Author Topic: The future of Nethack  (Read 28790 times)


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Re: The future of Nethack
« Reply #30 on: November 26, 2013, 12:27:34 PM »
Wow, that's certainly a different view on the case :)

I've ascended a dozen times, and probably played a few thousand games, but it was a long time time ago, so maybe my memory fails me. But I always considered the game to be rock solid.

You shouldn't look at your roguelike and feel bad that it has bugs. If you had hundreds or thousands of volunteers that tried to find bugs and because of the seclusive nature of the DevTeam we can't really say how many of those volunteers also wrote patches for fixing bugs. If you had that, your roguelike would also be much more stable.  :)
I actually get bug reports from people, but it's also a problem of fixing them at a faster rate than producing new ones :), and that has a lot to do with the code quality. It's so easy to turn code into a complete mess if you're writing a roguelike.
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