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91 (now at Beta)
« on: November 24, 2012, 01:23:51 PM »

91 is a role-playing game in a modern-day setting. It uses today's design sensibilities in a retro roguelike-like format.

Hooray! After 3 years of development, the Beta release of 91 is now live! To celebrate, I ceremoniously changed the link above to say "Play Beta".

This means that now you can play all the way through the game, from start to finish. The ending is very dramatic :D

But development isn't over yet. As you play through the game, you may notice that the content gets more and more sparse as you go on. There is still plenty of content to fill in, dialog to write, numbers to tweak, skills to create, and more. These types of refinement will be my development tasks for 2013.

So check it out, and always get in touch if you have any ideas or find any bugs!

The world was forever changed after Ascent, a few years before 91 begins. On that day skyscraper-sized perfect-cylinders of black rock rose out of the ground in major cities around the world. The physical damage was great, but greater was the psychological toll taken by a confused and terrified humanity. No cause or purpose for these towers has ever been seen, and since their creation they have remained silent. Still, the cities they exist in have been thrown into turmoil. Some have been abandoned, others thrown into anarchy, while others still have found ways for life to go on.

The game takes place in a city called Flauston. Flauston is home to two towers, one in the city proper, and one rising out of the water in the city’s harbor. A largely-abandoned police force struggles to keep peace, but the city has become home to unprecedented levels of crime. The military has blocked off the city, allowing residents to come and go only after being detained for days at a time.

You are a resident of Flauston who has lived in the city your whole life. While many have fled, you’ve stayed behind in the city you’ve always known. Things were going just fine for you until one fateful night when you were enjoying a drink in Murphy’s Pub in Flauston’s West Side. You woke up the next day with a heavy headache and a light wallet. The events that follow unravel an intricate plot that you’re in the thick of, like it or not.

Played via the website, registering to it needed to save at this point---promising screens and a quickstart guide on there as well.
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