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Angband (Now at v4.2.0!)
« on: September 14, 2012, 05:33:36 PM »

Angband is a free, single-player dungeon exploration game. You play an adventurer: seeking riches, fighting monsters, and preparing for a final battle with Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness.

Angband started life as a game called Moria in the 1980s in a programming language called VMS Pascal, later made the transition to C, as UMoria, and eventually become Angband some twenty years ago in 1994. To be honest, it's amazing that it's still going, and part of that is because there is an active and vibrant community of players and an always-changing set of active variants, or modified versions, many of which play very differently to Angband.

Angband itself is currently maintained by a rather loose-knit development team, who follow on from a long line of maintainers, hackers and other coders. Its code is available either under the GPLv2 or the now-archaic Angband licence, which was written before the idea of open source had gained much currency.

The Angband Dev-team is pleased to announce the release of 3.4.0 The new version can be downloaded from Rephial. (If you still see 3.3.2, you may need to refresh your browser.) The source can also be downloaded directly from the github release page.

Here are some of the most notable gameplay changes in the new version.

    -A new 64x64 tile set (by Shockbolt)
    -Many new monster pits and nests
    -Fuzzy detection
    -Upgrade to UTF-8
    -Angels have been replaced with Ainu
    -Removal of all weakly cursed items
    -Torches are radius 1 light
    -Changes to how monster summoning is handled
    -Deep descent scrolls now transport a character 5 levels deeper with a delay
    -Various tweaks to prices, monsters, allocation probabilities

A more detailed description of these changes can be accessed from the in-game help menus lib/help/340.txt, or can be viewed at the github repository. The full list of changes, including numerous bugfixes is far too long to include in this post, but can be found in the changes.txt file in the main directory, or can also be viewed at github.

We really hope you enjoy this latest version. While we have done our best to ensure that this version is free of major bugs, sometimes bugs have eluded us in the past. So please post any bugs you find in this thread.

Happy banding from the Angband 3.4 dev-team:

Fantastic to see them finally break through the various technical hurdles that had it so long since the last release---to say nothing of Shockbolt's fine tileset works yet again entering unto the fray.   8)
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Re: Angband (Now at v3.4.1)
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2012, 03:38:29 PM »

We've released 3.4, which is available on rephial. This is a minor bugfix release to clean up some of the issues that were pointed out in 3.4.0. It's recommended that you finish whatever 3.4.0 games you are playing before migrating over, although there are no known issues with transferring save files. The exception is if you're playing on the cocoa port, in which case we cleaned up some crash bugs that you might be distraught if you hit. Cocoa players are advised to switch right away.

Bugs fixed
  #1680 Fix pickup when squelched and unsquelched items are present
  #1683 Pref-parsing bug (thanks AnonymousHero)
  #1687 Fix mis-grouping of know and fuzzy-detected items in item list
  #1669 Fix unnecessary term_refresh calls on OSX Lion (mtadd and myshkin)
  #1695 Fix quit-crash on cocoa port
c0452e3 Do not leak information in item recall window
cf7b50b Fix Shockbolt tile loading in SDL

User Interface
cb3a780 Separate dragon scale mail from normal armor for squelch purposes
  #1678 Enable mouse-clicks in cocoa port
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Re: Angband (Now at v3.5.0)
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2013, 12:05:38 AM »

Dear comrades,

Festive greetings! I write to you today to announce to release of the fabled version "3.5" of Angband. Many of you have sampled its delights before its official unveiling, so the release itself may not be cause for much rejoicing - but is good to finally kick it out of the door and onto the urchin-infested streets.

Instead, this marks the passing of this great and glorious game to its new maintainer, Comrade Nick, who I have sworn in privately and whose skills and vision I entirely and unreservedly commend to you. I'd like to thank all the people who I've worked with over the last several years maintaining Angband, whether submitting small patches, reporting bugs or doing thorough reworks of the code. I would not have lasted this long without so many other people contributing! It really is a team effort. Long live Angband.

If you've been playing the pre-release nightlies, I'd still recommend you get the final version - there have been quite a few bugs fixed in the past few days, and who knows what new things await you in the depths...

