Author Topic: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.5 "Mental as Anything" is released!  (Read 3105 times)


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Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.5 "Mental as Anything" is released!
« on: November 12, 2013, 01:09:55 AM »
My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.5 ! See
Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
This release is *huge* and I hope you'll have as much fun exploring it as I did creating it!
Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    Huge improvements to many visual effects, spells and tiles
    Combat log reworked to be far more readable, log heals, shiedsl, absorbs
    New special effects for each point accuracy over defence
    New difficulty mode: Madness, for those that mastered Insane ;)
    Training room in the Sher'tul Fortress
    Faster saves
    New Archers tree: Excellence (new tree), Poisons and Traps
    Many new hooks and tools for addons/modules makers
    Infinite scaling: talents should scale much better past 5/5
    Tons of rebalancing and improvements to many talents, objects, artifacts and zones
    IMPORTANT: saves are not compatible from 1.0.4

Expanded changelist:
    Added a graphical effect for healing and regen effects to most of those effects
    Using Aegis on shields will visualy change them
    Damage shields, absorbs, ... are now noted in the log
    Heals are now noted in the log
    Venom drakes can now appear in the noxious caldera and in gorbat pride
    Flat damage cap% is now applied after shields
    Disruption Shield now partially absorbs the hit that makes it explode
    New "punches" sounds for barehand combat
    NPCs can use Shoot Down
    Adventurers start with both gloves and gauntlets
    Unarmed 0.6 attack speed is bound to Empty Hands, not to being a Brawler
    New Actor:checkPool method to facilitate learning pools/... on talents learnt
    Adventurers now learn Empty Hands when learning barehand talents
    Swords, axes, maces, staves, daggers, whips, tridents, bows and slings now have special "unique" effects when hitting a foe for each attack you have over their defence
    Player can now tag objects with a name; tagged objects can not be dropped, destroyed or transmogrified until the tag is removed
    Fixed actor execution loop to crrectly resume at the next actor after the pause: aka this should fix Through the Crowd
    Automatic talents will be used in order: instant ones first, then higher CD ones first. Only one non-instant talent will be used each turn
    Orcs will search your buddies for the staff too
    Stone Walking and Gem Portal do not fail due to melee autotarget
    Corpses (from the curse) coming out in the middle of an attack will not be destroyed by said attack
    Improved combat logs
    New achievements for Normal (Roguelike), Nightmare/Insane/Madness (Adventure)
    Achievements list onyl shows the ones for the current difficulty to reduce clutter
    Add range to the map tooltip
    Temporal Augmentation Robes talent level reduced
    Nerf Colaryem a little
    Most summoned actors do not drop loot anymore
    Buffed starting gold to 15
    Marauder's Thuggery tree is now Generic
    Marauder's gained Bloodthirst tree (1.1, locked)
    Staff Mastery & Mindstar Mastery trainings now respect previous knowledge and do not screw you over
    When leaving a level with a dominated npc it will be freed from the control instead of waiting for your return
    Torment ammo doesnt have wielder bonuses and instead gets combat bonuses
    archery_projectile is now available to addons
    Alchemists can now unlock a golem replacement: the Drolem !
    Drolem is buffed a little
    Tannen's Tower level 4 has a different LOS system, making the Drolem obscure more of the field again
    Nourishing Moss tactical infos fixed
    Female Dwarves can unlock some cosmetic facial pilosity (because the lore says so!)
    Keybinds are displays more succinctly, so [A]+[ S ]+Keypad 6 will now appear as ASk6
    Actor's on_takehit and hook "Actor:takeHit" now get a parameter that telsl them the damage type, if available
    New Fortress feature to unlock for 50 energy: training room!
