Author Topic: Random Roguelike Town  (Read 11155 times)

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Re: Random Roguelike Town
« Reply #15 on: December 22, 2012, 12:32:00 AM »
This is for FFHtR, right? Why not take FFH buildings and put those in? For instance...

- Elder Council. Provides... identification? Scrolls, spellbooks, spells? Historical lore?
- Library. Obvious enough.
- Mage Guild. The more arcane alternative to the two above.
- Monument. Different cities could have monuments inscribed for different gods that could give you blessings.
- Catacomb Libralus: Every spellbook and scroll anywhere ever :p
- Hunting Lodge. Adventuring companions, light equipment.
- Inn, Tavern. News from the world, adventuring companions, quests.
- Herbalist. Cures and potions.
- Obsidian Gate. Free transport! Comes in kinda late in FFH though and I don't know when this game is set...
- Harbor. Exotic items.
- Grove. I assume that building a grove, given how expensive and late-game it is, involves not just planting some trees but founding a whole temple and all. Powerful nature-related stuff.
- Infirmary. Maybe a very cheap source of healing?

And so on and so forth. Really, if you stretch things a little you could get pretty far mostly only using buildings from FFH and maybe its modmods.