Author Topic: 7DRL Reviews - Call for Sign-Ups!  (Read 3896 times)

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7DRL Reviews - Call for Sign-Ups!
« on: March 18, 2014, 02:19:12 AM »
Every year after the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge ends a team of developers and players group together to give every game a fair review. We're doing the same this year, and with over 120 successes it'll be quite the challenge. If you're able to help please sign up on the following sheet:

Note you need a RogueTemple forum account to sign up - this is because we do organisation in a closed forum there and we'll need to grant you access. The e-mail address should preferably be one I can share a Google Doc with - that's part of the organisation too :)

What we'll need from reviewers:
 - Reviews of at least 6 games (though just 6 is fine if that's all you can do) with about an hour spent on each game
 - Reviews should be constructive but fair and honest. They needn't be long - bullet points are fine.
 - Scores from 1-3 on the categories of Aesthetics, Completeness, Fun, Innovation, Scope and Roguelikeness. There will be formal guidance on how to rate these.
 - Ideally you'll have experience of playing 7DRLs in the past and thus will have some idea of what to expect from such games.

We aim to get 2 or 3 reviews for every game, ensuring any hidden gems are rooted out and every game gets the feedback it deserves. Your help in this would be much appreciated! Also, you'll get to play some cool games :)

Any questions feel free to ask!