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Rogue State University
« on: April 03, 2014, 12:55:59 AM »
Hi all, I'm coding a new game using pieces from some of my unfinished older projects that weren't all open sourced.  It's going to be a pretty classic roguelike, nothing fancy, so I can use it as a base to build off of.  It will have a "university" theme, where the monsters are college mascots: wildcats, razorbacks, trojans, sun devils, etc, but be totally moddable by editing text info files.

Currently you can see a splash screen, a main menu, create a new game.  World generation just gives you a grassy field full of a few funny plants.  You can move the view around, or press TAB to get a "look/examine" cursor and see what's what.  No "@" sign on the screen yet, because I initially planned to use this code for a fortress simulator.  Nevertheless, I'd be happy to have you try to play it and let me know if it even works on your system.  Let me know what platform you're using, if you do!  And what version of Python.

I built this on Python 3.4.0.  It uses the pyglet library, but that's included in the download so you shouldn't need it on your system.

To Play:  python