Please finish your characters off in 3.4.1 if you're still playing that, since this is quite a different game and isn't guaranteed to be compatible. Once you have a savefile with a dead character, however, you can bring across the savefile to keep monster memory without problems. The full changelist is pasted below.

This release was brought to you by:

    Erik Osheim (d_m)
    Robert Au (myshkin)
    Chris Carr (magnate)
    Andi Sidwell (takkaria)
    Aaron Bader (fizzix)
    Brett Reid (blubaron)
    Elly Jones
    Bardur Arantsson
    Ben Semmler
    Brett Reid
    Gabe Cunningham
    Han Boetes
    Janeene Beeforth
    Nick McConnell

... and everyone else who's found bugs or written patches. Thanks all for your efforts.

Gameplay changes

    Monster groups completely overhauled. Now different monsters tend to appear with different companions, and some uniques appear together too. This results in e.g. groups of novice adventurers of different kinds appearing together.
    Rebalance object generation. Flatten out chances of getting good and great items - means more good and great items early on, proportionally fewer later.
    Rewrite ego allocation and rarities so that egos are more level-appropriate.
    Turn off selling to stores by default. Tweak the store interface so that it no longer talks about selling for 0 gold, instead you give items to the store in return for identification or recharging.
    Monsters spawn a lot less frequently after level is created (chance per turn has gone from 1/160 to 1/500).
    Reduce the size of monster escorts and groups.
    Make uniques more likely to drop out-of-depth items, and reduce the number of chances DROP_GREAT drops get at being great to compensate.
    Elvenkind now has level-dependent speed bonuses.
    Give thematic spell-book drops to monsters.
    Make town spellbooks available earlier in the dungeon (at dlev1 instead of dlev5).
    Change monster elemental attacks so that they do some part of their damage using elemental damage and some of it using physical damage. This means that the damage a monster attack gets calculated twice - once for if it was pure damage, one if it was elemental damage. Whichever of the two is higher is the amount of damage dealt. This meant that immunity won't reduce damage ridiculously low.
    Make Purifications and Healing a bit more of a find for Paladins by making CSW and CMW slightly better than the earlier versions instead of worse. (#888)
    Give the player a bonus to damage absorption for physical elemental attacks (085574b82d649)
    Some monster attacks no longer do physical damage (e.g. touch, spit, etc.) - they only do elemental damage. (3fc86a0f84db)
    Remove birth_ai_smart (broken). Replace with birth_force_descend, which is like 'ironman lite' - you can only take down stairs. You can still recall but down stairs from the town take you to your deepest level + 1.
    Make the damage monsters deal with each attack and their AC visible to the player after one attack/one hit.
    Remove Charisma and tone down gold drops to compensate.
    Remove Iron Spikes, jammed doors, and player door bashing.
    Replace rings of rFire & rCold with one ring, rFire&Cold
    Move =Flames/Ice/Lightning/Acid higher in the dungeon
    Radically improve Slow Digestion (you nearly never need to eat with it).
    Tweak mushrooms:
    - fast recovery heals some HP, clear mind heals 10SP.
    - substantially increase duration of telepathy from ,SecondSight and rConf from ,ClearMind.
    - Terror now gives you +10 speed
    - 2x change of finding ,Vigor, will be found later
    - mushrooms appear generally later in the dungeon and are spread out more
    Stop scrolls of Curse Armour/Weapon being generated, since they are gamebreaking when there are no sources of Remove Curse.
    All classes now start with a dagger (except priests) and less food/fewer torches.
    Split out start_kit option from no_selling.
    More option removals: maximise, birth_ai_smell, birth_ai_packs and easy_open are now permanently on. birth_ai_cheat is permanently off. Most disturb options have been removed, leaving only the one that people seem to actually change.
    Add solid and hybrid wall options, a la Sil. This removes platform-specific solid wall setups.
    Tone down the drop frequencies of spellbooks
    The Phial is radius 3 again.
    Instead of the general store having only 'always stocked' items, most shops now have some 'always stocked' items. These items are in an infinite stack, so you can buy as many as you like and there will always be another 40 in the store.
    There are more food types for sale at the General Store, and it sometimes stocks some mushrooms now as well.
    The Temple sells healing potions again now, and the alchemist will sometimes stock other potions it couldn't previously.
    Polymorph monster is more likely to work and has a wider range of possible monsters to switch between.
    Boots of Speed and Boots of Elvenkind are now at least +2 and +4, respectively.
    Make the priest/paladin spell recharging rise with level as the description says. It'll be as good at the scroll at clev30.
    Remove Gorged status if you eat too much food.
    Teleport object power now triggers 2x as often.
    No rings are now native <DL10
    All DSM breath weapons do at least 150 damage
    Move hellhounds to level 42 (#1718)
    Prevent regeneration during the first few turns of resting. (#1771)
    Allow randarts to have random flavors again.
    Drop equipped items when squelched (with confirmation). (#1737)
    Special flavoured artifacts have fixed item flavours now. (#1646)

