Author Topic: Incursion (open source) 0.6.9Y11  (Read 3028 times)


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Incursion (open source) 0.6.9Y11
« on: June 10, 2014, 06:24:12 AM »
An updated download is available on bitbucket: 0.6.9Y11.

There are no new features being added to releases.  If a release is unstable, please download the preceding release and use that instead.  I'd like to offer refunds to any purchasers of the problematic release, please proceed to the counter with your receipt.  Thank you, come again!

  • Issue 140: Fix bug where previous fix for scrolling position persisting in different windows that allow scrolling, broke scrolling in other locations.  Reported by Karagy.
  • Issue 142: Fixed a crash bug where when a monster would look for nearby items to pick up, and the variable that pointed to that object was not set.  Reported by Charlie G.
  • Issue 146: Fixed a bug where the error box would appear when a summoning creature reached it's time to go away, if it had items which were summoned with it.  A confluence of events would mean when an item was garbage collected, it would not find the back reference..  see the issue and linked changeset there-in for a detailed breakdown.   Reported by Hamel@Bay12.
  • Issue 148: Lockup bug.  More than 255 stati in place on an object would cause a inner stati tracking loop to overflow it's index wrapping it back to 0 before it could hit the exit clause.  Reported by Hamel@Bay12.