Author Topic: NPPAngband 6.0.0 released  (Read 4039 times)


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NPPAngband 6.0.0 released
« on: December 01, 2012, 08:41:40 PM »
The final NPPAngband 6.0.0 has been released.

I changed the version numbering system, as I recently realized that software programs numbered less than 1.0.0 are condsidered experimental or beta code. NPP has been stable and playable for over 8 years, so this version is numbered 6.0.0.

A complete changelist is below. The main features of NPP 600 are:

Revised mimic code.
Revised player ghost code.
Completely revised quest system, including 4 new types of quests.
Labyrinth levels (and Labyrnth quests)
Greater vault Levels (and greater vault quests)
Wilderness level quests.
Arena Level quests.

The links are:

Souce Code:

Windows Binary:

Github respository:


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Re: NPPAngband 6.0.0 released
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2012, 08:42:01 PM »
Complete NPP 6.0.0 Changelist:

Broke savecompatibility with NPP 0.5.4.
Changed numbering system to indicate from 0.6.0 to 6.0.0, to indicate NPP is a finished and fully playable game.
Revised Mimic Code
Changes to the savefile structure.
Player ghosts can only appear at dungeon creation.
In Wizard mode, editing a character now gives lets the player to edit player fame as well.
New mimic monsters.
Changed some of morgoth's flags : removed teleport_to, added teleport_away and native_water.
Multiplied the scale of player fame by a factor of 10.
Added Servants of the valar pits, nests, and themed levels.
Made "wakes up" and "stirs a blended monster message.
Removed redundant save of the "call hourns" timer to the savefile.
Completey revised player ghost code - should eliminate the savefile issue with Macintosh savefiles with an active player ghost.
Added Rob Fiala as a permanent player ghost template (drew countless NPP unique tiles for the 32x32 tileset).
Bugfix: The player ghost name was cut short to 3 letters.
Scrolls names are now made by the random name generator rather than the old "scroll syllable" table.
Added new wizard mode command to know everything about every object kind, monster race, and feature.
Updated DVG tileset to Rob Fiala (buzzkill)'s U32 Tileset.
Sorted flavors.txt, along with the corresponding flvr pref files.
Eliminated function from util.c that did not work properly on the MAC port.
Wilderness level quests.
Arena Level quests.
Major cleanup of the quest code.
Potions, scrolls, and food, including mushrooms, now have a chance of appearing in multiple quantities.
Two new quest rewards - permanent stat increase and permanent stat augmentation.
New wizard command to give information on quest status (more info than cheat).
Quest rewards are now generated when the quest is chosen in the guild, and the player chooses their quest reward from a menu after they complete the quest, rather than the game trying to figure out the best reward for the player.
The player may defer their quest reward if they don't see anything good, and instead enhance thier next quest reward choices.
Bugfix: The character screen was not properly showing object resistance and immunitiy flags for the player equipment and home.
Bugfix: Normally rings and amulets were cursed too frequently.
Added 3 new spells: Meteor ball, Gravity bolt, and Lava Beam.
Added 8x8 tiles for all servants of the valar, adamantite, and all mimics.
Added two more patterns for the monster in the "pit" rooms.
Eliminate GTK and X11 ports
Added labrynth levels (from Angband 3.4).
Added labrynth quests.
Bugfix: Fix html screenshots so they wrint default ASCII when when in tiles mode.
Monsters now can be summoned on levels where it was previously restricted, but limited to monsters currently on the level.
Added greater vault levels.
Added greater vault quests.
New makefile.osx.
Made cloaks of aman more common (rarity of 16 to rarity of 8).
When studying or casting, the player is now only offered books with spells they can cast or study.
Fix multiple bugs in the randart code (reported and fixed by "runningaway")
New function for teleporting the player and teleporting away monsters.
Added new object, Faded Scroll Fragment, for use in labrynth quests.
Stat gain potions can be good or great quest rewards at the lower depths.
Added message for when a putrid flower the player cannot see fires at a player.
Bugfix: Fixed a misspelled word in the descriptions for the Servant of Tulkas and Greater Servant of Tulkas.
Bugfix: Traps couldnt be disarmed if the player was standing on a disarmed chest.
Bugfix: Non-spellcasters were sometimes getting spellpoints.
The message verifying a command now specified the action (eg really quaff that potion?)
Add monster character to targeted monster display. (patch by Runningaway).
Fixed some instances of functions that, when searching all squares around a certain square,
was referencing the wrong table, causing it to ignore the down direction and downard-left direction.
Quest monsters standing in dangerous terrain get teleported off.
Bugfix: Player sometimes regenerated hp after dying.


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Re: NPPAngband 6.0.0 released
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2012, 02:08:57 AM »
Congrats and well done on the monstrous changelog!   8)
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Re: NPPAngband 6.0.0 released
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2012, 10:00:13 AM »
Why can't I see my invrntory or equipment? I press "i" and the top of the screen says "Inventory" and how burdenned I am but doesn't actually display anything.