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Re: Steam Marines (Now at Open Alpha v0.8.0a)
« Reply #45 on: July 18, 2013, 11:57:58 AM »
New/Changed Features

-The Ship Overview is back. Upon clearing a deck the player is taken to a screen to choose the next deck to assault. The alpha builds are currently restricted to three decks; Command, Engineering, and Medical.
-Added color coded mouse cursors depending on the tile.
-Marines can now fire through outer space tiles.
-Crates now always contain non-weapon/armor items.
-Crate spawn chance reduced since they now always have items.
-Treasure chests are now color coded. Red chests contain weapons, blue chests contain armor, and brown chests contain a random non-weapon/armor item.
-Brown chests can contain almost every time in the game.
-A max of 3 treasure chests can spawn per level, excluding secret treasure rooms.
-Re-implemented marine stats and skills. On promotion/rank up a marine gets to choose a new talent and gains 1 stat and 1 skill point to distribute.
-The Power stat grants +1 AP when damage is taken. This AP gain ignores the marine's max action points. -Getting smacked on the enemy turn can be beneficial!
-The Speed stat grants +0.25 action points and +0.25 sight range.
-The Strength stat grants 2 health per point.
-The Smasher skill grants +1 melee damage and +10% chance to bash obstacles.
-The Bomb Tech skill grants a 25% chance to diffuse traps per point.
The Precision skill grants +1 firearm damage and +3% firearm accuracy.
-Updated the Squad Creation screen with more appropriate class descriptions.
-Added plastic explosives that can spawn on doors. Can be taken down with Demolitions skill and (re)placed on closed doors. Triggerable by both player marines and enemy units.
-Added enemy corpses.
-Animated wall lights.
-Base wall smash chance reduced from 70% to 60%.
-Added current score to the level end victory screen.
-Added laser weapons. Decks influence the chance for laser weapons to drop. Laser weapons get an inherent boost to damage, range, and accuracy.
-The Lasershot item uses the new laser weapon animation.
-Deck Bosses have a chance to spawn as weaker, non-boss variants in later levels.
-The Repair armor stat returns. Restores health to the marine that kills a robotic unit.
-Added Hourglass item. Restores all squad AP but all enemies gain 1 AP for the next turn.
-Added wall paintings that can be taken down and used for various effects.
-Dispensers can now be used from any direction.
-Moving into a dispenser that has not been used automatically uses it instead of smashing it. Moving into a dispenser that has been used still smashes it.
-Moving on top of an item automatically picks it up at no AP cost.
-Moving onto a chest automatically opens it at no AP cost.
-Being south of an unused console and moving north automatically uses the console. This costs the normal amount of AP.
-Changed mouse cursor animation.
-Lowered experience curve to gain promotions.
-Cut AP to fire/reload from weapon stats. All weapons now cost 1 AP to fire and reloading takes all remaining AP.
-Made the squad info screen consistent with the rest of the game's UI.
-Added some fancy pants tweening/camera shake to UI actions.
-Increased wall pipe spawning chance.
-Added more wall environment art.
-Added some new action sound effects.
-Added new aoe explosion animation.
-Grenadier class weapons now properly explode on wall tiles and can destroy nearby tiles.
-Weapon stat screen shows projectile type (ballistic, laser, et cetera).
-Fixed Grenadier talent “Smart Bombs” not dealing aoe damage to enemies.

Bug Fixes

-Fixed the Defeat screen being pushed multiple times upon squad death.
-Fixed the main menu music and HUD popping up after idling too long on the High Score screen.
-Fixed context sensitive UI buttons resetting on all grab/drop item actions.
-Stopped mouse cursor from flickering when mousing over squad members.
-Fixed gui profiles with the squad info screen.
-Stripped talent points from the Promotion screen.
-The elevator tile properly shows after loading a save game that had discovered the elevator.
-Fixed the elevator not always powering on when the Revenant dies.
-Fixed wall pipes not persisting properly through multiple save/load cycles.
-AI will (mostly) stop opening doors then aborting moving through the doorway when it spots marines.
-Added sound effect to main menu Scores button.
-Fixed weapon capacities displaying incorrect values on the weapon swap screen.
-Fixed improper level generation flags that could cause levels to generate multiple times unnecessarily on New Game Plus.
-Fixed some walls being able to be seen through.
-Guard Mode properly gets cleared when the player ends the turn with no enemies left on the level.
-Environmental damage should update health overlay values faster.
-Fixed weapons fire not always working on the turn after using Guard Mode.
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Re: Steam Marines (Now at Open Alpha v0.8.0a)
« Reply #46 on: February 14, 2014, 10:23:10 PM »
I guess I should update this myself!  ;D
Changelogs from v0.8.1a - v0.8.3a follow:


