Author Topic: ADOM crowd funding stretch goals defined: Tile support, races, classes, quests  (Read 2163 times)


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Dear ADOM community,

the ADOM crowd funding campaign ( enters its final phase... and we also have defined the first stretch goals for the campaign.

The most important stretch goal for sure is TILE SUPPORT:

Darren Grey is to be credited for his idea of closely integrating NotEye ( in ADOM and this really seems to be the perfect solution to get decent tile support in ADOM (much simpler than rewriting the engine). Thus my compatriots in the campaign (Jochen, Krys and Zeno) intensely discussed the possibilities during the past couple of days and we now believe to have found a way to do the integration with affordable costs.

We are planning a tiered approach:

- Step #1 is to integrate NotEye into ADOM to be able to support several tile resolutions (32x32 and 64x64 at least).

- Step #2 is to provide a custom designed tile set - simply because a tile set from one source is so much more beautiful than one collected from disparate artists and sources.

In combination both #1 and #2 offer both options: Use a community built tile set or use the custom designed tile set for ADOM. Naturally the third choice is to keep playing in ASCII mode - this option won't ever go away.

Another side benefit of step #2 is that ADOM II also would be able to use the tiles - basically your pledges finance two games in one stroke!

The next stretch goals then are concerned about new races, new classes and new quests to be added to the game but we'll talk more about that if we ever get close to that.

As the campaign slowly comes to an end (although we still have 17 more days) you now should decide if you ever dreamt of one of the features indicated above - if so and you haven't pledged yet it's now time to go and support the campaign:

Thomas Biskup

P.S.: There are other reasons, too.

ADOM II would benefit from reaching the tile goals as this would allow me to add a great tile set to finally give ADOM II a tiled alternative to ASCII characters.

Right now also the final power pledge drive: Artifacts is running. For every $500 donated in total a new artifact will be added to the game. Plus 2 new items for every day in which we manage to collect $1.000!

And you right now have the one and only chance to become the owner of the "ADOM Lite RPG" - either for $40 as a signed and numbered RPG book or for $400 as the owner of a limited edition hand-made collectors box.

All details can be found at the campaign page - including a sample of the future tile set which IMHO has the potential to be the most beautiful tile set ever created for a roguelike game!