Level generation changes:

    Add Nomad's new rooms, which make dungeons feel a lot more interesting.
    Add pac-man vault
    Rebalance frequencies and levels for different room types
    Increase floor drops in caverns and labyrinths
    Allow two nests or pits each level
    Reduce pit size and make nest size variable

Bugs fixed

    Force radius 3 for randart lights. (#1752)
    Fix up monster recall colouring and hit chance. (#1772)
    Allow drop/drop all from the inventory context menu to work correctly in the home. (#1727)
    Inscriptions now take use the roguelike keyset if that's what you're using. (#437)
    Fix object visuals dumping bug reported at php?t=5864
    Picking things up wasn't using energy. Also fix autopickup not always working. (#1759)
    Omit unnecessary UI updates during birth process. Helps with refresh issues. (#1669)
    Correct comments for X: in p_race.txt. (#1708)
    Reformatted Greater Maia description. (#1691)
    Clean up msg_repository[]. (#1690)
    Re-enable autosave. (#1699)
    Fix article handling when a detected item that's really a mimic, but is displaying as a red star because the player hasn't had LOS with it yet, is found to be a mimic. (#1676)
    Fix up article handling in messages reported in forum posts. (#1500)
    Fix monster capitalisation typos. (#1711) Patch by mart0258.
    Stop crashes when changing to ASCII in SDL.
    Fix UTF8 in HTML screendumps.
    Fix cursor in bigtile mode.
    Fixed a crash bug where do_cmd_inven() and do_cmd_equip() permitted tracking nonexistent items.
    Fix keymap pref-parsing bug (patch by AnonymousHero). (#1683)
    Fix typos in hints.txt and object.txt.
    Fix up various bugs with the item list: stop it combining items the player doesn't know are the same (#1687), stop leaking information on unknown items.
    Stop giving the player a menu for pickup if there is only 1 item they can see but other items that are squelched.
    Assign 'O' as roguelike keyset equivalent of 'K' (unhide squelched items). (#1679)
    Make sure that both Enter and 't' can toggle options in all option submenus. (#1501)
    Allow the -u switch to specify filenames outside of ANGBAND_LIB_SAVE on non-setgid systems. (#1220)
    Fix the birth menu starting race and class on the last entry instead of the first.
    Save HP warning and delay factor settings to options pref file.
    Allow pStun to be generated on non-body armour randarts.
    Fix up the logic of teleport level so it's always correct.
    Show quiver slots in inventory again (#1761)
    Fix monster tile mappings in the Adam Bolt tileset by nicking them all from PWMAngband (many thanks!). (#905)
    Stairs never appear in walls after killing Morgoth (fixes #874).
    Allow >255 character wide/high screens. (#427)
    The game will first look for a user pref file matching the character name (as it currently does). If that fails, it will try to find one matching the savefile name. Should address parts of #671 and #758. (Thanks Ben Semmler)
    A load of grammar fixes (thanks Ben Semmbler). Fixes #1738, #1732, #1731.
    Clean up duplicate and conflicting monster flags (thanks Ben Semmler). Fixes #1601, #1692.
    Change description for deep descent from two levels down to five levels down.
