Author Topic: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.1 "Nature's Wrath"  (Read 3055 times)


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Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.1 "Nature's Wrath"
« on: March 13, 2013, 10:12:49 PM »
My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.1 ! See
This is the first release since V1 and it brings you much new goodness and improvements!
Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Note for windows users:  the download link is now a download of the launcher/installer which will take care of keeping your game up to date for the next versions. If you place it in your V1 folder (the music version) it will update it to V1.0.1 with a much smaller download. Enjoy!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
And do not forget to vote for ToME on Steam Greenlight!
Release highlights:
    Improved UI, notably the chat, allowing you to join custom channels, read multiple channels at once, ...
    New spell effects
    The Oozemancer: a new class, inherently antimagic, dedicated to protect Nature against the assaults of arcane forces
    New zone: the sludgenest
    A huge list of improvements to many classes and features!
Expanded changelist:
    Lowered damage taken requirements of Corrupted Shell and Cauterize to 15k
    Marauders start with Combat Veteran tree unlocked
    Meteoric Crash doesnt stun the caster
    Sun Paladins in Arena mode have a tile
    Temporal Form in addition to increasing paradox also increases the willpower for determining failures & paradox effects by +600
    Reflection Shield rune got it's own icon
    Glowing Chests will not interrupt AE after being openned
    Gesture of Pain correctly checks stun resistance
    Slaves in the Ring of Blood will have all status effects removed when freed
    Disarming Trap now does acid damage too
    When a trap expires without being triggered it refunds 80% of its stamina cost
    Aligned field in registration form
    Fixed Gestures description
    Added a lore popup when wielding an antimagic item as an arcane user
    Added a lore note when killing Ukruk in the ambush, explaining what and why he does what he does
    New lore inthe caverns leading to the valley of the moon
    Added a paper on why sea travel is impossible to the library of Last Hope
    The Demonic Orb of Many Ways can not be used on the High Peak farportals
    All cleansing egos are antimagic
    Stoning Poison does not turn to stone is removed early
    Impending Doom is affected by spell save
    Can swap position with patrols
    Buffed some lesser used artifacts
    Prevent adding more points into Lichform once transformed, as it is useless
    Petrified Wood can be used by the golem with bonuses
    Elemental Surge correctly tiggers from 200 damage, not 300
    Alchemists can not loose Create Alchemist Gems by unlearning Extract Gem
    Talents can be set to require confirmation before use
    Improved talents display to show if a talent has been set with automatic use or confirmation
    Hide In Plain Sight correctly state it takes no turn
    Trapped! quest fails if you somehow escape without killing the assassin or siding with him
    Learning a talent from tree still locked from an escort will not reset mastery
    Note that Fearscape drains vim and ends when reaching 0
    Fixed Flexible Combat to work with weapons
    Great Mummy Lord learnt the Tricks of the Trade prodigy
    Made it clear Nightmare achievements are only when playing Roguelike
    Lowered Irresistible Sun damage a bit
    Easy, Normal and Nightmare mode players are immune to instadeath attacks (but not Insane ones, they are insane after all)
    You Shall Be My Weapon! now only requires being 'big' but ad additional benefits for sizes over it
    No need to use the orb of scrying to id artifacts anymore
    Fixed You Shall Be My Weapon! not triggering its cooldown
    Fixed ambient music in Gorbat Pride
    Increased zigur parties rarity a bit
    Better blood of life description
    Fixed permanent accuracy loss from "Disable" status effect
    Circle of Death and Rigor Mortis can crit
    Impending Doom now "only" reduces healing factor by 100% instead of outright preventing healing
    Doomed talents can now proc mind procs
    Crystaline Focus correctly removes spell save bonus
    Added a failsafe to the staff of absorption quest
    Glyph of Paralysis checks for stun resistance
    Added an ignore option to the chat
    Orc Corruptor in the antimagic test can not crit anymore with spells
    Dream Crusher now (correctly) gives bonus damage and physical power to the dream hammer
    Thought Form Defender resist all bonus from thought form unity reduced
    Dream Forge tree is now generic
    Forge Shield block value reduced, sustain cost increased
    Forge Armor armor and defense values decreased, psi on hit increased
    Reduced Solipsism conversion ratios
    Reduced Balance conversion ratios
    Reduced the save check power on Dismissal
    When the Master resurrects he gloats a bit
    When reaching 0 air you now start suffocating instead of outright dying. Suffocating makes you loose life very quickly and can not be prevented by shields/absorbs/...
