from people in the industry and who we admire that they enjoyed Endless Space or DotE and that they're looking forward to playing EL. I'll try to write a blog post about our adventure there.

Anyway, as we mentioned last week, the frequency of public updates on Steam for Dungeon of the Endless has been reduced. Indeed, the lead programmer on the project, our beloved GFX47, had to temporary leave his position for personal reasons. Besides, we have also announced the oh so exciting multiplayer co-op mode that we have started working on. Here's a link if you're interested but once again, we would like to remind you that this MP mode should only be a first version of what we are planning to achieve and this may take a little while and feedback from you before we can obtain something satisfying and fun for everyone.

We have an update going live on Steam very shortly and a fun new trailer as a bonus! You'll be able to experiment a first taste of persistence element in Dungeon of the Endless: progression, discovery, unlocks, all that! How will it work? well, you'll need to select two heroes, or pick the random option for one or both heroes. The choices available to you are: Max, Sara and Opbot. Of course, are you encounter new heroes, you will be able to finally unlock them. However, it won't be that easy... Indeed, you will need to keep them alive during at least three levels or until the end of the game. Now that should be fun!

We also need to warn you about important consequences:

    -Your game save once again will not be compatible with the new version. Please make sure you start a new game!
    -The offline persistency is subject to change during the Steam Early Access period. You may lose your progression (hero unlocks, game stats) several times during development and up until the release of the game.

Changes and Additions

    Fixed the missing visual and sound feedback issue with the minor module attacks
    Fixed a bug with the name of unlocked heroes
    Fixed an item description
    Added the first foundation stone of the persistence:
        Unlock heroes in the dungeon
        Select your starting heroes or keep the random option (panel still WIP)

    Added 3 community items:
        Litsaber by T41 [G2G]
        The Kings' Armour by bendingbones [G2G]
        Nano-Bros by suspense0522 [G2G]

    Added 2 new tracks
    Added some SFX
    Fixed some tooltip descriptions
    Implemented Cyrillic characters in the game fonts


    Increased power of Hikensha and Sara
    Reduced level up food cost of Hikensha
    Increased life and/or defence of mobs: Hydra, Golem, Mini Golem
    Updated the targeting system by prioritising Golem
    Tweaked some items power and cost
    Increased power of skills: Neurostun Lite, Placebo, first Aid
    Increased power of Autodoc Shards module

Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug where a hero and a monster can be blocked chasing each other if they have the same speed
    Fixed a bug where the Cryo Capsule and the Dust Factory keep re-spawning after the save/load
    Fixed a bug with the upgraded modules health bar height
    Fixed a bug related to the lights on major modules


Changes & Additions

    Added a new floor; the dungeon now has a total of 6 floors
    Added the Necrophage environment at the level 5 and 6
    Added 2 difficulty levels, which can be selected at the start of the game:
        Too Easy

    Added 3 new events:
        Cryo Capsule – The player can trade Industry once to: obtain Food, find heroes, or a Toxic Cloud (see below) [G2G]
        Dust Factory – In exchange of Industry, the Dust Factory can either give you Dust, or explode and destroy all the module slots in the room
        Toxic Cloud – You can randomly find the Toxic Cloud in rooms that will slow hero movement and attack speed

    Added a new Necrophage hero, Skroig [G2G]
        Characteristics: he refuses to wear an armour (it doesn’t fit his style); because he finds his own food, the recruitment and levelling up costs are reduced

    Added Science loot
    Added some VFX and SFX
    Improved some module tooltips
    Fixed a bug that modifies the attack power of heroes on some directions and prevents the reduction of the cooldown for some heroes (Max, Opbot, Golgy)
Fixed shadows on Heroes
Fixed an issue with the save system


