Author Topic: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0RC1 aka "The Mathematics of Tears"  (Read 5416 times)


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Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0RC1 aka "The Mathematics of Tears"
« on: December 16, 2012, 09:35:13 PM »
As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 1.0.0RC1 ! See
Yes you read it right, RC1! So this is mostly bug fixes, improvements, ... but a heck of a lot of t hem!
Oh and well I couldnt resist and still added some contents .. ;>

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    Many many bugfixes & polishing
    New Chronomancers start: Point Zero, a "town" that "sits" at the beginning of all time threads
    Two bundled addons for donators: Items Vault & Stone Wardens class
    Big new great chunk of lore, go check it out in Elvala
Expanded changelist:
    New hook "mapGeneratorStatic:subgenRegister"
    Corrupted Strength can only trigger once per turn
    Make Elemental Surge more usable and obvious
    Reduced a bit Aether Breach damage
    Aether Permeation doesnt give +15% arcane resist by itself and sets all other resistances to 50% of arcane resist instead of 100%
    Telekinetic Core only hits actors once
    Fixed inspecting oozing horrors
    Fixed Overseer of the Nations description to not include lite radius
    Meteoric Crash will not damage the caster even without Spellcraft
    Seeing Meteor Rain cast also enabled Meteoric Crash prodigy
    New achievement in the temple of creation quest
    "You know who's to blame" achievement is actually doable
    Kill Bill achievement can only be gained by being level 1 as the player
    Weird Pedestals event fixed when not usingshockbolt tiles
    Detrimental status effects that are shrugged off will not stop running
    No more traps in escape from reknor
    Talkbox has no popup animation
    Reintroduced Nightmare mode as a step between normal and insane
    Insane mode is now unlocked by winning on Nightmare mode
    table.concatNice for .. nice formating
    Sher'tul Fortress rooms name is shown before the zone name
    Dwarves can be redhead too if you have the cosmetic unlock!
    Move to normal inventory is the first action when an item is in the transmo chest (unless unidentified)
    Artifacts can now be identified from the inventory if you have the orb/talent/.. to do so anyway
    Zigur patrols will be friendly if you know antimagic, even if you knew spells before (like a Shalore)
    Can not Shadow Simulacrum / Inner Demons time-summoned creatures
    Switch Place while using Onslaught wont clone creatures
    Crystal Focus applied on a staff will remove the ability to change its type
    Dialogs are slightly translucent
    Arcane Vortex now explodes in a ball when the affected creature dies before the end of the effect
    Epic new lore available (for a price) in Elvala: The Spellblaze Chronicles. Learn about the days of the spellblaze, the Shaloren leader and the rise of Linaniil!
    Three new achievements for finding major lore stories
    Gloom stun works like other stuns, it cant put instant talents on cooldown
    Fixed inscriptions in online chardumps
    Slavers control orb can not be used if attacking the slave master
    Fixed Spellblaze Remnants
    Golemancy is usable for Adventurer class
    Bligthed Summoning confers the alchemist golem with corrupted strength and the reaving combat tree
    Fix heroism infusion prices
    Learning a mindslayer talent will autolearn telekinetic graps, beyond the flesh and grant the psionic slot
    Buffed Atamathon, because I'm evil
    Tree of Life graphical effect fixed
    Removed teleport immune rares and randarts
    The appearance of the fortress shadow can be changed to something more .. appealing to all tastes for 60 energy once the rod of recall has been bound to the fortress
    Thalore's Nature's Pride buffed: cooldown reduction more effective, treants last 8 turns, gain resist all equal to the user's blight resistance, gain more accuracy, can taunt and get talent levels equel to the Nature's Pride talent level
    Thalore experience penalty reduced to 30%
    Thalore's Guardian of the Woods grants more disease resistance (up to 100%) and also grants a bit of resists all
    Armour Training reduced to 5 points
    Bellowing Roar only hits foes
    Summons can not be summoned through walls
    Automatic talent use when no foes in sight will not trigger when blind
    Reloading after diabling shaders should still work
    Manasurge runes will regen mana while resting even for those without natural manaregen