    Fix cavern redraw bug, update a lot of code to use cave->(width|height) instead of DUNGEON_(HGT|WID) (fixes #1751).
    Fix original tiles trap detect image (it was a hydra before)
    Make the game handle neuter gender better. (#1763)
    Move universal use in the roguelike keyset to 'X' to avoid conflict with running north east. (#1758)
    Univeral use command defaults now to inventory instead of equipment. (#1736)
    Make the subwindow inventory display responsive to its term size - hiding the weights and abbreviating item descriptions
    in small windows. (#1735)
    Fix old bug there if a monster is targeted using 'free targeting' mode, use_old_target would never clear after it was dead.
    Ensure monster death messages to go last, so you don't get "it dies. it moans in pain." type messages. (#1554)
    Clear overhead subwindow on level change when necessary. (#1495)
    Allow monsters to be placed on locations that have objects.
    Various grammar fixes (full stops, singular/plural agreement)
    Fix description for Rend Soul.
    In character dumps, don't include origin information for non-wearables and don't include obvious and basic flags.
    Fix typo that limited boulder damage.
    Light description and character dump fixes. (#401, #403, #1681, #1325, #1681)
    Get rid of extra linebreaks in character dumps. (#1325)
    Stop mimics revealing themselves when running. (#1667)
    Adjust 'when drunk' to 'when quaffed' for pedants. (#1635)
    Add back in sounds on monster deaths from spells. (#1630)
    Stop the inventory menu overwriting item descriptions. (#1725)
    Only show fail rates on items when requested if those items have fail rates. (#1734)
    Display a blank for a message count of zero. (#1787)
    Allow chests underfoot to be disarmed. (#1779)
    Fix gcu window sizing bug when there are any number of rows or columns besides 1 or 3.
    Prevent polymorphing into force-depth monsters.
    Attempt a fix of #142, hopefully making Windows fonts not disappear after an upgrade / folder move.
    Force drop knowledge on first kill and use race flags to determine drop text. (#1780)
    Gray out and disable some context menu items. (#1776)
    Check user directory for pref files. (#671)
    Offset cursor for sval squelch menu. (#1785)
    Feel objects when blind or without light. (#1665)
    Fix sounds, make message pref files use textual message types instead of numbers. (#1748), #1799.
    Fix various monster death messages and sounds.
    Prevent traps from being created on glyphs. (#1790)
    Partially address #671: Strip roman numeral suffixes when looking for pref files to load.
    Reorder inventory before displaying identification messages. (#1037)
    Create full stacks when combining pack. (#1733)
    Fix out-of-bounds crash in cave_monster_at(). (#1801)
    Fix chaos damage message. (#1806)
    Update map to show items felt during blindness.
    Fix pickup behaviour in the dark. (#1665)
    Save "unignore" status in savefiles. (#1293)
    Fix some monster plurals. (#1424)
    Fix mimic damage monsters when they're still mimicking. (#1754)
    Fix pval display on artifact jewelry. (#1789)
    Light up quartz and magma only when the player can see them.
    Pushing or trampling mimics now reveals them. (#1755)
    Allow shift-arrow-keys to run in curses again. (#1756)