    Alchemist gems are now transmogrifiable
    Fixed lore not registering in the library
    Defiled wands now increase max vim instead of procing vim restoration
    Brawlers now get the Mobility tree at 1.2
    Added a confirmation prompt when entering the High Peak
    Added chat channel number aliases (1, 2, 3, ..) and usable quickly by /1 /2 /3 ...
    /r in the talkbox will switch to talking to the last person whispering you
    in the talkbox when whispering will cycle between all last whisperers
    Changed the color and format of whispers when displayed
    Fixed wrong order of loading chained superloads of addons
    Fixed loss of resists/... in some rare conditions when being fed upon
    Sustained talents can now have a "callbackOnAct" method that gets automatically called each turn when sustained
    Drain does not restore vim from your own summons
    Added /join and /part commands to the chat; you can join(and create) any channel you wish (name must be letters & - _ only)
    Added a list of current channels to the options
    Channels are now remembered and will reconnect when the game starts
    Checkboxes now have the box before the text (this is reversable by adding a check_last=true parameter when creating them)
    Fix wild summon:spider healing reduction
    Mind Speed will correctly apply to wild gifts too
    Smoke Bomb cost reduces with level
    Maybe fix the invulnerable after death bug
    Blighted summoning adds Magic to necrotic summons
    Can not drop plot items
    Can not give items to Norgan anymore
    No NPC use talents can not be automatically used either
    Phase Door Rune now also grants a buff that increases defense, resist all and reduces status effects duration
    Invisibility Rune does not prevent healing anymore
    Taint of Telepathy now only reduces mindsave by 10 but also increases mindpower by 35
    Acid Wave Rune now also corrodes the targets
    Lichform does not change donator tile if used
    Can not give items to escorts
    Screen will turn greenish when healing is impossible
    New option to save & exit
    Escorts will never run away further than 10 tiles
    Fixed unlearning talents
    Heat Beam rune now also removes a random physical effect
    Frozen Spear rune now also removes a random mental effect
    Vision runes now also grant ESP for a certain type of creature
    Insidious Poison infusion now also removes one detrimental magical effect
    Greatly increased damage of Wild Growth infusion, it also provides a big boost to armour & hardiness
    Halved the cooldowns of Wild Growth infusion and Taint of Telepathy
    Lightning rune has a higher max potention damage than other runes
    Boss NPCs that can move through walls will have easier time tracking the player; so they wont get lost in walls so much
    Lethality crit chance bonus works for all kinds of weapons
    Fixed Cease To Exist effect tooltip
    Wearing the cloak of deception will make NPC call you human instead of undead
    Slime Tunnels generator will not validate the level unless the 4 pedestals are present
    The Slime Tunnel pedestals now have a nice friendly popup when steped upon to activate them: I'm so nice!
    The Slime Tunnel pedestals now invoke a powerful nasty guardian when activated: I'm so evil!