    Hero max level is now set to 8: 2 levels by heroes have been added and the stats tweaked (globally reduced and increased some)
    Changed the unlock levels of skills Warning: some levels won’t unlock any skill
    Removed the Operate skill for Gork and Troe
    Removed the Repair skill for some Deena
    Tweaked the item loot table and costs
    Added the Operate skill on 2 items: Scope and Energy Bar
    Increased difficulty of Hydra and Zombie mobs
    Added a speed reducer on heroes in room with Hydra mobs
    Increased Science cost of minor module upgrades (+20%)
    Increased effect of minor module upgrades
    Tweaked module power:
        Slightly reduced Prisoner Prod power
        Increased Tesla power
        Reduced Claymoar power
        Increased Tear Gas power and added a damage over time

    Removed the “special” level 5
    Increased difficulty in the last levels

Release Notes [0.2.1]

    Artefact HP is no longer restored when you save a game
    Minor module slots are no longer visible on top of the GUI panels
    Fixed a bug in the Sewer environment: heroes blocked in small rooms
    Neurostun module is now functional
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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.5.0 "Badass") $
« Reply #8 on: April 23, 2014, 04:46:01 PM »


    Added 2 new floors; the dungeon now has a total of 8 levels
    Added the Drakken environment at the level 7 and 8
    Added 2 new heroes, both equipped with Machine Guns:
        Rakya Pulmoni “Smokestack”and her module skills
        Ken Massoqui “Sado-Maso Militarist” and his risky skills

    Added 1 new minor offensive module: the Machine Gun (caution: may overheat!)
    Added 2 new mobs: the Kamikazes
        Special behaviours: targets the most populated (heroes and module) rooms; stop it before it reaches your most precious rooms
            Chimera Kamikaze: slow and usually on its own, will cause a huge explosion.
            Necrophage Kamikaze: weak but a hive of them. They're fast!

    Added 3 elite mobs, from the level 6, you can encounter stronger forms of:
        Necrophage Trash
        Necrophage Hunter
        Silics Bulldozer

    Added Steam Cloud support


    Improved the fog of war (visual effect and logic)
    Improved bump map: better lighting on mobs, heroes, merchant and modules
        Added Portuguese/Brazilian characters
        Added Ukrainian and anti-aliased Cyrillic characters

    Added new sound effects
    Reduced the loading time during level generation


    Improved mobs repartition: there are now less different mobs in each floor and new mobs to discover in each floor. Some mobs now spawn only after a certain amount of doors opened. This repartition will evolve at each update according to the new mobs and floors
    Improved items repartition: some items are available sooner but rare items are more scarce, particularly in the first levels
    Slightly increased the amount of module slots
    Tweaked events probabilities
    Increased Food reward quantity of Cryo Capsule
    Slightly increased Dust loot in rooms
    Slightly increased global mobs difficulties
    Increased Silics mobs power
    Added area of damage on Silics Bulldozer (“Golem”) and Necrophage Red Flying mobs
    Slightly increased Food cost to level up a hero
    Increased skill effect duration (+1sec)
    Increased effect power of skills on:
        Red Plume

    Reduced effect power of “Engage Turtle Mode” skill
    Added damage over time on hero, with “Sacrifice” skill effect (instead of direct damage)


    Fixed a bug where the destroyed module slots aren’t saved
    Fixed a bug where Gork remains black in the hero selection screen when discovered
    Fixed a bug where the hero gets stuck when the user tries to interact with the "Endless Artefact" while opening a door


    Fixed several issues with Cyrillic characters
    Reduced the log files size
    Fixed opened door count statistics value when loading a saved game
    Improved start game panels (order, miss click)
    Fixed hero selection menu icons positions
    Fixed item loot notification panel: it was clickable even after fading out
    Fixed a bug with Hydra and Zombie mobs: they wouldn’t be be
    Removed target damage of Claymoar module (only area damage)
    Added a SFX on the Claymoar module attack
    Fixed the community items’ images: Kings’ Armour, Litsaber and Nano-Bros
    Fixed several bugs with Cryo Capsule and Dust Factory
    Fixed several bugs with Endless Artefacts
    Fixed some rooms in the Necrophage environment
    Fixed the “tab” hotkey when used during Crystal phase: you can press “tab” to focus on the carrier
    Fixed toxic cloud during Crystal phase
    Disabled room unpower while Crystal is unplugged
    Fixed several exits on the same level bug
    Fixed mobs appearing white when entering a room with a tear gas module
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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Alpha v0.7.7 "Reloaded") $
« Reply #9 on: June 03, 2014, 04:57:41 PM »