User interface

    Make the default macro for 'swap weapon' be assigned to 'x' instead of 'X' for the Angband keyset. (#860)
    Make inventory listings terser in the term window if there's not much room. (#121)
    Make it so skills, hitdie and exp modifier when selecting a class on the birth screen are shown with racial adjustments, a la stat display. Fixes #1705 (thanks danial.santos).
    Improved error message for no available new spells to gain. Thanks to hboetes for pointing it out.
    Redesign character sheet, changing the fighting and shooting skills scores into numbers comparable to to-hit scores, and rearranging all combat info to be together in the centre of the screen. Also improve spacing. Fix height/weight display to be in sensible units.
    Rename =Delving to =Digging for thematic consistency
    Add option to show damage player does to monster in melee.
    Add a prompt if you try to deactivate WoR, just in case.
    Add Dragon Scale Mail category to squelch
    Remove player social class
    Allow loading and saving of autoinscription preferences to pref file.
    Include Dubtrain's sound set instead of the one Angband perviously had (encoded as high-quality VBR MP3).
    Add platform-native save dialogue boxes for character dumps and other things which prompt for a file to save to on OS X (both Carbon and Cocoa). Add note telling user where character dump is going to be saved to in text mode.
    On UNIX systems, there is a -l argument which shows you which savefiles you can use and what they are (e.g. savefile 'Nomad', L30 High-Elf Warrior on dungoen level 30). This will be ported to other frontends at some point.
    (Windows) Add some keyboard shortcuts to the Windows port for 'new game' and 'open game'. (#887)
    (Windows) Make the windows port save the game before closing on shutdown. (#296)
    (Curses) Allow specification of number of terminals in the curses port.
    Combine first two pages of options together; rearrange vaguely thematically. Add autoinscription shortcut from main options screen.
    Stop allowing the user to save options to a pref file, to avoid confusion. (#1127)
    Add Sil-style target highlighting option
    Add a new splashscreen
    Stop truncating player notes, clean up character dump so history looks more like how Sil has it, and modernise player history UI. (#1615)
    Allow object recall during look. (#1684)
    Add separate squelch category for Blades of Chaos, Scythe of Slicing, Made of Disruption. (#1781)
    Call the plasma effect plasma everywhere, not sometimes hellfire and sometimes plasma.
    Add command to toggle spell description. (#1628)
    Remove 'mouse button' support.
    Rewrite monster list and object list code, making both less buggy and swisher. (#1611, #1803)
    Fix lighting settings in graphics modes.
    Change vein colors for better visibility. (#1786)
    Use flavored object kind for untouched artifacts. (#1646)
    Update browse prompt with ? toggle.
    Update context menus to use correct keys and to check inscriptions, as well as making them gray out properly.
    Display a message when both equipment and inventory are empty and the player presses 'e'.


    Include Ben Semmler's excellent work on the Mac port:
    - Term windows can now be resized.
    - Add a command menu to get around issues with non-US keyboards. #880, #1460
    - Create a safe install target for development versions. #506
    - Change some makefile and Info.plist things to clean up version strings. #1701
    - Make windows closeable based on subwindow flags. #1664
    Fix for #1709: Use isMainWindow instead of isKeyWindow for detecting front-most window in main-cocoa, and don't try to change font for non-Angband windows. Also update the font selection panel when windows become main.
    Fix for #1695: In the Cocoa port, Cmd-Q now does nothing when inkey_flag is false, e .g. when the inventory menu is up. This behavior is now consistent with the Windows port.
    Finished the fix to #1669: remove call to displayIfNeeded from Cocoa TERM_XTRA_FRESH handler. (thanks to mtadd)
    Further issues from #1678: corrected bounds for clickable region and added support for OPT(mouse_buttons).
    Add right click and click plus modifier support.
    Add mouseclick support for the Cocoa frontend.
    Add support for animate_flicker option.
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Re: Angband (Now at v3.5.0)
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2013, 12:06:21 AM »