    Fixed mind talent procs happening more than once per turn
    Runic Golem can not be unlearnt
    New GameOptions:tabs hook
    New melee "whirlwind" effect
    New effect for Tempest
    When leaving a level all player originated projectiles are removed
    Ward talent lists available wards
    Wraithform now teleports if you end up in a wall
    Applied infinite scalingto prodigies
    Gem Golem can not be unlearnt
    Temporal Clone can not be used out of range
    Aether Beam and Gravitic Trap can not be placed in walls
    Nature's Pride goes on cooldown even if there was room for only one treant
    NPC are less confused by being LOS'ed
    Rares should be more interresting/powerfull
    Allow Gestures to respect Gloom status effects
    If the Weird Pedestals event can not generate an artifact it will make a randart
    Lost merchant will not generate antiamgic items for arcane characters
    Clarification to Heightened Senses/Infravision tooltips
    Scaling Bug fix in Darkness talent radius
    Scaling fix to hate generation
    Fixed typos in NPC definitions to prevent unintended agro
    Fixed bug in BattleTrance
    Fixed Grim Resolve not curing poison/disease
    Fixed Vimsense power when used with items
    Fixed tactical ai info for Mindlash talent
    Fixed character sheet to correctly show archery damage based on ammo
    Added addons url to the addons menu
    UIs can now have special mouse cursors
    Added two new hooks to the boot module "Boot:load" and "Boot:run"
    Fix maestrom
    Fix necrotic aura
    Infinite scaling applied to npc talents
    New gfx effect for Frostdusk
    New hook "GameOptions:UIs" to add new uis to the ui selector
    UIs definitions are now loaded from files in /data/gfx/ui/definitions/ so that addons can add new ones
    Attachement spots for particles can be read from a file per tileset
    Fixed Projectile class subclassing
    Tooltip for projectiles now shows who cast them and their self/friendly fire status
    Wards are now correctly colored by damage type
    Projectiles can be fired over chasms in the alt-maze
    Meteoric Crash can now crit (using the highest of spell or mind crit chance)
    New Uttercold visuals
    New Wings of Flames graphics! Find them!
    Argoniel learnt how to use Irresistible Sun
    Applied infinite scaling to afflicted
    New Flames of Urh'Rok gfx effect
    Juggernaut effect is now correctly classified as physical. For Zonk, with love
    Brawler's combo points last two more turns
    Fixed Pulverizing Auger in some zones
    Shields now "wooble" when hit
    Fixed crystal set proc
    Fixed slight particles display position error
    Added a slight outline to currently moused over item on the map
    New starfield shader is hungry, so a new video option to enable volumetric shaders is added. It is *off by default*, turn it on if you trust your GPU :)
    Fixed strange graphical artifacts around some texts
    Text outlines are much better now with shaders enabled
    Improved shields shader
    When disarmed the weapon will disappear from the character doll
    Buffs with charges (like Combo points) now display their charges
    Buff/debuff remaining time is correctly centered
    Added the Excellence tree to Archers, granting them more utility and survivability
    Venomous Strike works with ranged weapons too
    Implode has a distortion effect
    Archers now get access to both Poisons and Traps trees
    Poisons now work on both arrows and shots
    Distortion tree got .. distortion shader effects
    Irresistible Sun got distotion effects
    Added distortion effect to meteor crashes
    Added options to disabled "advanced" and distorting shader effects
    Improved water display (with a shader)
    Applied infinite scaling to chronomancy
    Particle systems can have a subparticle attached
    New fireflash and flame effects
    New Gravity Well effect
    Fast Curse Dispel is considered an important achievement
    Applied infinite scaling to corruptions
    Particle systems can now define a global use_shader={type="foo"} to attach a shader
    Particle systems can check availability of shaders
    Particle systems can now also the background that is under them, allowing things like distortion effects
    New distortion effect for the Repulsion Blast and Gravity Spike
    The final artifact from the final fight now requires less to wear so you can bask in its glory
    Applied infinite scaling to celestial
    Weapons can have multiple masteries talents, the best is used
    Added "Chat:load" and "Chat:add" hooks
    Through the Crowd now also makes you like being in the crowd, +10 all saves for each friendlies in sight
    Infinite scaling applied to psionics; solipsism mechanics have been adjusted
    Temporal Form only converts 50%
    Reduced Guardian of the Wood all resistance bonus
    Buffed artifact ammos
    Highscore core is less ToME-centric
    New difficulty mode: Madness (locked). More high level foes, stronger, with much more rares, more randbosses and a unique "Hunted!" debuff!
    Block is only used in melee by tactical AI
    Fixed bloated ooze damage absorb when using only one ooze
    Added an option to disallow online event pushes (but why would anyone do that is beyond me!)
    Online events can now happen in the Infinite Dungeon too!