    Added 2 new levels (9-10) with a new environment: the ice biome
    Added 1 new hero: Elise, the “Freelance Demolitionist” and her heavy arsenal
    Changed hero max level from 8 to 15
    Added 2 new minor modules:

        Pepper Spray - It confuses monsters and forces them to attack each other
        Seblaster (offence) - It targets monsters with an area of effect, hitting without distinction heroes and monsters

    Added 2 new mobs:

        Hurna Hunter
        Door opener: he can open a door if you don’t kill him on time!

    Added 5 new elite mobs:

        Kamikaze Necrophage
        The Keeper
        Silics Supporter
        Chimera Debuffer
        Chimera Kamikaze

    Added the Stele Event. If you find a stele, it will add one or several effects to the entire floor for a limited amount of time. These effects can be positive, negative, or both.


    Added a reset skill system: you can use Science and reset the skills cooldown
    Changed the healing system which is now based on the hero’s percentage of HP, and the cost is proportional to number of healed HP
    Changed the operating system: the hero needs to stay in the room at least one turn to obtain a (bigger) bonus
    Added an animation for the Merchant when he teleports to the Merchant module
    Added a comparison system for hero equipment
    Added a preview for the next skill available when you level up
    Added a scrollview for passive skills when you have more than six
    You can now select several heroes with the “shift” key
    Added a default cursor
    Updated hero selection menu


    Refactored configuration system which allows us to control the flow and the events more precisely:
        Some events (exit, merchants, heroes and artefacts) are placed at the generation to control the:
        Quantity of Dust loot in rooms at each floor is now controlled
        Spawn of mobs is now random at each floor

    The targeting of some mobs have changed:
        Necrophage Flying attacks major modules and target in priority long range heroes
        Silics Bulldozer no longer attacks heroes
        Silics Trash attacks only the Crystal (but is weaker)
        Most part of elites mobs attacks NPC

    The offence modules have now a priority target:
        Prisoner pods are anti-heroes mobs
        Tesla are anti-modules mobs
        Claymoars are basic mobs
        Smoking guns are special mobs

    The move speed of entities are reduced when in the same room than enemies, except:
        Flying Necrophage
        "Crysophile" Necrophage
        Hydra Chimera
        Some heroes with "dodge" passive skills

    The previous version level 8 is approximately the new level 11-12 in terms of food cost and stats
    The heroes stats and skills have changed with new levels and to create a distinctions between the different teams of heroes



    Added 2 new heroes linked to the Dust:
        Lady Joleri Tulak, an Auriga Native who consumes Dust to get more attack power
        Warden Mormish, a Profit Seeker who can bring you Dust

    Added 4 new modules:
        [Major] Shop: attracts a merchant to defend and earn Dust by operating it [G2G]
        [Minor] Bio-organic Transference: restores a little amount of health for each kill [G2G]
        [Minor] Operator: improves the major module bonus
        [Minor] Lure: casts the illusion of a hero

    Added 2 new mobs:
        Silics “Supporter”: gives a bonus to the other mobs
        “Keeper”: stays in the room and becomes stronger with time until it is killed (DANGER!)