Coding changes

    Stop the code indexing into the monster race array all the time, instead preferring to pass around monster_race *. This has allowed significant simplifications throughout the code.
    Merge all store-related info in external files into a rewritten store.txt.
    Support building with clang.
    Add debug command to really hurt monsters ('H')
    Fix loads of warnings and errors that clang and splint threw up.
    Remove p_ptr->command_arg.
    Change alloc_prob and rarities to an int instead of a byte. (#1677)
    Refactor and simplify get_obj_num_by_kind(). Patch by daniel.santos. (#1707)
    Refactor a load of duplicated code in mon-power.c. Patch mostly by daniel.santos. (#1706)
    Remove Carbon-specific support for using '~' in paths on OS X to mean 'home directory' because Carbon is deprecated and it's unnecessary.
    Get close to removing z-type.c
    Factor out a lot of externs.h
    As ever, more little bits of cleanup and removal of old unused code.
    Allow item creation to be narrowed to one tval only.
    Replace a lot of passing around indexes into r_info, k_info etc with passing pointer to the appropriate entry instead. Closes out #1499.
    Clean up options saving code
    Change the format of flavors.txt so each flavour is on its own line - it's a lot more readable now. (#576)
    Refactor savefile loading framework into multiple shorter functions. It's a lot cleaner now.
    Remove op_ptr->base_name and process_player_name(). Replace with savefile_set_name() to set savefile filename and player_safe_name() which returns a filesystem-safe player name.
    Make the -d commandline arg useful (only applicable to non-Windows/OS X installs)
    Split SET_UID define out into SETGID for multiuser installs and UNIX. UNIX includes OS X. This means that on individual-user setups, the savefile no longer has your UID prepended. Angband will rename your savefiles to the new style when you first run it.
    Terrain feature flags now have the same bitflag system as the rest of th game, and are used by cave_is
    predicates where appropriate.
    Convert most cave->feat access (and uses of FEAT_*) to function calls instead (e.g. cave->feat == FEAT_FLOOR -> cave_isfloor(), add cave_isshop(), & more)
    Remove cave_bold
    functions/macros because they were named ridiculously, replace with better named functions.
    Rewrite FOV code to remove a massive Ben-era hack (vinfo_hack, and also uses of view_g/view_n/fast_cave_info). FOV is now more restrictive than before.
    The various CAVE_ constants (for cave->info[][]) have been named more sensibly, and in some places stopped being used
    Replace file_seek() with file_skip() as it was unused and skipping is more useful.
    The buildsystem can now build and install the HTML & PDF documentation. The OS X dist target and scripts/pkg_win will also package the manual if it exists. 'make dist' in the angband directory will now try to make the manual before packaging up the game and supercedes scripts/pkg_src.
    Try to move things out of defines.h into more appropriate places, and likewise with util.c
    Update lore system to use textblocks.
    Fix macros with potential side effects. (#1668)
    Make monster_desc() and its callers cleaner.
    Add spaces to colour names for text_out_e.
    Remove nether breath giving nether resistance for monsters; follow up close of #1791.
    Make do_cmd_wiz_query() actually display results.

Documentation changes

    Add the player's guide (basic strategy and tactics) from the old wiki. It's by no means complete but it is something at least.
    Update the help files with info about protections and resistances
    Update inscription documentation.
    Fix option documentation (#1750)

Big steps forward for a classic!   8)
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Re: Angband (Now at v3.5.0)
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2013, 03:16:43 AM »
If only they would make it console/dos again.  :'(


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Re: Angband (Now at v3.5.0)
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2013, 01:52:37 AM »
Although I'm more of a Hacklike player, this update convinced me to try Angband. And I must say, I'm impressed. Great job guys!
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Re: Angband (Now at v3.5.1)
« Reply #6 on: January 04, 2015, 02:36:26 AM »

Good evening,

After two dormant years on the devteam I'm pleased to announce the release of Angband 3.5.1. This is a bugfix release for 3.5.0 and contains only the following changes:

* Allow stores to be given items for recharging in no_selling (thanks PowerWrym)
* Fix crash bug with non-ASCII characters in monster + object lists (#1811)
* Fix a bug introduced with monster lights that makes monsters stupider
* Display level feelings in the status bar (thanks LuthienCeleste)
* Fix player history log turncount bug (#1815)
* Fix bugs where mimics could sometimes be hasted without being woken up (#1821)
* Fix the curses port ascii walls option & wall lighting bug (#1813)
* Fix bug where pressing 'e' with no equipment would bring up inventory (#1824)
* Update help files and improve some in-game explanatory text.
* Remove occasional double object feelings
* Fix bug where down stairs could occur on quest levels without killing the boss (#1802)
* Fix some memory leaks (thanks noz)
* Fix bug where identifying items in the quiver would say they were on the ground (#1820)
* Fix bug where randarts could get the remove curse activation
* Fix bug where artifacts sometimes weren't located
* Fix bug where sometimes identifying objects would produce strange effects when selecting later objects
* Fix bug where hitting monsters with missile weapons at maximum range would damage them twice (thanks shadowsun)
* Fix Windows 8 compilation & Windows DLL issue
* Fix build problems with HTML and PDF manual generation (#1810, #1831)
* Fix some unit tests

I'm going to bed, but it will shortly be available on In the meantime it's available from the autobuilders (Windows, OSX).