    Can not use items from the transmog chest popup on level change
    Mice dream now correctly has foes
    Fix the description of Gravitic Trap
    Pest Control achievement now checks for both multiply talent and clone_on_hit
    The 5 elemental undeads can appear in the ID
    Kryl-Feijan can appear in the ID
    Draconic Body prereqs are automet in the ID/Arena
    Escort talent tooltips are show with a 0.8 mastery if not known
    Counterstrike always has an integer duration
    Artifacts lore popups over store dialogs
    Corrupted Strength and Dual Weapon Training description fixed
    Arcane Blade lost the cooldown penalty on flame/lightning/earthen missiles
    Arcane Blade now has 2h-crippling, shield-offense and dualwield-offense trees locked at 1.0 mastery
    Blighted Summoning affects yeek wayists, thaloren treants and ghoul rot's ghouls
    Corona only targets as far as it can reach
    Buffed rare items
    Talent trees are sorted by known/unknown in the levelup screen
    Rod of Recall and Orb of Many Ways automatically setup in the hotkeys bar when picked up
    Shadow Feed now also increases physical & magical attack speed
    New marauder helm egos
    Dirty Fighting now only takes a turn if the stun lands (and is not shrugged off) otherwise it is free
    Cripple damage increased, now reduced spell, mind, melee speed instead of damage and attack
    Flying combat damage is now bigger and a different color for crits
    Giant Leap now deals 200% damage
    You shall be my weapon! now deals 350% damage
    Massive Blow now deals 150% + 350% damage
    Windblade now deals 220% damage
    Swift Hands removes the cooldown penalty from swapping items
    Steamroller now provides a stacking (up to 100%) +20% damage buff when killing a foe
    Restless Night now deals damage over five turns instead of all at once
    Inner Demon health will be lower when used on higher ranked targets
    Sleep effects now can be resisted with confusion or sleep immunity, which ever is higher
    Trap Handling merged into Heightened Senses
    Heightened Senses moved to first talent of the Survival tree
    New Charm Mastery talent as the second Survival talent, reduces the cooldown of all charms and usable items
    Meteoric Crash triggers of both spells and mind powers
    Roll With It now also grants a 200% movement speed buff
    Giant Leap requirement changed to 50000 damage with any weapon
    Windblade requirement changed to 50000 damage with dualweapons
    Massive Blow requirement changed to 50000 damage with a two handed weapon
    You Shall Be My Weapon! requirement changed to only check size
    Spectral Shield now requires having cast 100 spells
    Feather Wing provides fatigue reduction at level 5
    Adventurers start with more equipment and a manasurge rune
    Celestial/Glyph can now be placed as a hit instead of a bolt
    Armour of Shadows also unlits the tile the user is standing on
    Temporal Form now last 10 turns and also converts all damage done to temporal, sets your temporal damage bonus equal to your highest damage bonus + 30%
    Temporal Form requirement changed to visit out of time zone + having cast 1000 spells
    Redhead option for elves!
    Elves and Halflings can also be redheads
    Spell Feedback now also adds a 30% spell failure chance to the caster
    Gwai Burninator price increased
    Fixed ressource generating charms
    Fix Garkul helm price
    Buffed Rak'Shor, Gorbat, Grushnak and Vor
    Buffed Myssil
    Void shards now only start the explode countdown/trigger after 2 turns
    Sustained talents tooltip updates correctly
    Old battle field and Tombstones events now display graves opened when they were
    Allied Kingdoms patrols can be fought
    Anorithil and Sun Paladin patrols can be fought
    Mousewheel in the combat log removes the fade, as in the chat log
    For 25 fortress energy you can now have the transmogrification chest automatically extract gems (if you know the talent) to increase gold gain
    Arena quest npc appears up to level 13
    Derth attack starts at level 14
    Armour Training can not be unlearnt
    Emotes look and disappear nicer
    Rat Lich event stairs have a few rats near them
    Updated main menu background anim with the new golden shield and lightning particle effects
    Pale Drake learnt Elemental Surge
    Summoners range on summons reduced to 5
    Twilight now has a passive effect, it will set the default value of positive and negative energies. Each turn the energies will raise or lower towars this value instead of 0
