Author Topic: Kerkerkruip is looking for a Debian sponsor  (Read 4302 times)


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Kerkerkruip is looking for a Debian sponsor
« on: May 22, 2013, 12:07:17 PM »
Kerkerkruip is an actively developed interactive fiction Roguelike. (See this topic for the latest release announcement.) While it is still actively improved and extended, it has been a finished, fully playable, non-beta game since October 2011.

We would love to make playing Kerkerkruip easier for Debian/Ubuntu/etc users by having it in the Debian repository. The game is free software (GPLv3 or later) and suitable for inclusion Debian; the gargoyle player, which is needed to run it, is already in Debian (package gargoyle-free).

While we can build the Debian package ourselves, we need a sponsor to get the package into the distribution. We tried finding a sponsor through the usual process (posting a bug report) in November 2012: However, this didn't lead to any response. So I'm hoping that perhaps there is a Debian maintainer hanging around on this forum who would like to sponsor us!