    Added 3 new elite mobs:
        Necrophage “Crystophile”
        Chimera “Zombie”
        Silics “Mini Golem”

    Added new sound effects


    Added the "Multiplayer" button in the main menu (greyed out for now)
    Added a log instead of the notification / error panels (may be reduced)
    Added a rotation on the Machine Gun module
    Changed the Necrophage “Flying” sprites


    Added bonus on “Autodoc Shards” (healing) module if there are no mobs in the room (and reduced its default effect)
    Updated the mobs spawn table
    Reduced Bulldozer Elite and Kamikazes spawn probabilities
    Increased Kamikazes power
    Reduced Bulldozer Elite power
    Reduced the cooldown and power of “Claymoar” (same DPS)

Bug Fix

    Fixed the fullscreen resolution behaviour
    Fixed some skills and modules tooltips
    Fixed a bug disabling heroes’ AI attack target when passing through door steps
    Fixed a bug preventing the level to end when the hero carrying the crystal is moved to a room past the exit
    Fixed several animations

Quick Patch [0.5.2]

    Fixed a bug that occurred during the Crystal carrying phase: the hero would simply be stuck
    Fixed a bug when heroes got stuck when recruiting another hero
    Fixed a bug with the game saves: you can now save the game even with a remaining chest in the dungeon
    Fixed a bug that occurred during the loading of a save with destroyed machine gun module
    Fixed a bug resetting the game difficulty in saves to “too easy” even though the player chose “easy”

[0.5.1] HOTFIX

    Fixed the edge scrolling issue
    Fixed a bug where a hero with the Repair ability would not repair all the damaged modules in a room
    Fixed the hero list display, on the top right corner: portraits are now updated when heroes are operating or repairing modules
    Fixed an issue with the camera: un-zooming after an event will apply correctly when the player moves the camera
    Fixed several graphic issues on the Drakken environment
    Fixed Kamikaze monsters bug: they will no longer explode in their spawn room
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Re: Dungeon of the Endless (now at Beta v0.8.5) $
« Reply #10 on: June 20, 2014, 04:38:12 PM »
Beta v0.8.5
Fixed the 100% loading issue that occurred when a player was stuck during loading due to a save and load problem.
Monsters now disappear properly when they die
Spaceships are now properly loaded on saved games
Hero health is now saved with the Infirmary Pod
Fixed conditions to unlock the Drill Pod
Optimised profile saving frequency
Fixed a bug that made duplicate item disappear when buying and equipping it from the merchant
Auto power room FX was changed so that it never exceeds the room’s size
Fixed Opbot right and left idle animations

Hello everyone,

We are very glad to make this announcement today: we have reached the Beta of Dungeon of the Endless! What does this mean? It means that we are pretty much “feature complete” for the final release of DotE, for the Single Player mode. Indeed, the current game experience should be similar to the one you will receive in the final version, but obviously more balanced and improved!

Please note that we intend to have a 4 player co-op Beta very soon. In the meantime, our VIP players already started testing it but it’s only a first version for now, so we would like to make sure we can improve it a little bit before making it available to all of you.

To celebrate the Beta of DotE, you will finally be able to purchase the Founder Pack Upgrade, that includes the unique Library ship and Josh 'Ntello hero, Endless Space coupons, and the Founder Pack badge for our forum. You will only be able to pick up the Founder Pack Upgrade during the Beta: once we announce and reach the final release, it will be too late! Also, the game (both editions: Pixel and Founder pack) will keep the 25% Alpha discount until the end of the Steam Summer Sales before changing into the usual 10% Beta discount.

Anyway, we’re really excited (and quite stressed out – if only you could see the shadows under our eyes) for this release: we are bringing some really cool additions and hope you will enjoy them. Besides other additions, improvements, some balancing and bug fixing, this new version includes the implementation of new game modes thanks to the spaceships you will be able to unlock through special achievements.

From Alpha to Beta: what have we achieved?

MORE OF EVERYTHING: more doors, floors, monsters, heroes, items, modules and surprises
HEROES: the ability to choose your starting heroes and use powerful skills to survive this hell
SCIENCE: use Science to build and level-up modules and make those monsters cry
NEW GAME MODES: you can now unlock new starting spaceships to discover completely new game modes
IMPROVED CONTROLS: we worked on a refined game system and controls requested by the community
NEW TRACKS: we have added two brand new awesome FlybyNo music tracks

The Spaceships

We implemented a new game option: the ability to choose the crashed spaceship you will start the game with. You can unlock a new spaceship by earning special achievements (two different possibilities for each spaceship – Steam achievements will be available later) and will be able to select it in the configuration panel at the start of a new game.