    Circle of Warding projectile slow increased fivefolds
    Halfed the cost of all Circles
    Buffed Champions of Urh'Rok
    Buffed Endless Woes procs and it also handles Temporal and Mind elements
    Wind's Whisper now has an additional 25% chance to deflect projectiles to a nearby spot
    High level Sun Infusions can dispel magical darknes
    Arcane Destruction gained a visual effect
    Limmir shouts for help when attacked
    Fix amethys damage bonus
    Buffed Absorb Life
    Fix graphical weirdness like ice going over moutains and such
    Bloodspring now heals for 50% of the damage done
    Wearing an activable item place it in your hotkey bar automatically (and as for talents it remembers where)
    fixed checkbox sizes a bit
    Fixed dex requirement on Spellblaze Shard
    Buffed Militant Mind and Luck of the Little Folk
    Ctrl+v works in all textboxes
    URLs in the chat are parsed and clickable
    Summoner's Detonate doesnt hit friends
    Nagas drop tridents again
    Legacy of the Naloren talent allows you to speak with Slasul to get a big nasty trident artifact
    Buffed Telos Spire of Power
    Poison Breath applies poison with mindpower
    Left/Middle click bound talents must be known to be used
    Fixed the flickering of the tip on the loadscreen
    Rares/randboss/.. can not be Solipsists
    temp effects ids are textual, should help save compat a bit
    Draconic Will does not prevent status effects of type "other"
    Malslek the Accursed's Hat now has a talent on mindpower effect too
    Fixed Lay Web
    Loading screen of ToME will display a random "fun fact" in the top right corner: number of total deaths, playtime, ten killers, ... taken from the vault
    Clarified the activation of Spellblaze Remnants
    Unforunate end can only trigger if the player qualifies
    When minimap is hidden it wont react to clicks
    Adventurer parties and Ziguranth patrols move slower on the worldmap
    Adventurer parties and Ziguranth patrols encounter maps are a tad bigger
    High Peak first levels are more caverny
    Daze changed to not make skip turns; instead it reduces damage, defense and saves to 50%; prevents movement and still breaks on damage
    Each high peak level (except the last) has a zone wide aura changing some things
    Lichform quest is granted when first activating the talent Blurred Mortality
    Fixed the <50 infinite dungeon achievements
    Fixed Leaves Tide to make the bleeding correctly attributed to the caster
    for dekar, with love
    Store levels is not bound to player level anymore, it depends on the number of restocks and the town it is in. So can visit at level 1 without fearing lower items
    Coming up from sublevels should not put players in mountains
    It is impossible to teleport to Celia's room until she opens all the coffins
    Clarified how to get a random name on the birth screen
    Blighted Ruins are only 3 levels
    Can not Time Skip the Fragmented Essence of Harkor'Zun
    Reduced timer on the Charred Scar a bit
    Fixed psionic Backlash from looping forever
    Rod of Recall gets a notification when picked up
    Buffed Frozen Ground and Shatter
    Fixed Timeless not removing effects if it brang them to 0 duration
    Replaced Water's 4th tier talent with Shivgoroth Form
    Creatures in vaults will not be able to act (nor be damaged) until the vault is opened
    Eye of the Wyrm updated to venom drakes
    Eye of the Storm is less spammy
    Dreaming Horrors have a scaling Dreamscape talent instead of a fixed high level one
    Fixed the Selfless win not registering on the vault
    All achievements from winning appear above the death dialog
    The ruined dungeon now has all orbs put near the gate, but they are inactive. In their old places lies 6 guardians which must be defeated to allow interraction with them
    Angolwen NPCs hate antimagic people
    Removed off-guard effect from accuracy vs defense checks
    Dont assign talents on birth does not break tutorial
    Sped up a bit ice shards
    Rampaging into a wall does not anger you that much
    Fix Ak'gishil's Animated Swords tiles
    Draconic Will is available in the ID
    Game log now has a nice little icon for the source of damage kills & tooltips
    Message log now also has entity icons, tooltips and for actors you can right click them to fully inspect
    Message log is now bound to 'h' by default
    Fixed crystaline set on gloves
    Added a right click menu on chat users in the message log
    Added a "report user for bad behavior" option to the message log and chat log; use it with care