    Lacerating Strikes is now a costless sustain
    Shivgoroth Form on autocast will not error out in the ring of blood
    Dig spell has turned into Pulverizing Auger; a beam of physical damage that also digs. It switched places with Mudslide in the tree to become tier2
    Stone Wall now also deals damage, cooldown and mana cost slightly lowered
    Body of Stone now also affects Pulverizing Auger and is instant cast
    Can not teleport to the farportal rooms on the side of the last battle
    Irresistible Sun has a particle effect
    Sending an item to a party member correctly marks it as removed from the chest
    Last Stand now also heals you of the amount it increases life and augments the point at which you die (going below 0 like a heroism infusion)
    2handed weapons now show up with a different tile on the player doll
    Glowing chests are displayed open once opened
    New achievement for saving all the lumberjacks
    Increased cooldown of Spell Feedback
    New UISet:Minimalist:Toolbar hook
    Dominating a headless horror eye will not make the player blind
    Randarts dropped by randbosses should be better
    Reset UI positions requires a confirmation now
    Combat:attackTargetWith now gets a crit parameter
    Improved Body of Fire tooltip
    Dream characters do not get saved to the vault
    Fix Shadow Veil
    Fixed Energy Absorption description
    Glowing chest guardians are hostile in the dark crypt even if you previously sided with the Grand Corruptor
    Restart as same character will preserve addons used
    Having many addons may be faster now
    Harkor Zun fragments have independant health bars
    Deflection tooltip updates correctly
    Upstairs from the temple of creation (2) correctly connects
    Can not recall from Tannen Tower
    BigNews displays higher up on the screen
    Pacification hex checks for stun immunity
    Sacrificing oneself at the endgame is now duly noted in the death message
    Wards are not spells anymore
    Can not loose the savefile by saving on a golem while the master is dead
    New invis shader on the actor
    Player can always see her/himself when invis
    The Grand Corruptor wont trigger his chat while the timeline is fractured
    Unlocking the UI will prevent mouse actions on the map
    The transmogrification chest can be found in Bill's lair too
    Cauterize and Corrupted Shell only require 7500 damage taken
    Becoming a Lich while wielding the Scepter of the Archlich will not give you lower mastery than normal on Star Fury
    Thaloren talents are marked as nature gifts
    Yeek talents are considered psionic
    Devourers' Gnashing Teeth can not make the target bleed if it failed to hit
    Hydra's Grand Arrival will not damage other summons
    New command line parameter to change where TE4 stores data: --home /foor/bar
    Wearing antimagic items as an arcane character will give you a visible debuff to notice of the spell failure
    Psiblades now increases mindpower/willpower/cunning on the mindstars by a % too
    Lure is immune to poison
    Zones can have a "on_loaded" code
    Passive talents can be placed in the hotkey bar, they cant be used obviously but they'll show their cooldowns if any
    Swift Hands prodigy also makes wearing/taking off items not take a turn
    Fixed transfering stacks of items between party members
    Fungal Blood is now instant use, scales more with Constitution and allows on heal effects (such as fungal growth)
    Staff Mastery is trainable in Angolwen
    Mindstar Mastery is trainable in Zigur
    Pearls when used as alchemist bomb do a much more powerful liting effect, able to remove magical darkness
    Correctly flagged some non-metallic artifacts as non-metallic
    New icon in the "main bar" to access talents
    Fixed meteors making staris disappear in the temporal rift
    Fix golem getting multiple stacking high peak buffs
    New particle effects for Warshout, Battle Cry, Shattering Shout, Aura of Silence, Bellowing Roar and Mind Sear
    Smarter autoexplore
    Diagonal targetting in a single dug out line should work
    Storming the City quest will note when urkis is dead
    Sped up parts of the movement algorithm
    Fixed Elemental Surge lightning description
    Revisionist History switches to a special talent to cancel the effect so that you can set revisionist history on auto-use
    New temporal tier 5 artifact staff
    Buffed thorny skin totem, wands of firewall and conjuration, torques of the clear mind, mindblast, thermal shield, charged shield and kinetic shield
    Funfacts do not show for modules unless requested
    Through the Crowd talent can now also prevent all friendlyfire
    Dragonskull now has acid resistance
    Buffed a few artifacts
    Two new nature oriented artifacts
    New class: Oozemancers, who are Nature's answer to archmagi, able to use slime and ooze against their foes, they are also inherently antimagic
    New zone: the sludgenest, it can randomly appear on the worldmap after level 30, Thaloren always get it. Beware you'll be slimed to death!
    Elemental Split can not be used while already split
    Dwarven Unity Crystal Half attack will not hit the caster
    Eldritch Vines now add arcane damage
    Volcanic Rock now makes Deeprock Form also increase arcane dam/pen
    Boulder Throw now makes Deeprock Form also increase nature dam/pen
    Stone Spikes can crit (all 4 separate components)
    Rockwalk and Rockswallow cooldown is reduced by talent level

Have fun!


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Re: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.1 "Nature's Wrath"
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2013, 12:51:28 PM »
Very nice---this will surely help with Greenlight.   8)
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