Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 6.01 released!  (Read 3437 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 6.01 released!
« on: July 10, 2009, 04:16:07 PM »

"So the summer holidays are finally here! It has been a very busy time, but I've managed to find some time to work on Triangle Wizard.

This new update features the usual collection of bug fixes and content adding, but also a completely new things; items! Now, items in Triangle Wizard are quite rare, so they won't be overly present as in say Diablo, but they may make a difference if the RNG graces you with a good one.

Since the items are a new addition I suspect it'll still need some modification for balance and such and I am unable to completely balance everything on my own, so as always any constructive remarks will be very much appreciated!

The fruits of my labour are presented below:

Patch R 6.01 Notes:

-Vampiric Drain can now correctly heal allies.
-Added the Library.
-Fixed a few typos.
-Fixed a bug that could crash the game is you rolled the mouse down whilst starting a new game.
-Characters who don't have permanent death switched on won't be displayed in the tomb anymore when they die (only when they ascend).
-Fire Halo will now grant lava walking from the start.
-Fixed a bug with storage powerups when a spell level is maximized.
-Added items.
-Slightly lowered the occurance of resistances powerups.
-Added support for GML code for the melee event for creatures.
-Added support for increased casting rate modifiers.
-Added support for increased regeneration modifiers.
-Added Alchemical Shrine.
-Added the Spectre race.
-Increased Lich race's health regeneration rate.
-Unexploded Evaporate Wall particles will no longer be transported along the player to the next level.
-Heroes and champion monsters that cast spells move around more."

Hurray!   8)   Items should make things that much more interesting, especially as they get balanced and new ones thought up...
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