Author Topic: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta43 "The Coming of Shadows" unleashed  (Read 4112 times)


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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta43 "The Coming of Shadows" unleashed
« on: November 25, 2012, 10:30:38 PM »
As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta43 ! See
This is the last "big" beta, the next one/ones will focus on polish and then onto V1 !
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !
Release highlights:
    New progression path for high level characters: prodigies talents
    Removal of traps in most zones, uness it's a vault
    Many new artifacts & uniques
    New quest zone for Cursed
    Nerf of Solipists
    Engine supports tile animations and movement "twitching"
    Removal, addition and rebalancing of many egos.
    Buff of Wyrmics
    New minor even in many zones: glowing chests
    Graphical updates
    Many bugfixes & polishing

Expanded changelist:
    Antimagic arena should really not stop
    Dream actors can not access inventory
    Sane keyboard navigtion in the levelup screen
    Fix aether beam being disarmed at the same time as expiring
    Some new donator tiles, mostly yeeks and undeads
    Points buttons have description in the levelup screen
    Transmo popup happens before level switch instead of after
    Focus Whip visual effect doesnt overreach
    Fixed possible bug with fearscape when the cster had not enough vim to sustain it one turn
    Fixed blade of distorted time
    Fix explosion expert in rare cases
    Sped up the profiles protocol, reducing/eliminating the "profile disabled" bug
    Sex choice is remembered
    After killing 3 tier1 bosses you simply stroll through other tier1 zones, getting directly to the last level
    Fixed naga portal particles and worldmap unvisited glow
    Golem can levelup past level 50 in the ID
    Fixed chat/charsheet/inventory actor display not showing special tiles
    More pace for price in shops
    Some classes are "rare" and will appear less often on rares / randomboss
    Shadows will not scale beyond level 50
    Fix the lost wife dream when using no shaders
    Fixed thought form reloading
    Fix stone shader
    Deactivating sustains no longer breaks psionic channels
    Fix feedback tooltip
    Mind damage from the summoner no longer damages thought-forms
    Fixed ooze horrors slime wave talent
    Distortion bolt no longer rolls crit twice, damage calculations for explosion changed
    Dreamforge no longer brainlocks every turn but has a chance to brainlock instead
    Thought-forms can now spawn with technnique based egos (hopefully reducing the chance they'll spawn without an item)
    Thought-forms in ascii are now easier to distinguish
    Secondary bonuses from thought form unity moved to over mind, over mind range increase removed
    Fixed restless night and nightmare interaction
    Disruption Shield is not deactivated when switching items
    Yeeks winners should correctly be noted in the vault
    Fixed backlash loops
    Fixed corrupted strength procing off non-spells
    Distortion will now last two turns instead of 1
    Distortion bolt now makes distortion effects ignore friendly targets at tl 5
    Reduced values on many dream-forge talents
    Insomnia now stacks up to 10 turns
    Inomnia now ticks up while the target is asleep, preventing overlapping sleep abuse
    Nightmare aoe increased
    Distortion wave aoe increased
    Inner demons can no longer summon
    Inner demons and waking nightmare now ignore fear immunity if the target is asleep
    Sustaining a thought-form will now put other thought-form talents on cooldown
    Reduced sleep power bonus on insomnia, increased insomnia power reduction
    Dismissal now only blocks 50% damage on a non-crit and 75% on a crit
    Projections spawn more often in the dreamscape
    Dreamscape now ends if enough projections are killed to kill the target
    Reduced worm that walks talent levels
    Dreaming horrors spawn fewer dream seeds
    Fixed timeskip/rune of the rift sometimes leveling up targets
    New Unique: Void Spectre.
    New Artifact: Void Orb, the Arcane Ring.
    Slight buff to fists of the desert scorpion.
    Mindpower on Nexus of Way nerfed for yeeks and buffed for non yeeks.
    Eye of the Wyrm infinite power fixed.
    Surefire nerfed
    Mindpower on focus whip nerfed, but it now counts as a gem for mindslayers. As well, damage, level range, and material level increased.
    Mindpower on Serpent's Glare nerfed, but it now activates for spit poison.
    on_takeoff removed from Inner Eye due to uselessness.
    Corpus' Vilespawn weakened.
    Hydra's Bite damage increased.
    Ward removed from spellhunt remnants.
    Dawn's Blade given old summertide features :)
    New zone for Cursed only, around level 20 revealing some backstory
    Rush switched placs with precise strikes
    Suicide on the eidolon plane is duely noted
    Kill count in tooltips works
    Right click on the map dialog will scroll
    Disengage and Hack'n'Back can not be used when immobile
    Correctly falgged many npcs as not bleeding
    Eating the sandworm queen heart when knowing the category properly gives +0.2 mastery
    Random rares/bosses should not be able to learn shell shield/call of amakthel/...
    Paradox resource bar indicates a bit better that it gets high
    Equilibrium resource bar changes color when getting too high
    New escort type, temporal which teaches chornomancy; replaced by a psionic reward for antimagic