Reminder: Players with old installs should result keybinds to defaults because of changes made. Old save games are not compatible – you can load old saves but probably a lot of stuff is broken. Start a new game! ^_^

New/Changed Features
For Hard Difficulty and up: The invaders have set up elevator disruptors on the decks! You must smash them to power the elevator and proceed!
The camera no longer locks onto enemies who are out-of-sight at the beginning of the enemy turn. This should speed up gameplay when many enemies are encountered on the player turn.
You no longer double tap to fire. A single tap will fire in the active marine's direction up to max weapon range.
Mousing over a unit will set target indicators for what tiles that unit can hit from its current position.
Marines can now auto-target any enemy unit in line-of-sight and weapon range indicated by the camera locking onto the target and an indicator animating around it.
Auto-Target is by default set to OFF in the gameplay options menu.
Added mouse firing controls. Left click on a visible enemy unit to fire (if in weapon range and within marine weapon range).
Mouse cursor changes color when targeting squad members or enemy units. It will smoothly translate between tiles and objects.
Mouse cursor selection animation no longer resets on every mouse movement.
Mouse cursor refreshes tile position faster after a marine moves.
Mouse cursor no longer auto-melees when clicking on an adjacent enemy unit; instead ranged weapon fire is engaged.
Random chance for survivors to appear on the elevator if the squad is not full.
Loose items now rarely spawn on the floor. Crates and dispensers and killing enemies for drops are now more valuable.
Leader class talent “Stim” nerfed to 3 AP and boosting damage by 2 and accuracy by 5%.
Leader class talent “Vigilance” changed to grant a passive +10% evasion to all squad members.
Scout class talent “Autoloader” changed to reduce cost of reloading weapon to 1 AP.
Scout class talent “Garrote” had damage reduced to 10.
Grenadier class talent “Annihilation” also affects grenade items, not just the marine's weapon.
Ranged units will spawn more evenly with melee units after the Command Deck.
Added Brutons, variants of Brutes that reduce all forward ranged damage to zero.
Added Torgon Sappers to the game. These aliens throw grenades that deal more aoe than direct damage. Unlike their aoe, their direct damage can kill.
Enemy and marine grenade damage down.
Torgon units will appear more frequently on the Medical Deck.
Torgon Scout temporarily removed due to its penchant for pulling the entire level's enemy units on top of the player's squad. AI wil be improved before being put back in the game!
Added thrown grenade animation for the Torgon Sapper.
Added thrown grenade animation for marines.
Grenade damage for player and AI units is now the same for direct hits and aoe splash damage.
Added better/faster level cleanup.
Added geomorph/treasure rooms to level generator.
Removed quit game prompt. Still auto-saves.
Each marine by default can now only take one Guard Mode shot per round instead of the number of remaining Action Points at the time of Guard Mode activation.
Power stat no longer grants Action Points when damage is taken. Instead it increases the number of Guard Mode shots a marine may make each turn.
Added really obvious arrow down animation on each marine and sound effect when the entire squad is in the elevator zone.
The Command and Engineering decks are more deadly. Flamejacks start appearing sooner in Command and Torgon units start appearing in Engineering!
Added event log message informing the player of the bonuses for weapon attachments.
Cut painting spawn rate in half to 15%.
Added more wall paintings.
The elevator now has a minimum spawning distance from the squad when generating a new level.
Fixed the “Assault Deck” button not showing clearly on some computers.
Adjusted mouse cursor hot spot to better account for the arrow bitmap and where people think the hot spot should be.
Mechanical units sometimes vent a cloud of steam when hit.
Because of the weapon range/firing mechanic changes the Leader, Grenadier, and Support classes all have the same default 3 tile sight range. The Scout defaults to 4.
Aggressive memory management refactoring. Has a smaller memory footprint which should help lower end computers.
Added bullet casing ejection animation for marine weapons.
Added bullet casing sound effects.
Added Squad Overview button to the main HUD.
Deck and level flashes in the upper right hand corner when a level is loaded.
Added font outline for marine dialogue.
Alien merchants added to the game. They require a higher ranking (Corporal) marine to access.
Merchant items are randomized and costs are also randomized and increase each time you access a merchant.
Significantly increased the health of the Hulk and the Revenant.
Consoles can now give money.
Smashing dispensers gives you money from inside.
Added pump environment animations.
Added a small animation to inform the player an auto-switch squad member has been initaited.
Added Hulk Suits to the game. The suits greatly increase health, armor, and melee damage. Marines in Hulk Suits cannot use their ranged weapons but can use the Hulk Suit's infinite ammo flamethrower up to two tiles away. When all health is lost the Hulk Suit is destroyed instead of the marine.
Multipass item added to the game. Powers elevator regardless of disruptors.

