Author Topic: Neon Roguelike engine (Now at v0.4.2)  (Read 7239 times)


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Neon Roguelike engine (Now at v0.4.2)
« on: February 25, 2012, 01:24:17 AM »
Name: Neon Roguelike Engine
Synopsis:  Java-based  roguelike engine. It features a huge overland map with fixed or random dungeons, and an editor to edit all game data. Gameplay is inspired by the Elder Scrolls games, especially Daggerfall and Morrowind. The looks are inspired by ADOM.
Version number: 0.3.8
Release Date: April 2, 2012
Release 0.3.7: --------------

Editor updates: - colors are sorted for easier comparison
- new map info and terrain editors
- zone and instance editors are adapted
- improved map editor
- help system
- quest editor updated

Engine updates:
- improved console
- new event and task system
- file separator bug solved

Gameplay updates:
- faction ranks
- creature skills
- more creatures
- changes to the world map
- creature properly die
- corpses are lootable
- various user interface changes

Linux users might have problems running with openjdk. If so, install the Oracle jdk.

Still shaping up nicely I see!   8)
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Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Neon Roguelike engine (Now at 0.3.8)
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 07:14:37 PM »

Editor updates:
 - expanded help function

Engine updates:
 - limited support for SVG
- physics engine bugs solved
- AIFactory and AI bugfixes
- faster terrain generation on a separate thread
- improved type safety
- better resource management
- unified engine event handling
- terrain modifiers
- more logging options
- html file import

 Gameplay updates:
- in-game help function
- creatures in randomly generated regions
- improved levelling
- descriptions on doors
- less dead end corridors in dungeons
- html books
- improved message windows

Darkness falls: - new 'ice' terrain type
- starting town improved
- work started on second town

 Linux users running OpenJDK may encounter some problems. If so, please install the Oracle JRE or JDK.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Neon Roguelike engine (Now at 0.3.9)
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2012, 05:42:50 PM »

The help system in the editor is greatly expanded, this should make creating mods a lot easier. The engine has seen some large changes under the bonnet, the most visible one being the magic system.

Editor updates:
- faction ranks
- better door instance editing
- different characters for closed, locked and opened doors
- scripts are stored in the correct mod
- 'View only current layer' now works correctly
- help labels (hover over question mark to see tool tip)
- more help subjects
- number format bug fixed in text fields
- armor weight class is now required
- ai fields for creatures and npc's are the same
- correct creature types in creature editor
- improved magic, character creation, game info and theme editors
- bug fixes in creation of mods and maps
- tattoo artist service for npc's
- random outdoor maps aren't allowed any longer
- zone info editor fixed
- maps from master/extension mods look different in the list

Engine updates:
- ability scores visible in journal
- more information in log file
- better integration of engine and editor resources
- console history available using up or down arrow
- portal, lock, trap and renderer components
- jdom 2.0
- actions know the event that caused them
- map creation is handled differently
- better use of generic types
- glove and shoe slots
- tiny and huge creatures are scaled
- turns are handled differently
- double click on item in inventory to use it
- help window is usable without a mouse
- bracers and gauntlets can't be worn simultaneously
- new tattoo system
- inventory is handled differently
- bug fixed in shooting animation
- several small magic system updates
- no more aspectj
- better use of Java 7 features
- option to switch places when bumping into creatures
- bug fix in loading of packed mods

Darkness falls:
- adobe and wooden walls
- more books
- Kusunda and Ban Rajas updated

Linux users with OpenJDK might encounter problems running the engine. If so, try to install the Oracle JVM. The editor should run fine with OpenJDK.

Quite a fair number of gains this time around!   :D
Brian Emre Jeffears
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jocke the beast

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Re: Neon Roguelike engine (Now at 0.3.9)
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2012, 06:52:11 PM »
Anyone here who's tried it out?
I did some year ago but wasn't so excited. Perhaps it works better now.
I love the idea of a "roguelike game maker"  :)


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Re: Neon Roguelike engine (Now at 0.3.10)
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2012, 08:47:42 PM »

Linux users with OpenJDK may encounter problems. This can be caused by running in headless mode, or the JavaScript engine not being found. If this happens, try installing the Oracle JRE or JDK. For Dutch speakers: door 'en' in 'nl' te veranderen in neon.ini, wordt een gedeelte van de tekst op knoppen e.d. in het Nederlands gezet.

Engine updates:
- shape and physics components
- physics system has changed
- scripted actions integrated in the event system
- rendering, animation and scene management have been separated
- rendering and spatial index thread safety has been improved
- numpad can be used to choose an option in dialog boxes
- keyboard and user interface settings in neon.ini
- dungeon generation system changed
- less non-connected dungeon rooms
- rivers can now run from top to bottom in dungeons
- services bug in dialog module solved
- preliminary localization support
- version number is shown in the main menu
- AI bug with keyless locked doors fixed
- locked and closed doors are generated in dungeons
- resource namespaces
- scripts in .js files
- region themes and terrain resources integrated in engine
- overlapping regions are decomposed correctly
 - KeyListener bug when bumping into creatures fixed
- new random region generators using jtexgen
- tinylaf look and feel
- more consistency in UI colors
- fixed bug causing spatial index to fill with dummy entries
- objects and maps are cached on disk using jdbm3
- removing items from containers now works properly
- new savegame mechanism
- improved inventory, trade and container interfaces
- food is now recognized as such
- creature speed is taken into account