A happy 2015 to you all,

Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Angband (Now at v3.5.1)
« Reply #7 on: January 04, 2015, 02:34:14 PM »


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Re: Angband (Now at v4.0.0)
« Reply #8 on: July 01, 2015, 12:05:25 PM »


Soon before the release of 3.5.0, a community discussion had led to Nick McConnell becoming maintainer, with the intent of co-ordinating a major rewrite of the codebase and a mantra of "no gameplay changes until after the restructure". After a lengthy period of beta-testing, Angband 4.0.0 was released on Monday 29 June 2015.
Summary of Changes
Core-UI split

    split the game into core and UI, and stop anything in the core from depending on anything in the UI


    put many of the game constants in a text file rather than being compiled in, so they are user alterable
    text data files cleaned up and documented
    help file for modifying added - lib/help/modifying.txt

Dungeon generation

    allow saving of dungeon levels and the town
    allow generation of dungeon levels piece by piece
    generalise level generation algorithms
    allow more control over monster generation for thematic purposes
    allow regions where restrictions apply (eg no ESP or no mapping)
    there is a 'squares' array containing the terrain, locality info, traps, objects, flow info and monster on each grid

Player knowledge

    duplicate the dungeon level "cave" struct, so that there is a reality version and a player version


    replace pvals (aside from fuel, food etc) by an array of values
    separate resistances, immunities etc from flags to allow for more values of resistance
    separate brands and slays from flags to allow more variablilty
    remove hard-coding of object tvals and svals, so objects can be safely added and moved around in object.txt
    handle special artifacts straight from artifact.txt, so an unrecognised object kind (like Phial) automatically has a new object kind defined for it
    put artifact activations in a text file
    put objects in linked lists tied to the grid, store, monster or player that holds them, rather than indexed in a level-wide list

Inventory, quiver, equipment

    make ordering of the inventory and quiver a UI construct only
    use a Poschengband-style equipment template to specify equipment slots (so there is a standard player body, but more could be added)

Monster memory

    make this a separate file, with full memory obtainable by copying monster.txt


    multiple gameplay-identical terrain types now handled by temporary flags during generation
    a full terrain flag system to allow easier addition/removal of terrain types
    make traps separate entities, not terrain
    make locked/jammed doors just closed doors with a trap
    remove code reliance on the numerical value of terrain types


    remove all references to 'squelch', replace with 'ignore'
    add ignore by ego type
    emphasise the philosophy that the items are still there, just ignored


    have a separate field for every learnable property of an item
    remove the IDENT_* flags


    have all effects performed by a single function, and definable from text files

Monster attacks

    put elemental spell effects back in the projection code rather than the spellcasting code
    put blow effects into seprate handler functions

Player spells

    generalise to make it easier to introduce new realms, classes, etc
    have all spell info defined by a text data file


    have separate functions to handle effects on terrain, objects, player, monsters
    clarify different types of projection
    allow for cone-shaped breaths
    allow for a wider variety of effects (eg player/monsters pushed by force)

Stats, power, etc

    refine and generalise stats where possible
    attempt to clarify all the (frankly) fudge factors so they can more easily be seen and adjusted

General code stuff

    rename files to be more sensible, or create new ones where needed
    update debug commands to reflect the current game
    move data into list-*.h files or edit files where appropriate
    remove archaic stuff
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Re: Angband (Now at v4.0.1)
« Reply #9 on: July 15, 2015, 12:07:02 PM »


    Allow barehanded combat to get multiple blows
    Triple the number of room templates


    Stop spell books from claiming spells like teleport do damage
    A lot of coding style consistency improvements
    Improve device skill boost description
    Fix resistance to side effects of elemental attacks
    Reduce carried weight correctly when items leave the gear
    Remove potential crash when dropping from the equipment
    Some other minor issues identified by PowerWyrm
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Re: Angband (Now at v4.0.2)
« Reply #10 on: September 06, 2015, 11:59:51 AM »

Angband 4.0.2 is now available for Windows, OS X or as source - the site will update fairly soon, but as usual I'm too impatient for that.