Bug Fixes
Fixed memory leaks with the animation system.
Fixed memory leaks within the audio streaming system.
Properly aligned the background in the Squad Creation screen.
Stripped redundant HUD elements.
Fixed a bunch of bitmap/imagemap load/unload issues.
Fixed Elevator Zone not updating properly on aoe tile destruction.
Fixed Elevator Zone causing a slow memory leak across level generation.
Fixed ambiguous situation when consoles and dispensers were adjacent to the same tile and the player wanted to activate one or the other.
Stripped benign warning messages from the console.
Fixed squad inventory parse errors.
Fixed grenade items not dealing friendly fire on the tile the grenade lands on.
Removed gender pronouns from survivor screen.
Fixed the elevator not always being powered after the Revenant dies.
Fixed the Squad Overview avatars to properly represent the marine classes on the avatars.
Fixed unit charging not always syncing in the right order.
Fog of war properly updates after a marine auto-faces to auto-use a dispenser.
Fixed Support talent “Sentry” not always working when the target is on a lifted tile.
Fixed friendly large unit render orders for stacking.
Sapper grenade attacks now refresh health overlays for all hit units.
Stopped some enemy unit deaths from triggering twice.
Leader class talent “Charge” now collides with obstacles like crates, dispensers, and CryoTubes.
Can no longer bring up the Squad Info or Promotion panels during the enemy turn.
Fixed the use console context sensitive UI button from popping up when the console has already been used.
Fixed Leader class talent “Flak Rounds” to properly apply its armor debuff on all enemy types.
Fixed a display error with squad AP counters not updating properly after an auto-end turn when no enemies are left on the level.
Fixed cycle/reverse cycle controls locking up after squad member death.

Removed a bunch of unused assets. Compressed/downsized other assets.
Space weather in-game effects not yet implemented. Glitchy stuff happening ._. Olivine rain still occurs but it is purely aesthetic for now.
Added more dialogue popups to inform the player of important events since the scrolling log was removed.
Save file size cutting.
Optimized fog of war code for low end systems. Maintained the fading/instant fog of war game option.
Stopped mouse events from stopping auto-switch events.
Changing volume in the options menu has a ramp up time instead of just jumping to the set volume directly.


New/Changed Features
Armory Deck added! What mysteries await there?
Bridge Deck added! It looks swanky!
The Armory and Bridge decks do not have unique/boss encounters yet (aside from previous boss units randomly spawning as non-boss encounters).
Added unit status labels e.g. Guard Mode is labelled as “Guarding”.
Cycling weapon attachments announces the passive effects.
Disabled Disruptors on Hard mode for now. Irritating and arbitrary. Considering alternate methods of level clearing/success/failure instead.
Various UI/popup changes to make status effects and detailed information more obvious to the player.
Added marine class color-coded active indicator animations.
Added randomized olivine rain/meteor showers; space weather is still aesthetic only for now.

Bug Fixes
Fixed various typos.
Fixed marines being able to reload with 0 AP.
Properly stripped the keyboard device name from the “tap to fire” hint.
Fixed size/length of character name/rank readout to stop clipping issues.
Enemy Target Panel now updates accuracy on weapon attachment change.
Fixed game breaking bug where reaching NG+, quitting, running the game and starting NG+ resulted in an immediate Defeat screen.
Trying to facing in the same direction no longer deducts AP (since nothing should happen).
Auto-target properly resets after an auto-squad member switch.


New/Changed Features
Added a basic tutorial accessed from the main menu.
Added a (numerically precise) ammo counter to the Firearm UI.
Unit tooltips added on mouseover. Marines display general stats and enemies display general descriptions.
Removed the Squad Overview screen. All information now on the main HUD and unit tooltips.
In the game options "Weapons Auto Lock" was changed "Camera Target Lock" to make it more clear that the camera will lock onto valid fire targets for the active marine.
Flamejacks, Revenants, and Hulks slightly buffed with +1 base Action Points.
Added relative difficulty labels on the Ship Overview so players have a better idea of what deck they can/should assault next.
Hulk Suits nerfed to +10 health and +5 armor bonuses.
Slightly increased chance for boss units to spawn in later levels as non-unique variants.
Added more random marine banter/chatter on certain actions (e.g. No ammo).
Added more randomized marine names at squad creation.
Changed main menu music.
More armor/weapon upgrades instead of randomly generated weapons/armor.
Increased distance marines need to be to shake off enemy pursuit.