A Spaceship is not only a visual skin of the first room: indeed, it comes with special gameplay effects, a starting package (a defined number of heroes, resources, items, modules etc.), a new design of Crystal, and a new order of floor environments. Each spaceship is like a mode and should bring some diversity to your game experience!

/!\ Warnings:
The new spaceship balancing is still WIP
For technical and optimisations reasons, we have entirely recoded the sprites manager of the game (animation system): it was a very big task with a lot of repercussions. We think that we have fixed most of them, but there could still be some graphical issues, so please accept our apologies in advance.

Added 3 new spaceships / game modes:
The Armory (commando mode)
The Infirmary (lots of HP but no end turn health regeneration)
The Drill (endless mode)
Added 2 new heroes:
Chef Nanor, the “Kitchen Chemist”
Professor Josh 'Ntello nicknamed “Know-it-All”, exclusively for the Dungeon of the Endless Founder Pack owners
Added 3 new modules:
Emergency Generator [major] which can power a room without Dust
KIP Cannon [minor] with an attack power based on your stocked Science
Viral Injector [minor] which spreads a long-term virus
Added 1 new event: the auto-power which powers a room without Dust, even when disconnected from your network [G2G]
Added 7 new Stele types
Added 1 new mob: the Silics Zoner, now the only mob who attacks minor modules
Added 2 new elite mobs:
Hurna Hunter
Door Opener

Added the spaceship system: unlock and selection panel
Improved the game configuration panel
Improved the hero targeting system (targets the most dangerous, difference between melee and distance heroes)
Improved first rooms with special floor and floor number
Improved the hit visual effect
Improved bump map
Updated some sprites and special effects (Stele, Artefact, etc.)
Added a checksum protection for the public directory to avoid cheating to unlock heroes, ships and achievements
Implemented new sprites manager (improved performance on lower end computers)

Reduced number of waves in middle levels
Slightly reduced number of mobs by waves
Reduced the difficulty after the exit is found (was +25%, now +20%)
Reduced spawn of the most difficult mobs
Added a Keeper effect on the entire floor: until you kill it, the mobs have a small health regeneration, drop less Dust, and a better defence
Increased power of Keeper last form
Increased the Hurna cooldown
Reduced Defence buff of Silics Supporter
Increased Attack Power buff of Silics Supporter
Zombies no longer attack minor modules
Reduced Attack Radius of Claymoar module
Reduced Attack Power of Seblaster module
Increased the FIS basic income
Increased the hero level up cost (about 10%)
Reduced Max’s attack power
Increased the amount of Dust found per room to reduce number of rooms with Dust (total amount of Dust remains the same)
Increased the building and Science costs of production modules
Increased probability of finding new modules thanks to research

Bug fix
Fixed the Merchant bug related to the act of purchasing/selling if similar items are concerned, but with different rarities
Fixed the equip/unequip issue regarding similar items with different rarities
The Operating bonus is now saved and loaded
Fixed some Drakken and Laboratory tilesets issues
Improved the pathfinding system

Swapping two different items will now give the correct amount for each statistics
Heroes will keep abilities given by the level, even if the player equips and unequips an item with the same abilities
Merchants no longer disappear
Fixed the buy/sale system
Fixed the Pepper Spray tooltip

Reduced the game difficulty:
Slightly reduced number of mobs in waves
Increased Food, Industry and Science basic incomes to 3 (used to be 2)
Reduced attack power of Hurna Hunter
Slightly increased the Wit of heroes
Increased HP and defence of Elise
“Too Easy” difficulty: reduced HP and attack power of mobs (remark: since the first easy mode appearance, the quantity of mobs is the same in the 2 modes, but weaker)

Removed the artefact in the first room of the floor
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training