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Down the Dungeon (now version 1.5) (Android game)
« on: November 13, 2013, 12:38:02 AM »

Link to a youtube video:
Site link:

Game download links:
Full version:
Free demo version:

Hi I'm FireClown! I've just released Down the Dungeon, an action oriented retro style "fake 3d" dungeon crawler for Android (if you ever played Dungeon Master you will know the type of game).

I hope as many people as possible will try out the demo so I get feedback on it and report any possible errors/bugs. As it's a game for android I'm very interested in knowing on what devices you have tried it on too.
I also hope you consider rating it.

Old games like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder was an inspiration but I've included many ideas from roguelikes. Development was interesting and I had to make some hard design choices to keep graphics as close to the the low end texture memory limit as possible so more people can play the game. Creating a game for the small screen size also is interesting design wise. You can play it on both phones and tablets.

Your task as a party is to travel down a dungeon to get an evil artifact and up again before the  dungeon collapses. Your starting as novices as the King has run out of heroes and because of that it's often a wise to avoid monsters or be carefull until you get some ideas on the best way to play.

The party is 1-3 characters (a warrior, a rogue, a wizard) and each character starts with a class specific item, a healing potion and a random item. The party also starts with one torch. Having a torch equipped is important because the evil creatures hate the light and does less damage when you carry one (double-tap on a character portrait to open the inventory so you can equip items).

There are both passive and active skills in the game and they differ for each class.
The active skills for a warrior helps with regaining stamina and increase damage while the rogue can spot traps and disarm them. The wizard has no active skills but can memorize up to 3 spells from scrolls instead.

Here is some game features:
  • Real time action
  • A party of 1-3 characters (Warrior,Rogue,Wizard). They get a chance to level up when reaching a new  dungeon level or by killing special monsters.
  • 11 levels (2 playable in the demo) of big 39x39 grid maps (randomly generated maps that are based on the randomized prim algorithm for maze generation)
  • 10+ types of monsters with 20+ different abilities,20+ types of items,9 spells.
  • Rune memorizing system for wizards, but spells can also be cast from scrolls and wands.
  • A hardcore mode with "party permadeath" but as long a at least one character is alive the others can be resurrected(almost true as some monsters can give a death curse that has to be removed before the character dies). There is also a softcore non permadeath mode.
  • A "diablo style" tap-based inventory with 9 slots to put items on a character and a backpack with 15 slots.

Here are some gaming tips for those of you who try out the game:

- If you think the screen is too dark (many have their own display settings on Android) then tap the question mark and set your preferred color levels.

- You close and open inventory by double-tap on a character portrait, Switch characters by just a single click.

- To equip items while in the inventory just double-tap is the character hasn't equipped anything yet, otherwise first on an item and then were to put it.

- You control the actions of one character at a time but selecting another (see above) lets you controll another. When you move the whole group tags along. The selected character step in front on the others and because of this also get targeted more often when a monster attacks.

- Easiest way to learn spells. Drop a scroll and tap on it once. Select the Wizard and point on the arrow pointing left on the bottom right. Select a spell slot (I II or III) and then just tap on the same runes you see on the scroll.

-To use weapons, scrolls wands or potions just tap on them (while playing). You can drink potions while in the inventory too(tap on a potion and then on the big character portrait). Some items like throwing weapons auto-equip so that when you have used one another gets ready(as long as you have the item in your inventory).

- Tap on items in front of you to get a description of it or twice to pick them up(if possible).

A few more screenshots (check out the site for more):

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Version 1.1
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2013, 06:50:29 AM »
Version 1.1:

-Some minor buggfixes
-The game now freezes when you set colors

-A tutorial mode has been added to the game. Now each new game starts in tutorialmode. Experienced players can leave it right away. I added this so new players quickly can learn the basics of the game.
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Version 1.2
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2013, 08:27:39 PM »
Version 1.2:

-Normal monsters has been nerfed so survival in early game gets easier. So if someone tried the demo and found it really difficult to survive it's gets somewhat easier now and it's a bit more fun not having to restart too often ;)

-Adjusted the spawning of monsters slightly


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Changes in version 1.3 - 1.5
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2013, 06:56:47 AM »
Changes in version 1.5

- The game now has both a hardcore permadeath mode and a softcore non permadeath mode were you can restart at the latest save when the characters die (similar idea as in crawl with it's wizard mode)

Changes in version 1.4

- Diffuculty level for the first levels decreased

- Fixed bug in the spawning of traps code

- Changes in trap code. Traps on the floor in general gives more damage than in barrels.
Hitting a monster that stand on a trap might cause explosion that damage both the party and the monster.

Changes in version 1.3

- Mainly bugfixes and adjustment in moster spawning