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Brogue v1.7.2 (updated Oryx Tiles too)
« on: February 21, 2013, 03:01:38 AM »
It is my pleasure to announce the release of Brogue v1.7.2 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Downloads, screenshots, a forum and a wiki can be found here:

New with v1.7.2:
   ⁃   The download includes a “seed catalog” file that details which items may be found on the first five depths of seeds 1-1000 as an optional benefit for players who want to try certain items.
   ⁃   Cursed items will no longer appear in vaults.
   ⁃   Rare monsters on deeper depths will appear with mutations, which can affect the monster’s stats or abilities.
   ⁃   The food clock is significantly tighter.
   ⁃   Allies’ power progression is slightly slower.
   ⁃   Summoned allies reveal themselves to you telepathically, as do normal allies that have traveled with you for some time and monsters under the influence of a staff of entrancement.
   ⁃   At the “You die... --MORE--” prompt, pressing ‘i’ will reveal your inventory with all items fully identified.
   ⁃   An enemy’s status will display as “(Off balance)” if you will get two turns before the enemy’s next turn.
   ⁃   Added a new key room.
   ⁃   Poisonous melee attacks will stack, and poisonous monsters will not flee when you are poisoned.
   ⁃   Attempting to move while seized by a grappling monster that you can see (krakens, bog monsters) will not cause you to lose a turn.
   ⁃   Allies that don’t regenerate won’t flee at low health.
   ⁃   Staffs recharge with a slight degree of randomness so players will not be coerced into counting turns to derive the charge level of an unidentified staff.
   ⁃   Positive unidentified rings will function as +1 rings so players will not be coerced into spoiler-induced trickery to ascertain their precise enchantment level.
   ⁃   Teleportation will try to move the player at least a certain pathing distance from where she started.
   ⁃   Allies will more reliably flee from monsters when appropriate instead of casting spells, and monsters that maintain distance will more reliably flee from allies.
   ⁃   Increased the total number of lumenstones generated from 23 to 25.
   ⁃   Addressed an exploit known as stair-dancing by allowing monsters moving between depths to displace any monster or player already standing at the entrance to the destination staircase.
   ⁃   The player no longer takes 50% damage on depth 1.
   ⁃   Allies no longer continue to increase in power past depth 26.
   ⁃   Fixed certain subtle gameplay changes by synchronizing the player’s turn timing more closely to environment updates.
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that caused some charms’ recharge durations and enchantment profile to be incorrect (resulting in an overly powerful charm of recharging).
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that caused protection status on the player to wear off too slowly.
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that caused staffs recharged by a scroll or charm of recharging to take a long time to recover subsequent charges.
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that caused the inventory display to occasionally misalign the detect magic glyphs.
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that could cause certain bridges to terminate in water.
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that allowed the player to blink onto the staircase tile.
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that prevented guards of captive monsters from approaching their captive to attack it.
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that allowed fire-immune allies to cast firebolts from within explosive gas.
   ⁃   Fixed several bugs related to the “call item” command.
   ⁃   Fixed a bug that caused flying monsters to avoid poisonous lichen in some contexts, even though it cannot harm them.
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Re: Brogue v1.7.2
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2013, 01:00:13 PM »

This release now features two window sizes (small and large) for those with smaller monitors.
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Re: Brogue v1.7.2 (updated Oryx Tiles too)
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2013, 06:51:15 AM »
  I was super pumped but I still couldn't fit the game onto my screen.

  It's okay though, because I think Brogue's ASCII is beautiful.