Author Topic: TinyKeep - A 3D Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler with focus on AI (FUNDED!)  (Read 10129 times)


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Thank you getter77 :)

So on Friday 31 May 5:44am UTC the TinyKeep Kickstarter funding amount closed off at a handsome £25,675, plus £142 in PayPal donations to give a grand total of £25,817! This means we have exceeded our target by £3655! Thank you so much guys, the last few hours were extremely tense but ultimately ensured that we reached the funding amount we wanted and more :)

Thanks to everyone, we've managed to successfully fund 3 stretch goals! And just for fun - we decided to throw in the 4th stretch goal as well :)

Alas, the Kickstarter funding period has ended, but we can still accept PayPal donations. To do so simply click on the "Donate now with PayPal" button on the Kickstarter home page. All money pledged this way will go towards fulfilment of the online co-operative multiplayer stretch goal which clearly everyone is very excited about!

As promised, here is the last AI video:

This will be my last post for the time being - while the team sorts out their personal and financial affairs. We'll be back!