Bug Fixes
You can no longer get infinite money from consoles by repeatedly using them.
Fixed Scout class talent Scoped from permanently increasing ranged damage.
Fixed critical hits not always dealing the appropriate amount of damage.
Added the current "Use Elevator" keybind in the button tooltip.
Fixed item duplication bug when trying to take an item with a full inventory.
Fixed misaligned flashlight attachment on the Firearm UI.
Fixed not being able to accurately highlight units if the cursor is coming in from the north of the unit.
Fixed various typos.
Enemies will no longer burst out of wall tiles that have been destroyed.

Main Menu buttons shifted to the left side to accommodate players with low end/old computer/monitor resolution setups that might cause the game to position the elements off the right side of the screen.


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Re: Steam Marines (Now at Open Alpha v0.8.0a)
« Reply #47 on: February 14, 2014, 10:23:48 PM »
Aaaaaaaaand v0.8.4a and v0.8.5a:


New/Changed Features
Rolled space weather into random event system. At the start of the player's turn there is a small chance for random events to occur, partially influenced by the current space weather.
Negative random events will not outright kill (or even damage) marines. May reduce armor, cause bad circumstances, et cetera.
Added game option to toggle facing AP cost. ON is default and means facing in a different direction costs 1 AP. OFF means it costs 0 AP).
Added game option to toggle auto facing. ON is default and means moving in a direction a marine is not facing faces in that direction and moves in that direction. OFF means a marine will only face in that direction and not attempt to move.
Color coded floating HP values for units. Green = full health, yellow = wounded, red = 33% of less of max health.
Floor traps no longer spawn on the first level of decks.
Torgon units, not just Scouts, can once again call in reinforcements but they must be wounded (less than full health) to do so.
The Brain encounter has been changed so that it does not trigger once the elevator zone is sighted. Also does not trigger on level 1 of any deck.
You receive a letter grade after each level. There are 10 total ranks that are calculated based on your current run performance.
End of level report states the current difficulty level.
New quick message system that pops up in the upper left hand corner of the screen, informing the player of events.
Autograb now attempts to grab all items on a tile at once.
You can now drop items on top of each other on a tile.
Survivors now have a broader health range when first encountered.
Survivor action point range has been shifted up (both low and high end) by 1. You will no longer get survivors with less than 4 AP total including armor speed stats.
On Easy difficulty marines receive +2 AP and +1 HP at base.
On Normal difficulty marines receive +1 AP at base.
On Hard difficulty marines receive -1 HP at base and starting ammunition is reduced.
Scout base HP range shifted down. Other classes have HP shifted up.
Scout class talent “Scoped” changed to 100% hit, +2 damage, and costs 2 AP.
Grenadier class talent “Batter” changed to an aoe knockback.
Implemented an initial enemy spawn cap of 48 per level.
Smoothed the quantity of enemy spawns via deck progression.
Default Xbox 360 controller default bindings button placed in input setup menu.

Bug Fixes
Grenadier talent “Annihilation” no longer only reduces friendly marine health to zero without killing them.
Grenadier talent “Napalm” now properly takes only 2 AP to use as stated.
Fixed Sapper explosions from causing infinite loops if killing other Sappers.
Fixed Leader talent "Radar" not properly updating floating AP.
Target panel properly disappears with no valid target when a marine changes facing in place.
Marines in Hulk Suits should now properly die when knocked out into space.
Fixed possible autograb/treasure infinite loop.
Fixed bug where attempting to face in the direction a marine is already facing deducts AP.

Optimized code. Framerate should be higher on low end computers and less resource intensive on game startup/preload.
Hardbound Xbox 360 controls (separate from keyboard bindings) will be implemented for Mac using the Tattie Bogle driver.


