Author Topic: Rogue Touch v1.5 released  (Read 4434 times)


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Rogue Touch v1.5 released
« on: April 16, 2009, 12:56:34 AM »
"Version 1.5:
Major Bug-Fix Release. This should make Rogue Touch rock solid and address the things everyone has brought to our attention:
* FINALLY- corrected the glitch that caused game to crash very rarely when going down a set of stairs!
* Throwing worn rings left "ghost" ring on hand. Not anymore!
* Popup menu of doom fixed (was an infinite loop).
* Popup menu showing 2-3x in a row is now fixed.
* Fixed Inventory names not being displayed or at times the entire Inventory display not appearing!
* Drinking potions of raise level at maximum rank could be trouble, fixed crash and give character 10HP instead.
* Xerocs could show as normal sleeping monsters when disguised as a staff or wand. Not anymore!
* Many other random crashing issues eliminated after squashing an overflow bug

Fast-play: major running improvements!
* When you run towards a monster in a room (or run into one in a dark hallway) you will not blindly attack it now!
* Running AWAY from monsters now works correctly, no more running one or two spaces and stopping again :)
* Monsters no longer get a free move or attack on you when you make an illegal move, like hitting a wall :)

Inventory: great tweaks for handling your items and pack...
* When dropping a scroll of Scare Monster, you will only drop a single one if you have a stack of them :)
* Item stacking works properly now when your pack is full! (no more need to exclaim "but I JUST shot that arrow, why can't I pick it up now?").
* If your pack is full, and the item you step on is not stackable with an existing item in your pack, it will tell you what you stepped on so you can see if it's worth making room for! (Example: "couldn't pick up scroll of identify")

New Features:
* Find your previous game's corpse in the dungeon on your next play through! Maybe even find some of the goodies you were carrying when you died in the previous game :)
* Chance to disarm a known trap when stepping on it. The higher your rank the more likely you will succeed.
* Minor new features: Get experience for finding secret doors... Find loose gold pieces randomly on the floor while searching... Find scrawling on the walls!
* Minor gameplay tweaks: Resting with the dedicated Rest button will heal you at a slightly faster rate than walking around. New message warning for treasure rooms. Healing and Extra Healing Potions now cure hallucinations too.
* New rings (2): Disarming (to help give you a good chance of disarming traps!) and Narcolepsy (cursed, randomly... Zzzzzz!)
* New scroll: Safe Passage- when read, it will reveal all secret doors and disarm all traps on the current floor.
* 8 more new secret characters! Yep, even though you haven't found most of the last batch yet ;) A hint for this batch- we had some special requests from female gamers!
* D-Pad is now 25% more transparent. Your thumb is still 100% opaque!
* Screen layout adjusts automatically for playing while talking on the phone with people when you'd rather be playing Rogue Touch (player status used to be obscured by green phone call bar, but not anymore)!"

A Roguelike fan I know has been quite taken with this, so those of you with an iPhone/iTouch would probably do well to try it at such a low price as this is the definitive up and coming Roguelike for the platform.

No word on a PC port...but I elect to keep hope alive.   8)
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