    Forbid dreamscape/fearscape on summons
    Randomized music in the ID
    Smoke Bomb affects a radius at higher levels
    Foes affected by smoke bomb do not prevent stealthing (event at close range)
    Hide In Plain Sight chance is now checked once instead of once per foes
    Can not switch place with the Guardians Totem
    New achievement for saving all escorts
    Mindslayer shields now follow the same level&wil requirement as other trees
    Mindslayer shields now gain new elements they protect against as you levelup Absorption Mastery
    Chromatic Harness updated with venom drake aspect
    Nerfed Brotoq ... poor Brotoq
    New hook UISet:Minimalist:Resources to display a new resource
    Added a hasLOS check to aiSeeTargetPos which will cause the actual target position to be obfuscated if it is not in LOS
    Added range checks to Actor:hasLOS in the engine as well as ToME
    Flee_dmap AI now flees from aiSeeTargetPos and not the actual target position when required
    NPCs that receive damage from an unseen target will temporarily gain A* pathing (not temporary effect damage, though)
    Added blocked A* pathing to the engine's move_dmap
    Added NPC shoving to ToME, so simple chokepoints cannot be held as easily
    Adding a forgotten sustain_at_birth for forge-giants
    Fixed a long-standing bug in ToME's tactical AI canFleeDmapKeepLOS and added the ability for ai_tactic.safe_range to take wide corners to avoid player ambushes
    Hate regens to full on death
    Fixed Curse of Death description
    Change the default FOV algorithm for ToME and TE4 to be fully symmetric
    An empty line is inserted in the game log when player turn begins
    Big Arena improvments, including UI
    When more than one party member has access to inventory you get the option to transfer an item in the inventory
    Preventthe Grand Corruptor from being stuck in your own fearscape
    Adding A* pathing to ToME's move_anchor.
    Letting A* pathing use simple if it cannot move along the path (blocked by ACTOR for example).
    Fixing staff projection throwing errors when disarmed.
    Added alchemy bomb gem stats to the tooltips for base gems if the player knows the create alchemy gems talent
    Added a new function to engine.Map to more accurately compute a compass direction (north, southeast, etc) from coordinate differences and updated the slightly misleading escort emotes to use it.
    improve money in arena
    Can not die the same turn as winning in the derth arena
    Can not die at the same turn as winning in the chrono-twins event
    The special farportal event is a bit less rare
    New town: Point Zero, it stands at the begining of all time threads
    New zone: Unhallowed Morass, near Point Zero
    Chronomancers now start in Point Zero
    Escape from Reknor and Blighted Ruins are excluded from rares, whatever the level
    AutoExplore go to "special" terrain (like glowing chests) once like it does items. Tries to ignore them afterwards, but will still stop at them if "block_move" tests to true.
    AutoExplore only go to vault doors once
    AutoExplore don't stop exploring because of losing air until less than 75% max air capacity.
    AutoExplore don't repeatedly stop at escort portals
    AutoExplore specify the direction of seen hostile
    Brawlers start with gloves in inventory
    Meteor will not destroy recall portal

Have fun!

PS: svn 6112


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Re: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0RC1 aka "The Mathematics of Tears"
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2012, 12:41:50 AM »
That is one fantastically giant heap of fixes and polish----well done!   I foresee a short RC series indeed if the remaining candidates are even remotely on par with this in terms of scope and enhancing at all angles.   8)
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Re: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0RC1 aka "The Mathematics of Tears"
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2012, 06:10:43 AM »
oh, it looks really nice
i have played tome before, long ago, even had ~40 lvl roguelike difficulty character.. but i lost that save with alive char due to pc crash -_-

it even has auto exploring now, i think i should download the new version and try to win it :3


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Re: Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.0.0RC1 aka "The Mathematics of Tears"
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2012, 01:41:23 PM »
Indeed you should :)