    Thieves NPCs are now correctly competent with a dagger
    Dominant Will works on elites
    Burnt to the ground achievement is now achievable
    Prothotipe's Prismatic Eye correctly imbues its spell proc whem imbued on an item
    Grappling correctly checks no_breath
    Mitosis & Call of the Ooze correctly respect maxes
    Bear NPCs stats changed to str/con
    Bloodspring triggers at 15%
    Steamroller makes Rush cost only 2 stamina
    Revisionist History lasts 20 turns
    Corrupted Shell increases life by 250
    Fungal Blood also removes up to 10 magical effects
    Never Stop Running cost reduced to 12
    Vital Shot cooldown reduced to 10
    Windblade radius increased to 4
    Superpower grants 50% of strength as mindpower
    You Shall Be My Weapon and Massive Blow cooldown reduced to 10
    Windtouched Speed increased to 20%
    Mental Tyranny now only converts 33% of the damage
    Temporal Form prodigy temporal damage is now always *current* highest +30%
    Swift Hands prodigy allows wear/takoff for free only once per turn
    I Can Carry The World! prodigy also granst 20 strength
    Talents can now have properties: callbackOnAct, callbackOnActBase, callbackOnMove, callbackOnRest, callbackOnMeleeHit, callbackOnMeleeMiss, callbackOnArcheryHit, callbackOnArcheryMiss
    Altered/tweaked/improved many artifacts, keep your eyes open for new fun stuff!
    Special effects on artifacts can now be described with wielder.special_desc
    Achievement for killing all 4 slime tunnel bosses
    In cheat mode one can shift+left/right click on buffs/debuffs to adjust duration
    Ruined Dungeon can have a different set of clues
    Added infinite scaling to techniques
    Ruined Dungeon will not generate without the 6 guardians
    Orc babies do not drop loot
    Traps disarm & detection power scale with level
    Ruined Dungeon orb summons do not drop items
    Sludgenest wall poping slimes power now gradualy increases. Staying inside is not advisable.
    Added 5 achievements for staying in the sludgenest for many turns (one every 100 wall slime pops)
    Improved look of the huge sandworm burrower
    Yaechs and Nagas in Murgol lair have dropped damage by 35%
    The Ritch Hive Mother dropped damage by 30%
    Chant of Light now also increases fire damage
    Golem Power now also adds mastery with staves, daggers and exotic weapons (but not mindstars)
    Fixed Star Shot
    Prodigies dialog allows to unselect
    Huge tweaks to many ego items to make them more interresting
    Changed Evasion talents to not let characters become melee immune
    Applied infinite scaling to the cunning tree
    Saving happens in a separate OS thread, making saves much less painful
    Zones can have a temporary memory cache. ToME uses it to keep the last 3 visited zones (and associated levels) in memory, making switching between them much faster
    Bathe in the Light now provides a damage shield to all affected creatures and fire damage to all damage creatures
    Precognition dissipates when switching level
    NPC will not use automatic talents with hostile targets
    Eldritch eyes do not affect a yeek when they are destroyed when dominated
    Really, do not annoy Linaniil ... but if you do you get an achievement
    Yeeks can not dominate themselves
    Diggers now provide a dig talent and can be used while carrier instead of wielded
    Bone Shield looses a charge only if the damage is > 0
    Meteoric Crash stun chance uses spell or mind power, as the damage does
    Fixed anmalice proc
    Protective Aura correctly grants physical saves
    Combat Training talents split into two lines
    Object tooltip now shows which talent mastery affects them
    Last level of Reknor can not have obelisks and such
    Added "alter_level_data(zone, lev)" possible callback for level creation
    Alternate Daikara has pyroclasts falling whe nthe players getin range 6 instead of 3 and the last level has more trees
    Alternate Sandworm lair has more giant tunnelers
    Alternate Norgos lost Frozen Feet and the shivgoroths got a little damage penalty
    Alternate Maze "normal" horrors have been replaced by temporal ones
    Nerfed Shardskin damage and changed his talents a bit
    Air bubbles have a more explicit description
    Killing an aquatic horror will fill the surroundings with air bubbles
    Reduced Maleable Body effect
    Converted all wild gifts to infinite scaling
    Diggers should be instantly usale even at high speed
    Upgraded LuaJIT to 2.0.2
    getCharmPower now takes a first parameter "who"
    Objects from worldmap ambushes and farportal zones grant less money
    Birther can apply data to the party
