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The Ruins of - mobile user feedback
« on: August 19, 2013, 07:19:19 PM »
I've been working a browser-based Rogue-like(-like?). I started it up a couple years ago, but haven't worked on it for over a year until now.

anyway: I feel like the game would be great for mobile play, but I've never developed for a mobile platform before, and have only very recently got a smart phone myself (late to the party, I know!)

I've read up on some of the basics, etc, and already fixed a few little things, but I'd love to get some feedback on the site from a new (and mobile-using) player's point of view... these are the problems I encounter, etc. I would also be very curious to hear from any mobile web developers; if there are any gotchas, or common pitfalls I should look out for, or other such tips. I realize that other forums might be better for this sort of web-design question, but I've also noticed that browser-based games have some special considerations that an "average" web page or blog might not have: JS-heavy, lots of AJAX, lots of little DB updates, including race conditions, which I'm already running into problems with, etc...

I think one glaring problem I _am_ aware of is that the site has several hover-over interactions, which either work poorly, or not at all, depending on the device. there are also some definite layout improvements I could make - especially while navigating excavations/dungeons - though I'm still unsure how best to present all this information on a super-small screen.

thanks in advance to any help you may be able to provide!