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Brogue v1.7.3 released
« on: September 12, 2013, 01:05:50 AM »
It is my pleasure to announce the release of Brogue v1.7.3 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Downloads, screenshots, a forum and a wiki can be found here:

New with v1.7.3:
⁃   Redesigned the stealth system to promote transparency and tactical interest. Monsters now have a flat 25% chance per turn to notice you if they are within your “stealth range,” which is a product of light level, invisibility, whether you spent the previous turn resting, rings of stealth and the natural weight of your armor. Your stealth range is listed on the side bar and may optionally be displayed on the map. Hunting monsters will lose track of you if they are farther away than triple your stealth range (or more than two spaces away if you’re invisible).
⁃   Redesigned ally progression to make allies feel less compulsory and capricious. A charge from the new Wand of Empowerment will permanently increase the combat abilities of a monster and allow it to absorb one ability from a fallen enemy. Allies that are empowered and subsequently negated will be able to re-learn their lost abilities. Allies no longer progress in strength or abilities from “exploration experience.”
⁃   Score upon victory is determined exclusively by gold, the amulet and lumenstones; other items are not counted. To compensate, the amulet is worth 35,000 gold instead of 10,000.
⁃   Implemented conduct challenges, which are listed on the death and victory screens as appropriate (but otherwise do not affect the game or score).
⁃   Scrolls of recharging no longer affect wands.
⁃   Food generation is slightly more generous, and somewhat less predictable.
⁃   Sneak-attacking with a runic will either double the proc chance or increase it halfway to 100%, whichever is less.
⁃   Added a new trap: the net trap.
⁃   Added a new charm type: the guardian charm.
⁃   Added a new quest room: the goblin warren.
⁃   When equipping armor, the armor value will rise from zero over several turns to discourage frequent armor swapping.
⁃   Wands of domination and plenty are less common.
⁃   Added axe and spear attack patterns to certain monsters. Spectral weapons from multiplicity inherit the attack pattern of their parent weapon; nagas and dragons attack all adjacent opponents like axes’; and goblin attacks penetrate like spears’.
⁃   Negation charms have limited range, which increases with the enchantment level of the charm.
⁃   Pressure plates are no longer activated by items floating onto them or by aquatic monsters in water.
⁃   Grappling monsters have more health.
⁃   Nerfed the jellymancer build by preventing split jellies from inheriting their progenitor’s learned abilities or attributes.
⁃   Reflected bolts won’t turn allies against you.
⁃   Submerging monsters cannot have the “explosive” mutation.
⁃   Damage from poison, caustic gas, steam, burning, mutuality and reprisal now ignore magical protection status.
⁃   Poison damage pops up temporary alerts similar to health alerts.
⁃   Added a “view dungeon seed” item to the menu button at the bottom of the screen.
⁃   Summoners can continue to summon while they are fleeing.
⁃   Polymorph erases mutations.
⁃   Drinking a potion of descent will cause you to fall unless you are levitating, irrespective of the terrain you are standing on.
⁃   Pit bloats are a lighter shade of blue.
⁃   Bloodwort pods no longer appear in the side bar; only the stalk is listed.
⁃   Accumulated gold is described on the game over screen.
⁃   Poisonous attacks won’t affect inanimate creatures.
⁃   Guarding and worshiping monsters will mill about more randomly.
⁃   Spectral blades aren’t listed in the side bar unless highlighted by the cursor.
⁃   Centaurs and spiders will launch their projectile attacks whether or not the enemy is reflective.
⁃   Centaurs and arrow turrets can hit turrets, won’t attack creatures embedded in obstruction crystals and won’t lose their ranged attack when negated.
⁃   Shattering will free dormant creatures trapped within.
⁃   Guardians hit harder, and monsters avoid them better.
⁃   Potions of purple gas and pink jellies are referred to as caustic rather than poisonous.
⁃   Monsters that learn to fly will lose the ability to submerge and will no longer be constrained to liquids.
⁃   Weapons known to have runes of acid mound slaying won’t warn against attacking an acid mound.
⁃   Creatures launched by weapons of force will damage (in addition to being damaged by) the enemy that they slam into.
⁃   Fleeing monsters won’t become aware of your location if you’re invisible unless you’re next to them.
⁃   Thrown items won’t hit submerged creatures.
⁃   Runic armor with an unknown enchantment level won’t give away its enchantment levels from its description.
⁃   Gouts of flame appear when monsters are consumed by lava, similar to items.
⁃   Fixed message color issues when one ally kills another discordant ally.
⁃   Tweaked negation order of operations so negating an infected golem won't release spores.
⁃   “(Off balance)” status indicators appear only when a monster is hunting.
⁃   Fixed a bug that caused certain creatures to flee at the start of a level.
⁃   Fixed a bug that caused the vampiric trait to increase a monster’s max health over time.
⁃   Fixed some edge case bugs that resulted in malformed machine rooms and bridges.
⁃   Fixed bugs related to naming items.
⁃   Fixed bug that caused discordant monkey or imp allies to flee forever if they steal an item while discordant.
⁃   Fixed
⁃   Fixed grammatical flaws related to choosing between “a” and “an”


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Re: Brogue v1.7.3 released
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2013, 01:29:58 AM »
A grand changelog as well as yet another for the mysterious legion that is Roguelikes Coming Out Rather Shortly Before ARRP For Some Reason~   :P
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Re: Brogue v1.7.3 released
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2013, 01:46:41 PM »
Now also Oryx Tiles Edition is on par...or at least was!:
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Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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