Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 5.06 Released!  (Read 3818 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 5.06 Released!
« on: May 19, 2009, 10:19:36 PM »

"The last few weeks I was pretty busy with my studies, but I've found some time to provide a new update. It adds a few new creatures, mouse wheel and numpad support and also a new unique level. I'll probably be occupied with my bachelor thesis until the summer holidays, so I expect this is the final update until July.

Patch R 5.06 Notes:

-Added mouse wheel support.
-Empty hotkeys will no longer link to the Magic Missile spell.
-Halved the chance on Incarnate appearance.
-You can now also use the numpad to walk around. And use the numpad 5 to jump and 0 to drink a healing potion.
-Added 40 new creatures (mostly to the final stages in Hell) and one new unique. It also adds numerous unique dragons.
-Starting from spell level 21, Summon Demonic Servant now has a chance to summon a greater demon. Beware though as the demon's disposition is not guaranteed.
-Fixed several bugs that could crash the game.
-Wind Ward now also protects against Tornado and the Umbral Blot's vortex ability.
-A summoned hell hound is now correctly named 'Summoned Hell Hound'.
-Uniques which are hostile to all can now correctly have loyal minions.
-Tornado visual will no longer carry over to a new level.
-Added a new unique level."

I do so love the many meaty updates to this game...!   8)
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