 Editor updates:
- less errors and exceptions during drawing
- option to generate random zones in the editor
- extended help
- position bug when dragging regions solved
- bug with new magic and theme resources not appearing solved
- region copying works again
- dungeon themes in door instance editor
- region instance editor centered on screen
- help label system simplified
- only outdoor maps can contain random regions
- vegetation abundance in region theme editor
- zooming keeps current view centered
- ctrl + scroll wheel zooms in or out - shift + scroll wheel scrolls sideways
- dragging regions no longer shifts the upper left corner
- terrain type can be changed in the region instance editor
- 'top' items are saved properly
- items are included correctly in random zones

 Darkness falls:
- bigger swamps, mountains, islands and grasslands
 - town locations changed
- an extra volcano
- new factions

Yet another robust looking update!  8)
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Neon Roguelike engine (Now at 0.4.0)
« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2012, 08:09:56 PM »

Same warning applies as per the last update, otherwise though:

Engine updates:

- region theme features are generated correctly
- better user interface consistency
- lockpicking on containers
- tattoo dialog is available now
- item crafting, tattoo, spell and alchemy prices
- materials used for crafting and alchemy are removed properly
- crafting, enchanting and alchemy dialogs improved
- sneaking and swimming influences player speed
- ice terrain modifier
- levitating creatures can't pass through walls any longer
- items are no longer generated on top of doors in dungeons
- message area is transparent again
- spells on traps
- extensive item and creature magic component updates
- health and mana restoration rate fixed
- eating and drinking bugs fixed
- changes to the way spell duration is handled
- creatures can cast spells on the player
- new spell effects: disarm trap, charm, leech health/mana and silence
- missing services bug fixed
- magic penalty bugs fixed
- enchantment info in item description
- slow physics bug fixed
- stats panel shows when mana gets boosted
- finite state machine runs on its own thread
- removed unused finite state machine features
- mount bug fixed - labels on maps
- scheduled tasks are included in saved games
- journal interface changed
- default profession

 Editor updates:
- wilderness generator in editor
- challenge calculator tool to compare creatures
- extended help
- more options in the terrain instance dialog
- map namespace bug fixed
- crafting editor bugs fixed
- container and door traps
- changes to the way enchantments are handled
- abundance can be set separately for all vegetation in region themes
- map and tattoo save bugs fixed
- screen is repainted after changes to a map
- the 'delete' key can be used to remove things from a map
- no more left- and right-handed rings
- default content for containers
- creature habitats
- html support in dialogue text
- name field for magic resources
- quest, theme and faction editors updated
- resource tree
- extended scripting

Darkness falls:
- more spells, creatures, region themes and factions
- creature stats updated
- Ban Rajas and Kusunda improved
- new towns of Tanjamin, Lagan, Boraian, Leticum and Ghokhba
- Yeren hunting lodge

The trend of several large steps forward every several months continues with style it would seem!   8)
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Neon Roguelike engine (Now at 0.4.0)
« Reply #6 on: September 25, 2014, 08:13:06 PM »

Engine updates:
 - switch to a client/server architecture
- removed global variables
- UI code cleaned
- improved code comments
- conversation trees - dialog interface changed
- rendering optimized for speed
- bug with modal dialogs fixed - more entity code moved to components
- spell effect name bug fixed
- scripting system extended
- magic integrated with the event system
- switch from jdbm to MapDB
- physics engine switched to dyn4j

Editor updates:
- NPC editor bug fixed
- extended help

Reminder that v0.4.1 brought:

Neon should run on any platform with Java 7 installed. Should you encounter
problems, check the following:
1) Make sure you are actually running Java 7. Many linux distributions and
older OS X versions come with Java 6 included. Installing Java 7 does not
disable the older version and your OS might still try to use the older one. You
can check the version in a terminal window with 'java -version'. The version
given should be 1.7.0 or higher.
2) The OpenJDK on some linux distributions does not behave as expected. The
most common problems are a missing JavaScript engine, or the JVM running in
headless mode. Make sure you have the latest update, or use the Oracle JVM.

Engine updates:
   - popup is shown when using a named door
   - user interface theme changed
   - game no longer freezes when deserializing npc's carrying items
   - improved event handling with mbassador
   - new map window
   - improved quest tracking
   - rounding error in collision detection fixed
   - better error handling
   - more efficient image rendering
   - global variables and state removed
   - new DejaVu Sans Mono font
   - 'l'ook command bug fixed
   - simplified entity components
   - Google Guava library to replace some utility classes
   - code cleaned with FindBugs
   - armor system simplified
   - resource and cache handling centralized
Editor updates:
   - further integration of engine and editor resources
   - extended help
   - crafting and alchemy editors improved
   - resource namespace bug fixed
   - improved cut and paste on maps
Darkness falls:
   - swamp theme fixed
   - moved the swamps
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Neon Roguelike engine (Now at v0.4.2)
« Reply #7 on: September 25, 2014, 08:31:29 PM »