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First Paradise - IF/Roguelike
« on: May 09, 2014, 05:28:59 AM »

Whilst coasting along the silver skirt of a star system aboard the survey ship - Luz y Lluvia - you and your crew discover something extraordinary. This discovery serves as a catalyst for the brimming emotional turmoil to follow shortly thereafter. The ship's crew succumbs to bouts of depression and home-sickness, eventually they begin to deconstruct the value of artificial intelligence and their relationship with machines.

First Paradise takes place hundreds of years from today, across universes; it's story told between distant planets by distant people. All seen through an ascii/unicode interface and volumes of interactive-text sequences. Trapped in-between their goal and the many worlds that represent home; this is the story of a post-human's spiral towards catatonia in the vast emptiness of interstellar space.

First Paradise just went live on Rockethub! ASCII/Unicode style games aren't your cup of tea? Help us fund the next stretch of development! We're looking for backers to get our art assets locked in for the spring/summer seasons. Who needs the beach? Check us out!

First Paradise on Roguebasin
Both a Windows and Linux build can be found on our homepage.
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