    'p' is now a binding to the levelup interface, no more silly shift+letter
    Introducing a new evolution path for high level characters: Prodigies. They are a bunch of talents tied to having high stat (>= 50) and some other requirement. They are only one level, you may learn one at 40 and one at 50. They can do anything and are *not* class bound.
    Some bosses have been upgraded with prodigies
    Fyrk buffed to a correct power level
    Paradox failures etc. now have sound effects and more visible combat log entries
    Fixed Precognition (hopefully)
    Fixed steady mind defense bonus
    Reduced duration of dreamscape
    Dream prison drain is now based on a percentage of maximum psi
    Max scroll distance increased to 30
    Reduced ultrashield particles on fallback display for some minor events
    Fixed some tooltips
    New hooks to add escorts
    Arcane escorts can always be sent to zigur even without antimagic. After all they ARE filthy magic users, they must burn. Everybody knows that!
    Confusion maximum power capped at 50%
    Stuns no longer reduce healing
    Bellowing Roar now does physical damage
    Bill quest only requires the lore from Prox
    Shadows do no trigger traps
    Ritches on the island of Rel now drop ingredients
    Marauders are unlockable using rogues or shadowblades
    The caldera will awlays be available to yeeks
    Shadowstep max daze duration limited, cooldown increased to 6 (from 5) and damage increased
    Healing Nexus is correctly classified as a debuff
    Earth's Eyes now reveals a bigger area but always centered on the player. Also when meditating if you know earth's eyes you gain ESP
    Drag/droping an item to wear will only takeoff items from the correct slot
    Merchant artifact can not be arcane for antimagic characters anymore
    Bearscape reward will actaully change your tile to a bear ;>
    Solipsism damage to psi made less spammy
    Mind Storm damage reduced and feedback cost increased
    Mind Storm bolts now pass through friendly targets
    Nightmare damage reduced
    Reduced range on most solipsist talents to 7
    Antimagic disruption made more obvious in the combat log
    Changed the power source on many artifacts to more appropriate ones
    Purging egos now give a saving throw
    Amulets and Ring egos reworked; all otehr egos will not give effect immunities but them; but they will have much higher values
    Tab will cycle between minimap, full map, no minimap
    Autoexplore will rest before starting, disable-able by an option
    Electric eels and Rel's flamespiter ritches have lite radius of 1
    Wear option from the transmo chest
    Talent config is @ instead of * in the use talent menu
    Shift+tab works in equipment window to switch betwen controls
    New status effects will flash green/red when they appear
    Fixed ctrl-compare in stores
    Reduced particles of the whistling vortex
    Fixed cheezing golem power
    Fixed sustains staying on when unlearning them in some corner cases
    Escort quests mastery bumped to 0.8
    New archery hooks
    Godslayer weapons can not be cursed
    Quick switch weapon is bound to q by default
    All npc talents should correctly show up in charsheet
    New 'cosmetic unlock' redhead humans
    Added mindstar stores to Zigur and Shatur
    Graves in the last hope graveyard are predeterminted, chronomancy can peek inside
    Fixed enemies sometimes not targeting the player when the player is blinded
    Fixed cloning enemies in the fearscape/dreamscape
    ixed cloning enemies in the fearscape/dreamscape
    Buffed threads of fate, broken hour glass, and temporal augmentation robe power usage
    Maybe fixed the particles crash-to-desktop bug
    Fix double-hitting projectiles when moving into them
    Many new artifacts
    Added support in the core for tile animations
    Core now supports movement 'twitch', small bumps while moving
    ToME now uses movement twitch (option to disable it) for both movement and attacks
    Golem rushing skills provide visual feedback
    Recalling from sub-zones works
    Prodigies with special requirements are autovalidated in the arena or the ID
    Exploratory Farportal uses 45 energy
    Entrance to the charred scar bowels is a little more obvious
    Fixed the unresponsive keypress/mouse bug
    Saving will not uselessly clone particles & suchs
    Atamathon Ruby Eye buffed
    Bloodrage tooltip fixed
    Bloodrage duration based on talent level
    Zigur sacrifce is now a birth unlock
    Weirdling Beast lost its poison resistance
    Stun can not put Reload on cooldown
    Moved 'super unique undead' into rak'shor only (no more rotting titan in dreadfell)
    Reduced drop rates on greater egos in tier one and two dungeons
    Rewrote and rebalanced many egos
    Removed many redundant egos
    Added many new egos
    Maybe fix the non-redrawing screen. After a few tens of seconds it should force back to display
    Resources regen is faster and more efficient, we can now add new resources without fear!
    Savefiles are now bound to the addons that created them, they forceload only those, and cant load if they do not exist
    Automatic talents taht take a turn will not trigger in sight of foes
    New corrosive venom drakes
    New corrosive venom drake category for wyrmics
    New high level drake category for wyrmics
    Heroism infusions now let you survive at negative HP
    Golem wnt start with ego items
    Blighted Maul correctly specifies it hits both friends and foes