Like 4.0.1, this is mostly a bugfix, but with a few other improvements (notably Elsairon's work on monster spell messages). There are still some potential issues with sound, and I'm far from convinced that I've eradicated all crash bugs, so please report failures. I'm hoping that 4.0.3 will (if needed) be quite a while away - and saying that probably ensures that it will be required within a week because of a game-breaking bug. We'll see

The changelist:

    New monster spell messages - thanks Elsairon
    Put subwindow options in a separate file so they work for all characters
    Order quiver ammo from worst to best
    Make resting and statusline display for deep descent work like for recall

    Stop wrong timed effect happening
    Make cheating death work
    Make monster lore saving always work
    Correct melee hit chance calculation
    Make artifact knowledge show correctly
    Fix starlight effect (plus some other potential projection issues)
    Make monster lore save properly after probing
    Give correct path to tiles in the SDL port
    Stop monsters shooting other monsters
    Calculate timed effects (notably temporary resists) properly
    Limit visual updates during running and resting, speeding these up
    Track the equipment count correctly
    Stop the charges from a destroyed device being deducted twice
    Small changes to build system to work better for servers and BSD
    Improve bounds checking for grids, preventing some crashes
    Make the quiver command symbol appear in help file display
    Fix lack of artifacts
    Several other minor code improvements
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Re: Angband (Now at v4.0.3)
« Reply #11 on: October 25, 2015, 12:21:09 PM »

Main features are more rooms from Nomad, fizzix's stair skip constant, and more bugfixing. Plan is now to try and make some real progress on the 4.1 plans.

The changelist:


    Add stair-skip constant, making stairs go up or down that number of levels
    Another 200 room templates (for a total of 500)
    A number of code improvements, mainly from PowerWyrm
    Shorten inventory prompt, put overweight info in 'C' screen


    Correct OOD boost for object feelings
    Really fix lack of artifacts this time
    Make RNexus prevent hostile teleport level
    Stop crash from summoning traps
    Improve object ID from ball spells
    Stop game hanging on empty quiver
    Stop crash during inventory item damage by elements
    Stop auto-ignore from cancelling monster detection
    Make sure all changes to equipment are counted
    Correct monster energy/turn order, stopping double moves by slower monsters
    Correct food descriptions
    Improve quitting in OS X
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Re: Angband (Now at v4.0.4)
« Reply #12 on: December 08, 2015, 01:27:55 PM »


    Remove some global variables
    Allow ego types to remove flags from base types
    Make Potions of Resist Poison also cure poison
    Improve pickup of partial stacks
    Disturb on first getting the object feeling
    Minor code improvements


    Stop crashes where use of an object destroys the object
    Let Windows port accept a filename from the command line again
    Speed up inventory/equipment refresh
    Let hit to shatter move the player again
    Stop autoinscriptions preventing object spoiler generation
    Make study indicator work for books on the ground
    Stop status effects happening after the player's death
    Make randart lights keep the original activations
    Make all new randart sets based on the standard artifacts
    Stop animations interfering with the target path
    Allow group monsters to melee the player in open areas again
    Make info for spells like Banish Evil say "power" rather than "dam"
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Re: Angband (Now at v4.0.4)
« Reply #13 on: December 08, 2015, 04:58:49 PM »

Mods for 4.0.3 which was made via editing gamedata's txt files are compatible with 4.0.4


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Re: Angband (Now at v4.0.5)
« Reply #14 on: April 18, 2016, 12:48:34 PM »

Version 4.0.5, intended as the final 4.0.x release, continued the pattern of bugfixes and minor improvements. It and was released on Sunday 17 April 2016.

    Randart diggers always have a digging bonus
    Some improvements to town generation
    Improvements to probing and monster lore
    Improvements to OS X port, including making Command-n bring up window n
    Improvements to object and monster lists
    Make the store names uniform

    Stop properties of examined items from affecting the real player state
    Make the slay cache work
    Prevent attempting to buy when the pack is full
    Fix bug which allowed repeating a purchase after leaving a store
    Make sure chests are ignored correctly
    Fix some message issues
    Fix some monster friends
    Make Windows sound work properly
    Remove flicker in center_player option
    Remove duplicate labels in death info
    Remove help about bashing and jamming doors
    Code improvements to directory paths
    Fix bug where two players temporarily appeared on panel change while running
    Fix subwindow map drawing
    Plug some memory leaks
    Grammatical correction to tombstone
    Stop monster/player/object tiles from disappearing when targeting
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