    Easy mode now also halves all detrimental status effects
    Fixed traps in immediate melee mode
    Cavern generator can place doors
    Doors can have a "door_sound" field to tell which file to play when opened
    New hook "UISet:Classic:Resources"
    Fixed Prox halfling Feet when used on a halfling
    Allow quests to be in addons data folder, referncing them like zones with an "addonname+" prefix
    Chagned the particle effect for aerther vortex (thanks umbrall)
    In zones with walls on grass you can see small leaves of grass extending over the walls
    New dirt road gfx in the trollmire
    Roomer generator can now understand the = symbol to define tunnels, if not present it defaults as it did before to the floor
    Upgraded the grass to look like nice foresty grass
    Fixed stealth/invisibility: npcs could go straight to the target (it still hindered them though)
    Updated grass to look more like grass and less like golf terrain :)
    Ctrl+P (by default) now allows disabling/enabling all automatic talents
    Tentacles can not be summoned out of range
    Ambuscade shadow can not teleport
    When a summon dies/disappears, any NPCs targetting it will start looking for the summoner
    Added "infinite scaling" methods
    Applied infinite scaling methods to all spells
    Eggsack & crystal shard summons do not grant exp when killed
    Retch now also has a chance to remove a detrimental or beneficial (depending on undead status) physical effect
    Ghoulish Leap cooldown reduces with level
    Ghoul talent now provides a maximum damage cap. No blows can deal more than X% of their total life
    Animate Blade / Crystal Shard summons do not drop items
    Leveling up/down Mimic removes the effect
    Buffed Quick Recovery, Fast metabolism and Spell Shield, they now have bigger bonuses and scale with mastery
    Buffed the Eternal Night set
    Timed effect duration reduction from Time Shield and other such effectsonly affects detrimental ones
    Fixed Doomed unlock
    Removed Rain of Death vault
    Pulverizing Auger max range limited to 10
    Thalore Blight resistance reduced
    Fixed Receptive Mind debuff
    Rockwalk does not break Body of Stone
    Eldritch Stone now grants mana regen on rest
    Fix Deeprock Form preventing unlearning last talents
    Eldritch Stone now is affected by Aegis
    Eldritch Stone graphics updated
    Stone Wardens automatically unlocks Wilders
    Elemental Split only takes a turn if at least one half got summoned
    Mountainhewn Deeprock correctly grants immunities
    Eldritch Stone durations scale with talent
    Eldritch Stone effects have 100% chance to trigger
    Eldritch Stone effects apply power is based on the highest of spell or physical power
    Stone Wardens Stone Half now correctly knows Stoneshield
    Angolwen shops are finally free from their gfx glitch
    Mindlash psi cost now increases the more it is spammed
    Boosted Stealth initial value
    Lost Merchant artifact creation list is split into subcategories
    Birth screen will not spin the CPU madly
    Target tactical info now looks better!
    Addons in chardump will be stoerd differently to make the Vault able to search them correctly
    Wraithform has a graphical effect
    Increased font size on main menu
    Heat Beam Rune, Frozen Spear Rune and Insidious Poison Infusion will not affect crosstier effects anymore
    Resting will not spam the log with messages about party members healing
    Long chat dialogs will scroll
    Archery launchers can now have a damage multiplier and an on fire callback
    When in underwater levels the screen will very slightly .. hum .. wooble
    Buffed Mind Parasite
    Reduced Mucus equilibrium regen
    Natural Acid and Corrosive Nature now have a cooldown
    Mindslayer spiked shields have a new gfx effect
    Added a hook "GameOptions:generateList"
    Add new hook "ToME:runDone"
    New awesome graphical lore for Nur, made by "Impy"
    New achievement for winning the game without ever going west.
    When using a hotkey to trigger a talent/item that requires a target, pressing the hotkey again will validate the target just like enter and space
    Shatter won't stop at the first non-frozen foe it finds

Have fun!
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Re: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.5 "Mental as Anything" is released!
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2013, 02:50:18 AM »
The above changes are real, I just think somewhere along the way one of the key combo descriptions being written out knocked things a bit funny to strikethrough mode.   8)
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