Author Topic: Triangle Wizard R 4.01 Released  (Read 3926 times)


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Triangle Wizard R 4.01 Released
« on: February 10, 2009, 02:09:40 PM »
Updates as follows, pretty big one and should make for a better experience for existing and first time players:

Patch R 4.01 Notes:

-Persistant Casting spell delay now adds to normal spell delay instead of setting it.
-Power ups will no longer appear on the exit stairs.
-Enchantment spells can now be combined with the Prismatic Sphere spell.
-You can now use persistant casting on allies.
-You can now channel hostile enchantments on enemy creatures, making them permanent as with persistant casting.
-Destroyed enchantment visuals will no longer linger in the upper left corner of the dungeon level.
-Persistant Casting will no longer allow you to cast spell level 0 spells.
-Anarchy now has a better chance of hitting the enemy.
-Sacred Wrath, Cold Breath, Fire Breath and Acid Stream can now hit flying creatures starting from a certain spell level.
-You now read info on the spell in a powerup by mousing over and pressing F2.
-You can now read info on your current, lastly upgraded or any other spell via F3.
-You can now get additional information on a creature by mousing over and pressing F2 (also works on traps).
-Fixed a few spelling errors.
-ESC will now prompt before exiting the game.
-Necromancer now correctly starts with Turn Undead regeneration.
-Your level is now displayed besides the XP bar.
-A score is now being kept and will be displayed in the Tomb should your quest end (for the better or the worse).
-Added Sacrifical and Shrouded shrines.
-Wall spells cast by traps now have a random facing.
-Added two unique shops which appear at random levels. One is guarenteed to appear before dungeon level 12. They are not without risks however!
-Cloud of Ashes now correctly only makes allies invisible, and it can now also cause confusion.
-Spell Levels now have a limit over which they cannot increase for the player. These are modable from the 'global_settings.tri' file.
-Spells you don't regenerate will be cast as an empowered spell. This will increase the spell level of the casting. This allows you to bypass the limit set above up to a certain amount.
-Wall destroying creatures can no longer phase through the level boundaries.
-Creatures fighting in the menu screens can no longer cast Cloud of Ashes.
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