New/Changed Features
Added sight range maximum hard cap of 6 tiles. Done for both game balance and performance reasons.
Vertical sync set on by default. This is primarily to help on machines not handling uncapped framerate very well.
Leader, Scout, and Grenadier class weapon damage slightly lowered.
Support class weapon damage increased to account for enemy armor changes.
All marine class weapon range and accuracy ranges rebalanced.
Torgon units have reduced armor ranges.
Engineer Class added. Able to be taken from the squad creation screen on new game. Able to be found as survivors and recruited in-game.
Re-implemented chests with armor and weapons. Stats are randomized and scaled by deck/level. There may be rare surprises. No “named” gear yet!
The Revenant now drops more loot on death.
Brainien is now the official Medical Deck boss. Tough. Unfair. Loot pinata.
Implemented rare item “Med Stim”. Increases max health and action by 1 and fully restores health and action.
Laser Mods, Plasma Mods, and Med Stims can now be randomly found in Alien Merchant inventories.
Ammo Crates now grant all squad members 1 to 3 magazines instead of 2. The marine who uses the Ammo Crate still gets a free reload.
Common enemies now drop Canteens and Ammo Crates in addition to Grenades.
Common enemies have a slightly smaller chance to drop items on death.
Marines can always fire ranged weapons through portholes.
Scrolling Event Log is back. Default key “S” toggles it on and off.
Squad Info screen is back. Displays max health, full weapon and armor stats, et cetera.
Move auto-action priority changed; moving into a tile with an Alien Merchant and an enemy unit will prioritize meleeing the enemy unit instead of triggering Alien Merchant trade.
Grenadier class talent “Pincer” cost reduced to 2 AP.
Support class talent “Point Blank” cost reduced to 2 AP. Now does normal damage and shreds half of target armor.
Support class talent “Hail Mary” cost reduced to 2 AP.
Marine perks added to Squad Creation screen.
“Sweeper” Perk: Laser Sight grants +2 damage. Cycling attachments costs 0 AP.
“Spotter” Perk: Grants +1 experience per enemy if actively spotting. Only boosts the experience of the marine who has the perk.
“Fire Hazard” Perk: Using a Hulk Suit's ranged flamethrower only costs 1 AP. This is probably overpowered. Have fun before I nerf it.
“Tech Monger” Perk: Grants a +10% chance to find high tech loot in lockers.
“Close Combat” Perk: Ranged attacks have a 100% chance to hit adjacent targets.
Added marine perks to mouse over tooltips.
Survivor marines do not come with perks, but they can come with weapons with special effects. Survivor marines may come with Laser and Plasma weapons already equiped.
Monster AI altered; less aggressive in encircling marines, but pursues marines over longer distances.
A marine in a Hulk Suit using a Hulk Suit does not get another max health extension. Instead health is just restored to the max modified by the previous Hulk Suit. Armor rating does continue to stack. Getting killed resets health to pre-Hulk Suit max value.
Alien Merchants now have an 8% chance to randomly spawn rare items in their fourth inventory slot, up from 5%.
You can no longer manually reload a marine's weapon while he/she is wearing a Hulk Suit.
“Inferno”, “Frozen”, and “Acid” random generated weapons make a return. Cannot be found on the Command Deck.
Added manual frame rate limiter using $Pref::timeManagerProcessInterval in the main.cs file.
Vertical sync can be enabled/disabled manually in the main.cs file.
Changed level and current run score calculation. It is harder to get the top progression grades. Losing marines and taking too long on a given level is punished more severely.

Bug Fixes
Fixed some texture issues in D3D mode.
Fixed some Hulk Suit/Guard Mode issues.
Shortened marine fire projectiles to prevent looping on longer range shots.
Fixed input locking bug with unit movement being passed bad direction parameters.
Fixed marines not being able to face in a direction with 0 AP when facing should cost 0 AP.
Fixed the Scoped talent tooltip to state the correct AP cost.
Fixed bug where multiple Leader marines led to higher item spawn chances.
Fixed alien merchant rare item spawn chances.
Lasershot properly updates health numbers of affected units.
Adding stat/skill points properly updates health and action numbers of affected units.
Floored max health when a marine's Hulk Suit is destroyed.
Fixed input locking due to random weather effect.
Fixed New Game Plus counter so it tracks cleanly between a NGP fail run and a new game.
Fixed current level/run score calculation involving New Game Plus.
Fixed survivors not being able to be Engineers.
Fixed survivors setting Strength stat properly on spawn.
(Mostly?) fixed enemy unit floating health text popping up through fog of war.
Fixed Hulk Suit use/destruction health resets.
Fixed the fourth marine character (Support slot) rarely having talents erased on new level.
Fixed survivor perk script error.
Fixed enemy unit tooltip range parsing/conditional.
Fixed Guard Mode projectiles coming from the selected marine rather than from the Guarding marine.

Added support for older video cards and better support for integrated Intel/ATI cards.
Stripped gender pronouns from survivor description screen.
Cleaned up Hulk Suit animations for each class.
Squashed some benign warning messages displayed in the console.


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Re: Steam Marines (Now at Open Alpha v0.8.0a)
« Reply #48 on: February 14, 2014, 10:37:35 PM »
Rest now, gentle thread, to live onward anew in the actions and dreams of your successor.
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