Author Topic: Dungeon Bash - new release with added STEALTH  (Read 3110 times)


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Dungeon Bash - new release with added STEALTH
« on: March 09, 2015, 04:24:14 AM »
Hi.  This is the last major functional addition to Dungeon Bash - Stealth.  And it fits really well.

Dungeon Bash is a tactical squad-based game where you control 3 characters in a team.  Until now, it was best to keep that team clustered together for mutual support - particularly for a team member to act as the focus point for a monster attack while other team members flanked that monster.

But with stealth tactics added, it is better if the stealthy character keeps away from non-stealthy team members, as they attract monster attention that will make it much harder to hide.

Heres a summary of what was added for this release.  Go to  to download the game for your mobile.

- light levels in the dungeon now reflect detectability of that tile for stealth purposes - the light level is an indication of:
   a)  torches - actual light that makes it easier to be detected.
   b)  monster detection skill - shows how well each monster can detect enemies in its vicinity.
   c)  monster attention.- characters attract monster attention, indicated by lighter tiles around noticed characters, and those closest to monsters attract more attention.
- rocks provide good stealth bonus for medium creatures and great stealth bonus for small creatures.
- hidden characters get an ambush bonus in the form of 3x attack skill for one melee attack.
- characters automatically hide when they descend to the next level, although they may be discovered instantly.  Their first action still gets an ambush bonus, however.
- the ‘stealth’ button will be deactivated if the character is unable to hide.  Hiding takes one turn and gives a slow bonus.
- any action other than normal movement reveals a hidden character - the character must ‘unhide’ to charge, but the charge still gets the ambush bonus.
- melee damage is a little more dependent on skill and less dependent on hit-points.
- creatures without hands can only carry one amulet.
- inventory tab shows capacity when selected.

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