    Autoexplore tries vault doors last
    Lava Island "vault" in Eruan changed, and rewards a clean voratun ring!
    New minor event available in many zones: glowing chests. Can contain nice stuff. But beware.
    Worm that Walks no longer has a casting speed bonus
    Dreaming Horrors no longer know the talents Slumber and Restless Night
    Fixed a bug that caused Night Terrors to create an infinite loop when spawned by Hammer Toss
    Money 'vaults' are correctly restricted to OOD of the zone
    New FOV algorithms available
    Automatic talent use can now be set to fire when no actors in sight, when actors in sight, when actors in melee range or always
    Adjusted the description of weapon mastery talents to mention they only work when using said weapon
    Enable the Adventurer bonus class when winning the game. It allows you to select any of the possible talent trees in the game. Beware this is not balanced nor even sure all combos are working. Use at your own risk, and fun
    Profile login integrated on the main menu
    Zigur is on the move, new patrols on the world map
    Autoexploring into a seen_by actor will work
    Explosion expert will not make throw bomb crash when targetting darkness grids
    The Master can summon his minions once again
    Can not sacrifice to Zigur if you are a filthy magic user. Bouh to you ! BOUH !
    Minor events should correctly appear in ASCII mode
    Quake will only work on growable or diggable terrain
    Autoexplore will try to avoid bad minor events effects
    New particle engine capability: line mode
    Using the new particle system the lightning effects have been improved!
    New lore when entering the Dreamscape
    Two new loading screens
    New option to only popup lore once per profile
    Fixed scrolling in the levelup dialog
    Lost merchant quest can not pop near the iron council
    Event portals & such can not be moved around
    Summertide has defense & armour
    In an unpredictable move all traps are gone from most normal zones! Traps can still happen in vaults and a few special areas
    Hateful torques correctly grant hate instead of removing it
    Fungal Growth correctly triggers from summoner's turtle grand arrival
    Item can not be used from the transmo chest
    Psionic Pull doesnt damage the caster
    Patrols should not give rare errors anymore
    Fixed coral spray
    Fixed inner demons spawning with extra lives
    Fixed restless night dealing damage twice when inner demons spawn
    Fixed night terrors spawning from friendly targets
    Psiblades APR can nto go down
    Wild Gift's Detonate now can crit
    Detonate will also reset a random summon talent
    Fixed clicking on talents on the worldmap in Classic UI mode
    New 'GameOptions:HUDs' hook to add new HUDs
    New achievement for headbanging 20 bosses to death
    Fix a race condiion in display&realtime timers, should remove random soft freezes
    To alleviate problems with silly OSX and right clicks; alt+left click will function everywhere as a right click
    Life Drinker is classified as arcane powered
    Mummy wrappings fire penalty reduced to -25%
    Bindings of Eternal Night fire penalty reduced to -20%
    Burning Star is not wieldable anymore
    Fixed duration of rune of reflection
    Mind wards correctly work
    Overseer of Nations correctly increases infravision and heigthened senses
    Piercing Sight bonus appears in the charsheet
    Fix haymaker when targetting things bellow 0 hp (like a blurred mortality creature)
    Evasion does not prevent self-hits (so you can break your own iceblocks)
    Stone Wall and Ice Wall will not override some important event terrains
    StaticMap generator can handle special list for actors, objects and traps too
    Death diablog now shows the new achievements you gained and unlocks you made
    New vault in the old forest
    Two new greater vaults
    Prevent the debug console from erroring out when intorspecting objects with strings over 100chars long
    Loot cant drop outside of the derth arena
    Thunderstorm correctly works with Spell Shaping
    Frozen Spear rune projectile travel time removed
    Changed hyms, chants and moonbeam particle effects
    Celetial Glyphs and Circles talents can now crit and take no turn to use
    Changed Blighted Soil to reduce diseases resistance and grant all attacks made by the creature has a 40% chance to infect the target with a random disease

Have fun!


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Re: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta43 "The Coming of Shadows" unleashed
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2012, 11:07:12 PM »
Nice. Congratulations!

As always,
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Re: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta43 "The Coming of Shadows" unleashed
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2012, 01:21:05 AM »
Fantastic changelog---even if new content is getting locked down for the polish/overhaul phase for v1.0 to come, at least this means the modding folks can go all out now that things are moreso "settled" AND with some new toys to reckon...especially on the new resource potential.   8)
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Re: T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta43 "The Coming of Shadows" unleashed
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2012, 02:53:26 PM »
Oh great. Here goes my december.  >:( Another month completely dedicated to getting dudes to the East.  ;D Wheeeeeee!