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Gravebound (now at v1.02) $
« on: June 13, 2014, 02:31:04 AM »  Android  $2.99

Gravebound is a roguelike RPG with an emphasis on turn-based tactical combat and strategic use of limited resources.

What is a roguelike? A roguelike is an RPG with permanent death (if you die, you have to start over) and randomly generated levels. Roguelikes are fun because every game is different and they can be played in long or short sessions. Examples include classics such as Angband or NetHack and newer games like Binding of Isaac or Dungeons of Dredmor.

Gravebound also has elements from strategy or tactics/tactical RPGs, particularly the Fire Emblem series. In fact, Gravebound was made for fans of dungeon crawlers, board games, and adventure gamebooks. So give it a try! But don't take my word for it...

"Gravebound is a mash-up of several fantastic gaming genres into a game that is sure to appeal to all sorts of gamers out there.... a real challenge for even the best gamers out there. Definitely don’t let Gravebound slip through your fingers. This is a game you’ll want to check out."

- Randomly generated outdoor and indoor areas. Explore the bandit-filled forest, the zombie-plagued crypt, and the insect-infested cave.
- A variety of enemies, each with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, skills, and behaviors.
- 15 skills to find and master.
- Collect weapons and armors with randomized stats and properties.
- Permanent death and limited resources mean every choice matters.
- Your most powerful skills drain your sanity. Rely on them too heavily and you'll go insane!
- Unique allies, each with their own special talents, open up party-based combat... if you can find them.
- Epic and challenging boss fight plus mini-bosses.
- No two games play the same, providing countless hours of adventure and dungeon crawling.
- Built with libGDX so it should run on your device
- Not (graphically) optimized for tablets per se, but does play great on them

-Internet connection permission is for sending anonymous crash data. No internet connection is required to play. Perfect for the car/plane/train/bus!

I am actively supporting this game so please e-mail me with your feedback, issues, and ideas!

-Fixed an issue that broke save games from 1.0.0.
-Improved effective stats section of the character screen to provide more relevant information based on the current area.
-Fixed several minor display/UI issues.
-Fixed a couple of rare crash bugs.

Seems promising!
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